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  1. I had that same feeling as far as where this was taking place within Final Crisis.  I mean it was good and I felt like it was well written but it didn’t fit anywhere as far as I could tell.  I’m as lost as you man.


    As for GeoForce… Also agree.  Great story but I had no clue about any of his "issues".  In fact… I’m not even sure I know what comics he’s in… The Outsiders? Titans?  I have no clue.

  2.  On continuity blips:

    I’m starting to think DC editorial is a lot like my coke head cousin.  You know they want to get straight, but they just keep letting me down and taking my money.  Maybe they need another Zero Hour to make them take a long, hard look in the mirror and dig themselves out.

    Oh God, I hope Final Crisis doesn’t turn into another Zero Hour.  There’s a thought that’s going to fester.  

    Kudos to Meltzer for making me care about Geoforce.   Non-pigface wonderwoman didn’t bother me so much.  Who knows when that happens, what with Barry and Wally’s time skip. 

    Batman stuck in my craw much like yourself, though.  I feel like the poignancy of the moment would have played just as well between Tim and Dick if it had been almost a "missing man" formation, the two boys mobilizing to "save dad."  Or, in the interest of preserving the tension in Tim’s mind over being permanent second banana to Dick, Tim accusing Dick of downplaying Tim’s own concerns in the face of his own as "first born" or at least ruminating over it the way teenagers tend to do.  Tim is smart and mature, but him behaving like an average seventeen year old (self-centered and crazy) is not completely out of left field.  

     Nice review.  Glad I popped my "no-more-lurking-on-ifanboy" cherry here.  

  3. I wasn’t a huge fan of the art.  If I saw it correctly, it jumped from Adam to Joe Kubert.  Despite blood relation, their styles are very different, and I didn’t really appreciate the contrast. 

    That said, the story had some redeeming qualities, but for the most part, it was very meh.

    Nice review.

  4. Even though it seemed out of place with the time line but I love the Batman , Nightwing and Robin page. There was so much said with just so little words. 

  5. @CharlieBlix – He is an Outsider and was in the Justice League recently (I think). 

    @AMuldowny – Welcome to the iFanboy commenting family.  I like your idea of Tim and Dick in a missing man formation.  That would have been moving.  Maybe that will be the conclusion to RIP.

    I have to wonder if DC decided not to tie this in to FC too strongly because they were banking on the Meltzer name to pull in some new readers and didn’t want to drive them off with continuity concerns.

    @Neb – I enjoyed the art for the most part, but I don’t have a particularly discerning eye at this point.  I just know they are all better than me.

  6. Who were the heroes doing the nasty at the end?

  7. About the continuity.  Maybe this takes place towards the end of Final Crisis.  Maybe Superman has returned, Batman and Hal managed to escape from capture, Wally has returned from the future and Wonder Woman has cured herself and they somehow stopped whatever happened at the end of FC #3 and they are preparing for a final battle.

  8. @Kory – I guess that is possible, but if so it really should not have been released this early.  It really feels out of sync.

  9. Plenty of holes in my theory, but I wanted to just throw it out there.

  10. @stuclach – I’ll try to answer your questions as poorly as usual –

    1. I think Meltzer likes to play with these underused C-List type characters & push them into the forefront, like Identity Crisis (Sue Dibny, Dr Light) & his run on JLA (Red Tornado). Maybe it’s the freedom to be able to do more with them. There is ACTUAL tension that they might die — if Batman or Superman was the lead here, there is no tension, you know they will win.

    2. Wonder Woman being all "anti-life" with the pretty pig face is 2 weeks into the future, so this could happen the night the anti-life equation was unleashed. This doesn’t explain Batman though … maybe he will escape in issue #4 & this happens then? Or maybe when 20 people write the same characters continuity is basically fucked up? (my personal theory)

    3. This one has no logical answer. Green Arrow should have been with Canary. This is obviously a mistake by Meltzer, or this "Ollie" we saw is a clone. And no, the question doesn’t make you sexist, it makes you logical.

    @Kory – The heroes doin’ the nasty are Liberty Belle & Hourman from JSA.

  11. @WadeWilson – Thanks for the response.  I think you have addressed everything fairly well.  I agree that Batman can’t be explained unless what we are seeing isn’t happening linearly.  It could be that the Batman scenes take place considerably before the other scenes and they are simply intersperced as they are for the sake of storytelling. 

    Good to know I’m not sexist.  I was worried for a second there.

  12. I just can’t get into Metzler’s writing.  He tries to inject all this gravitas into his writing with these overwrought captions and it doesn’t do anything for me.  I didn’t like Identity Crisis, didn’t like his JLA run, and I don’t care much for this either.

    I’ve never had a problem with Geo Force, but he’s got one of the worst costumes in comics.

    The Terra that Black Adam punched a hole through, what’s her relationship if any to the original Terra?  (Never mind, I’ll just wiki it.)

  13. @ultimatehoratio – I am still not sure how I feel about Metzler.  I liked Identity Crisis for the most part, but this one was a little flat.  Have you read any of his novels?

  14. @stuclach – No but apparently they’re good.  I hesistate to check them out, though.  The latest Wizard has the first chapter of "Book of Lies" so I may take a look at that.

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