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  1. I haven’t picked up an X-Men book since the early 90’s. I think I’ll jump on here.

  2. This has the potential to be great, but I’ll wait for the reviews before I get sucked into another event.

  3. I’m considering dropping Uncanny actually.  It just hasn’t been blowing me away overall.  That being said, Fraction stated that this was probably the strongest issue he has written so far.  So if this doesn’t do it for me, I don’t think anything he does will.

  4. First time reading X-Men ongoing in a while for me.  Just going to read this, then I’m out.

  5. Matt Fraction & Marc Silvestri, why not?

  6. It seems that the Dark Avengers have been having adventures everywhere except their own title lately. I think this is the first time I really cared about what they are doing in their own title.

  7. Only reading this cause its Fraction..so sick of the Dark Avengers.  Just go away.

  8. So, when they say "Crossover" are they just referring to the title of the book? Or am I going to have to read some other X books for this? I wanna check it out because of it’s ties to the Dark Avengers and Fraction, but I dunno if I wanna check out the Uncanny on-going.

  9. I’m getting this to see if the Dark Avengers get around to the act of getting something done, and putting a larger reveal into the plans of Norman Osbourne and the rest of the Cabal. (which I’ve seen precious little of in these 3? months of Dark Reign) 

  10. Very excited for this. Can’t wait to see where they take it.

  11. Just started reading comics so the last arc was my first taste of x-men as a comic ever! I was disappointed but willing to give it one more shot. High hopes for utopia, the x-books have been getting a lot of crap recently.

  12. * I mean a lot of crap from people and discussions

  13. This was my first time reading Fraction, and it is good stuff.  I liked the tease near the end, and how we went around ‘collecting’ members of the X-men who were not immediately present.  I always thought that those parts, when used correctly, are a lot of fun.

  14. Hot damn was this good! Can’t wait until the next part! Who’s the guy with the omega symbol on his chest that I see in the ads for Dark X-men?

  15. It’s probably too soon to tell but I think Fraction’s run is finally coming into it’s own here. Hopefully he can keep it going and do the run on Uncanny that I know he’s capable of.

  16. @Kwisdumb:  The next four parts of this story take place in Dark Avengers and Uncanny.  Then, the sixth part is another separate book like this first one.  This is a little disappointing as Silvestri was half the reason I bought this book!

    Two of my favorite books came out this week, and I bought this on a whim.  Surprisingly, this was my favorite book of the week.  Get this: Marvel actually gave us 48 pages for 3.99!

  17. Good issue, I’m hook for at least Utopia

  18. I love it when they have Silvestri.  He’s one of my favorites from childhood.  This was actually 3rd in line for my pick of the week.  It’s kinda cool that nobody’s safe in this Dark Reign madness.  It seems the X-Men are mostly unaffected by most Marvel-wide events.  Obviously things are about to change, temporarily of course.

  19. I actually liked this, even though the art was a bit off-putting. Also, I keep dropping and returning to X-books so I’m constantly reminded of how much I hate the costume redesigns. The Jim Lee stuff stuck around forever (though that may be me remembering the animated series which featured them for the entire run), why couldn’t the superior (in my humble opinion) Cassaday redesigns stick for as long?
    It’s like "ribbed" is the new "pouches".

    Should Cyclops be driving a motorcycle after taking a brick to the head (that inexplicabley gives him a nose bleed)?

  20. ohhh somebody forgot to tell Marc Silvestri that Loki’s a lady now. You hate to see that.

  21. Loki’s not a lady, but a god, right?  Therefore changing form isn’t really that big of a deal.

  22. @Jimski – And indeed posing as The Scarlet Witch…

  23. I liked the story, but the art was complete shit. 2/5

  24. Wasn’t Loki turned back into a dude in Thor? I could have sworn he was a guy in this last issue

  25. @parker yes, Loki is now a dude again in Thor. It is kind of weird though that the first time you see him re-duded is in this book and not in one of the avengers books. This is probably the result of some weid schedule hiccup.

  26. Decent but uninspired art depicting a miserable and poorly plotted tale.

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