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  1. Most anticipated book of the week? Yyyyyyessssss…… Tentatively….

  2. Does anyone know if this will contain anything relevant to the Final Crisis plot other the thoughts of the characters?

  3. It may give some clues as to what will happen upcoming in Final Crisis.

  4. I just wanna see character explorations. Who doesn’t want that? And from Meltzer? Genius.

  5. @GungaDin- I would love a book of character explorations.  This is my second most anticipated book though, JSA takes that title.

  6. I have really enjoyed Meltzer’s work so far, the only thing that slowed him up was some bad ass Benes art. With Kubert on this it should have a great shot at book of the week.

  7. @ Gungadin- I concur. Holy crap didn’t know this was coming out, super excited.

  8. is this a one shot?

  9. @bigyanks Yes sir! Like the synopsis says it’s "What do you do the day before you die?" (because it takes place on the eve of the night when the villains win in Final Crisis… Meltzer has heralded it as insanely personal not just for him, but also for Adam Kubert…

    That’s another thing. I know that people hated the delays on "Last Son," but this book would be worth buying for the art alone.

  10. Excited for this title.  The premise allows for a potentially great story. 

  11. Hope we see more of the Green Arrow/Identity Crisis Meltzer and less of the JLA Meltzer. Not that I hated his run on JLA just thought it wasn’t good as his two previous efforts, plus the horrible art, as mentioned above, dint help any.

  12. You think they will show what Green Arrow & Black Canary will do on thier last night alive?

    *fingers crossed*

  13. I am really looking forward to this one.  I am a little suprised it has so few pulls.  Is there some bad buzz I didn’t hear about or something?

    I think I recognize everyone on the cover except the pair just below and to the left of the Gordons.  Can anyone fill me in? 

  14. Im way excited about this too. I read a bunch of interviews and the ideas he had for this were great. Plus with the Kubert who could go wrong.

  15. @stuclach One of the thing that DC did with this title that I think is a HUGE mistake is marketing it as "DC Universe" instead of "Final Crisis" when, from what I’m lead to believe (which is a lot of leading, let me tell you) that this is a Final Crisis tie-in. People who look probably skim right past it. Bad move, DC. Bad move.

  16. @GungaDin – I didn’t even notice that.  That was a mistake.  My understanding is that this is essentially the heroes scrambling before the disaster that occurs in Final Crisis occurs. 

    Marketing moves like this and the botched solicits for a number of books really refect badly on Didio.  I want to like the guy, but he may need to stop interfering with writers (Chuck Dixon) and start paying attention to marketing which, I believe, is what he is trained in (public relations). 

  17. @Stuclach- I agree with that Didio comment.

  18. @stuclach – I think the right of the one you asked about is Terra & the other half is Geo-Force, but I could be wrong on both counts (it happens a lot).

  19. @WadeWilson – There is a preview on one of the comic book sites (starts with an "N" and ends with a "ewsarama") that features Geo-Force heavily, so you are probably right.

  20. So that was a lot of Geo-Force and I know jack crap about him and his sister.  I loved the book.  I really liked the glimpses of everyones last night but I wasn’t keen on the main story although I did think it was good and loved the end of it.  Very sad.  The Robin part really made me think.  Poor Tim.

  21. Meltzer is really getting the swing of his particular style of comic writing, this was a great issue.

  22.  Did it seem to anyone else like Brad Meltzer was writing this improperly informed of what was really going on in final crisis. Like this was meant to go with some earliar version of Final Crisis? Or even some other event? Not that I’d blame that on Meltzer.

  23. @NealAppeal – I totally felt the same way. Did this release too early?

  24. Wow. This was the biggest disappointment to me of the week. The art was not close to as good as normal Kubert. And what is Meltzers deal with Geo-Force? He tried to work him into his Justice League stint and he keeps bringing him back.

  25. @NealAppeal – If I remember right this is something Meltzers been wanting to do for awhile and when Final Crisis came along they gave him the green light to do it.  I think he had it all planned out before he knew anything about FC.  I’m guessing thats why you get this story that in all reallity doesn’t fit that well with the Crisis. 

