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  1. I’m curious to hear what happens to Genos– err… I mean, Utopia.

  2. I’ll skim it at the store.  I haven’t been feeling this arc at all.  Lets hope Fraction has a good story to tell once this wraps up.

  3. I have been disappointed with this series.  Aside from what is going on with Dani Moonstar, nearly all of it has been predictable.

  4. I’m mainly looking forward to seeing how this will serve to bring back Magneto. the connection is obvious but I think the execution will be fun to read.

  5. Thank god this is coming to an end. Finally Bendis can come back to the dark avengers.If uncanny X-men is then lame all the time then i won’t be continuing buying it.

  6. I think me and a handfull of other posters are the only ones really enjoying this

  7. i jumped on this and caught up with it, but it seems to be all over the place, still enjoying it somewhat.  picking it up for some closure… hopefully.

  8. @Roi I’m right with you. Fraction is writing the X-Men I’ve always wanted to read and I’ll follow him wherever he wants to go, especially when where he wants to go is so much FUN.

  9. Wait…this is "the crossover event of 2009"…and it has a "climactic conclusion"?  Maybe it’s the writing, or something, but I don’t feel that the magnitude of what’s happening is coming across too well.  I mean, since it does have more than one title involved, it is a crossover, and it did happen in 2009.  So I guess nobody’s lying there.  It is coming to an end, so it definitely has a conclusion.  Oh well.  I’m still reading it.  But really think that the whole Dark Reign thing is kind of…nothing…

  10. Hmm, I checked out the preview and it actually read quite well.  I might just pick this up at the shop during my lunch.

  11. Good, now I can stop reading X-Men.

  12. not a bad issue of non-stop fighting.  and it worked as the previous parts were non-stop posturing.

  13. This issue was fantastic.  Didn’t love the whole crossover but ended great and probably will be my POTW.  Really enjoyed the art and loved the mimic/iceman page.

  14. I gotta say, I really enjoyed this issue.  One big fight scene, but a damn good one.  I wouldn’t really be surprised if this was POTW for Ron.  Overall though, I was not happy with the event.  The future may be more interesting now, so we’ll see.

  15. Oh, and the artwork on this issue be Deodato was great stuff.  Really cool layouts.

  16. Best issue of the arc by far.

  17. Best issue of the arc and the best goddamned book this week.


  18. Good ending to a mediocre crossover. Now that that stuff is out of the way hopefully Fraction can let loose and tell some great stories. The Asteroid M/Utopia idea should be interesting so I’m looking forward to the future of this title.

  19. I loved this issue, loved what Fraction did with this mini-series/"event". The art was more than a bit spotty in this issue, however.

    But, [SPOILER], I loved seeing the X-Men come together and, really, beat the s**t out of Norman and his crew.  

  20. Deodato hit it out of the park on art!!!

    A surprisingly excellent end to an ok storyline.  The first issue was probably too many pages for what it needed to be.

    The fights as drawn by Deodato though, WOW!!!  A MUST READ indeed.

  21. I’m now jumping on the X-Men books. After reading Utopia and then this, I’m hooked. Could someone tell me of a good point to go back to (back issues/trades) that could catch me up to Utopia.

  22. So now they’re living on an "island" outside of san francisco instead of in san francisco?  Hated this crossover, hopefully Fraction can get back to telling interesting stories

  23. This crossover was pretty good.  not the best but i enjoyed it.  this last issue was a lot of fun, and had the fighting that i wanted from the last issue.

  24. Loved the Deodato art in this issue.  Hated the series, but thought this final issue was pretty good.  Good enough anyway for me to say the series was "ok" and to maybe even check out some of the upcoming X-Men titles. 

    Oooh.. and the highlight of the book was when the crying Sentry was sent flying out into space ONE MORE TIME!  Yay! 

  25. I thought the story was decent, the Deodato art made me feel vomitous.

  26. that Necrosha preview sold me on getting it.

  27. The only think I didn’t like about this issue is that there wasn’t more to the Namor/Sentry fight since Namor is one of my favorite characters. Other than that, this was a top notch end to a mediocre crossover.

  28. I’ve missed Bendis on Dark Avengers and I haven’t cared for this crossover at all but the last part and this one-shot were really good.  I don’t like I’m going to follow Necrosha, no interest as of yet.

  29. Is it me or did the the Scott/Emma unsubtle advertisement for "The Confession" scene seem incongruous to the narrative, but not incongruous to the story? I enjoyed this quite a bit, giving it a 4/5. I really liked Dedato’s art on this, the Dodsons’ are was quite good, too. However, there’s just some stuff in here that left me flat. Foremost, I’m confused by the change in Cyclops, so opposed to a mutant island twice before. And apparently Marvel have just decided that the Sentry is a joke and that any time there’s a problem he flies off into space. Would have liked to have seen more of the Namor/Sentry fight. In all, it was a good read, but a really good end-cap does not excuse the randomness. 

    I enjoyed the Pixie/Armor scene, though. And the Necrosha preview really didn’t inspire me with confidence. Espeically because it does not seem to be the event that it’s being marketed as.

  30. Hrmm, apparently my copy paste didn’t work. The last sentence in the first paragraph should be "…but a really good end-ca does not excuse the randomness of the previous 4 issues."

  31. @PraxJarvin  It’s different because he’s in charge of it, not Magneto.

  32. @ohcaroline He was also opposed to Cable’s extremely similar Providence from not too long ago. 

  33. @PraxJarvin  Things have changed now, circumstances are different and scott knows that. A lot has changed for the mutants in the last few years.

  34. I must this was the epic fight I wanted.

     X-23, Pixie, and Armor owning Daken was the best.

  35. my only question is, if crying sentry flew into space and he’s broken now. who was standing next to osborne during his "we’re free of the mutant problem" speech?  was he only broken for a minute? 


    Otherwise I liked the book, loved the art.  Pretty good stuff.

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