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  1. Never been a Fantastic Four reader but this looks like it could be kind of interesting for some reason.

  2. Hopefully this mini shows Hickman can write FF. Cause I still dont think he is the right choice.

    *waves Abnett and Lanning pennant*

  3. this is what looking forward to the most this week


  4. I’ll give the first issue a shot.  I was hoping to drop FF after Millar and Hitch left.  But if this is fun, I might just stick around

  5. i’ll be waiting i think to hear what people say after wednesday. I’m very ‘iffy’ on FF.

  6. Sean Chen? Wow. I just went from a "nope" to a "very possibly."

  7. For me, Hickman’s strong suit is his intelligence and his big concepts, which would be nice to see in an FF book. Hickman’s weak spot, though, would have to be is his character work. It mostly seems like he ignores charcter, and replaces it with mission. The fantastic four requires as much character work as it does concept work. I hope Hickman can rise to the challenge.

  8. No one hating on the Bianchi cover yet eh. Honestly suprised. Anyway, first jump on FF since Morrison’s 1 2 3 4. Hope I like it.

  9. they ran some pages in the back of some issue last week, and i think that hickman has the peronalities down pretty good, and this might just be some of the best sean chen art ive seen in awhile

  10. i am hoping that this will show how strong hickman can write FF i loved millar and hitch on it so im hoping this will be good too

  11. @uberlush-I hated on it when the image was first previewed!!!  Sue’s boobs are um…well, just take a look.  Bianchi seriously draws the ugliest people in comics

  12. I like the cover.

  13. I’m cautiously excited about this, I enjoyed the previews. I think its interesting that the price for this mini is the $2.99 we were used to, but all the other minis from Marvel have been $3.99. Maybe they’re trying to push the FF with Hickman writing it?

  14. I think I’m invested enough in the Dark Reign situation to want to know what will happen to the FF family.

  15. Thank god Bianchi isnt doing the pencils. He ruined one title for me, he anit gonna ruin another one.

    Still undecided about picking this up. Again when I think of huge cosmic characters; I dont think of Hickman. Granted he does do sci-fi stories; but not in the vein of space or alien….more in a Michael Critchon sort of sci-fi.

  16. @TNC-You probably don’t think of Hickman because he hasn’t been around for all that long, not because he can’t handle those sort of concepts and stories.  I’m cautiously optomistic about him

  17. @drake: Well maybe that is apart of it since he is so new to this industry….but if you read his stuff it is no where near the type of sci-fi the Fantastic Four are.

    Not to tute my own horn (ew) but I think the Michael Critchon analogy works best for him.

  18. I read Annihilation, and if that is Ab/Lan, then I definitely do NOT want them on FF (One of my favorite titles)  Maybe it was the art, but Annihilation just wasn’t good to me.  I read all 3 books, it was ok.

  19. Very excited for this.  I am a huge Hickman fanboy, and having never read FF before, I can’t wait to see how he brings his big concepts to the book, and am not too worried about the personalities/characterization.

  20. Kind of weird that in this book Ben’s with alicia and in the Millar FF book he’s engaged to some other lady. In the Millar book Val’s a super genius talks like an adult usually, I wonder if that applies here too, or if the Millar book has just been de-continuitied.

    That stuff doesn’t bother me though. I really liked this. I said earlier that I hoped Hickman would rise to the occasion on the character stuff, and I think he really did. He did some good stuff with Johnny and Ben, his Val and Franklin stuff was especially awesome, he made Sue pretty bad ass with a single line of dialog, and I think he did a great job of getting in Reed’s head.

    Also, the Sean Chen art was really awesome. His two page spreads are really giving the one’s Bryan Hitch has been doing in the other book a run for their money. There were three of them! 

  21. meh.  He has a great handle on the characters, but not much happened for me.  I don’t think I’ll stick wtih this mini.  Might give the ongoing a shot when it comes out

  22. cant wait till he takes over after millar.  this was the best ff book ive read in a long time

  23. @mikeandzod21 Isn’t this just a way for marvel to get the Hickman FF book started without without having to wait for Millar’s to end?

  24. @nealappeal Yup!

  25. @nealappeal    theyve always done that though, like joe casey had x-men: children of the atom as a lead up to his uncanny run, or bendis had daredevil: ninja before his prolonged run.

  26. that was a nice little tease for what Hickmans FF will be like. And me likey very mucho!

  27. @mikeandzod21 I’m not saying I’m not in favor of it. I’d rather not wait to get to Hickman’s FF. I’m just saying I think this is pretty much the start of the series, not a mini series.

  28. @ nealappeal   i just like it when a writer test drives the characters.  i think there are certain writers, mostly the more unproven ones, who should actually be required to do something like this (guys like Pokansi and the guy who ended Ultimate X-Men.  they might have benifted from something like this)

  29. @mikeandzod21 I agree with that.

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