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People always talk about Deadpool fans being a special class of comic book fanboy, fiercely obsessed with all things Deadpool.
I am one of these fans.
Being an obsessed fan, I can say that this is a pretty decent for a first issue, and definitely has my hopes up for the ongoing series.
Have there been better Deadpool issues written before? Definitely.
Have there been worse Deadpool issues written before? Definitely.

The story really highlights some of the key things you should see in any Deadpool story, a lot of humor and ridiculous antics from Deadpool, but also that he is extremely deadly and competent at what he is doing. Really, that sums up this whole issue.

Clearly there is something planned for this arc, and it isn’t just Deadpool kills Skrulls for three issues, and I’m genuinely excited to get some of the questioned answered. Way seems to have a good handle on the character so far, though I’m not a big fan of Pool-oVision that we first saw in when Deadpool was in Wolverine: Origins. Paco Medina is clearly having a lot of fun drawing this, and it shows. His art really works for Deadpool, and his work is a big part of my excitement for the series.

It sucks that the issue if 3.99, when all you getting for an extra buck is Deadpool Saga, which is just a recap of Deadpool up to now. I wish they gave it away free separately like they did with Daredevil Saga, or kept it as an web only comic.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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