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This is the X-Men how I’ve always wanted them.

Don’t mistake that for “The X-Men how they’re supposed to be.” or “Classic X-Men” or anything of the sort, as I don’t feel like I’m a qualified enough X-Scholar to say that.

Rather, this is what I’ve been searching for in my X-Men since I first started reading comics. From watching the X-Men movies I had always assumed that the comic books were largely centered about the effect on mutant kind on humanity, and what kind of political and social ripples that would make. Upon diving into some of the X-books, though, I’ve found that largely not to be the case.

So I guess this kind of fulfills my wishes in a way. It’s the perfect mix of social commentary and activist plotlines I’ve always wanted, while still having all of the superhero-ness that it needs to survive. I mentioned before that I didn’t want to check out this title if I was going to have to read UNCANNY X-MEN, but now I can firmly say that I’ll be reading this the whole way through, and who knows, if it’s good maybe I’ll jump aboard UNCANNY when it’s all said and done.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. So why was the story a 1? That must be a mistake, right?

  2. @Coltrane – Ha, good catch, all apologies. That’s meant to be a 5. Fixing now.

  3. Oh God, now I’m gonna be stuck buying Uncanny too.

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