  26. This was great.  The Bat-family, Clark and his father and the Captain Cold stuff were all very good moments.  And the end with Deathstroke was brilliant.

  27. I liked this book for the most part but I was disappointed that the story mostly focused on Geo-Force.  The art was also really bad at times, especially that page with Starfire in the cemetary – I haven’t liked a single issue done by the Kubert brothers in a long while now. Delays & Dissatisfaction is all I relate to them lately.

  28. I’m really surprised that a "DC Universe" title would focus so heavily on a character that a lot of people are not familiar with, like Geo-Force.

    I liked the book and think it resonates with what is happening in Final Crisis and across the DCU, with "C-listers" coming more into the spotlight and their roles and characters being reexamined. However, the book did leave me with alot more questions that I’m not sure where to turn to for the answers, don’t know if things will be revealed further in Final Crisis, or is this simply a Batman and the Outsiders tie-in?

  29. Maybe they labled this "DC Universe" & not "Final Crisis" to distance it from all the continuity errors with Final Crisis in the book? *shrugs*

    I thought this book was awesome, & probably my POW (still haven’t got through all my books) & I don’t understand why you can be surprised Geo-Force was the star considering it’s a massive picture of him on the cover (was there multiple covers?).

    Meltzer loves the C-listers, judging by his other books (look at the JLA line-up right now, that’s his) and in a story like this I think it works perfectly. Having a character as the main focus who can actually lose (or die!) raises the tension/drama about 200%. If any A-lister was the star of this, would there be any doubt they would win?

  30. I read this at work and on the page that Geo-Force apologizes to Tara and slits his throat, I lost it. Luckily, I work the midnight shift alone. I was going to call my wife, but I feared an immediate divorce when I told her I was crying that hard over a comic.

  31. Also, I was kinda upset that neither Geo-Force or Deathstroke die, but I love that everyone will think that Geo-Force made the right choice. It makes me really want to see the future of Geo-Force which is something I never thought I would say.

  32. @ Adrian  Adam Kubert didn’t draw all of the pages.  Joe Kubert did some of the pages also.  The Starfire page was one of Joe Kubert’s pages.  Joe Kubert also did the Wondy,Batman, Capt. Cold, Superman & the last two pages. 

  33. I guess I was too distracted by the continuity gaffes. When they make a big deal out of the bad guys getting rid of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern in the major crossover, which hasn’t even gotten to the time of this story yet and then have them all show up here . . . it was distracting. Here was a chance, with those major characters gone, to show what the B-listers and C-listers do on their "Final Night" (yeah, I said it). I know that we get some of that and I did really like the Geo-Force stuff (even if I think of G-Force everytime I think of him).  It’s just a little disappointing that we get more stories of Superman, Batman, et al and what they’d do with their final days, when that doesn’t fit with continuity at all, and with the case of Superman, he has a whole separate miniseries in which that story could be told. I don’t really hold that against Meltzer though, as it’s really an editor’s job to manage that kind of crossover continuity. The art on this was consistently very good. The Kuberts aren’t at the top of my list of the bestest comic artists ever, but boy are they good.

  34. POW!!

  35. 4.1? Are you guys serious?  OK… If this were an elseworlds or if it came out during infinite crisis, maybe, but seriously…  This was so overripe with continuity errors that it made it hard to read and take seriously as part of Final Crisis.  Speaking of which, am I the only one who feels like Morrison is telling a different story than everyone else?

  36. Eh…It was ok.

  37. @Fractal – If I let continuity get in the way of me enjoying a story, I’d hate half the books I read.

    I think you’re right about Morrison. Maybe in the writers meeting when he pitched the story to all the other writers, they all just smiled & nodded & pretended to understand, like half the readers are doing.

  38. This is one of the best single issues I’ve read since getting into comics.

  39. This issue was big steaming pile of Meh. 

    Pretty useless book.  No wonder they took off the Final Crisis logo. 

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