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  1. I agree with you on liking Fraction’s Cyclops, though I do find it a bit frustrating that we have hardly seen anything from his point of view.  He isn’t portrayed as having any friends or people he can confide in and it’s hard to express a character — much less get us to believe and understand why people want to follow him — without doing that.

    I actually like that he’s trying to make something work where Magneto and Cable had failed, though; everybody who tries to bust the status quo thinks it will work *this* time because they’re different. 

  2. I think that upcomming Confession one-shot is gonna be all about Cyke and Emma’s ability (or lack thereof) to confide in each other. Whether or not he’ll actually have someone, I’m sure this issue will be addressed

  3. Ok, but what about everybody else?  Angel, Beast, Wolverine, etc. 

  4. Great use of Angel in this issue – Scott essentially giving his tacit assent for Warren to go Archangel and cause some real damage.

  5. I didn’t think it was so much tacit assent as a thinly-veiled order.  I got the sense that Angel wasn’t that thrilled about doing it.  ("You don’t mean me?") 

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