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  1. cool cover. Debating if i will keep monthly with this book, i might go trades.

  2. i started reading this for the same reason i started T-bolts after CW, which was to keep tabs on Norman. and just like that book i grew to like the team dynamic as well. Loving this book

  3. I don’t really want to be reading this book anymore, but I can’t seem to convince myself to drop it… It feels like it’d be like reading a bunch of Secret Invasion tie-ins but not Secret Invasion.

  4. "When the public is reminded of Norman’s terrible past"

    I’m just not sure I can buy any load of bull they come up with to explain the public accepting him. I read last weeks ASM where they kind of touched on it saying an alien invasion makes people examine their priorites, but he is still a known mass murderer.

    At the end of the day you have to believe that the government would actually give Osborn unlimited power and it just isn’t feasible. It is just a story but it’s hard for me not to get pulled out of the story when he keeps being thrown in our faces in every book Marvel publushes.

  5. @Parker  Known mass murderer is pretty loose. When he was arrested in Pulse the US Government swept a lot under the rug in exchange for normans cooperation. As far as the general public is concerned he might have been framed for the green goblin stuff. And people love a good underdog story. Norman was the public face of the T-Bolts who, because of the media, were in the spotlight a lot after CW. Then he kills the queen on live tv. straight up kills her. combine that with his stand in DC with the skrulls and its easy to see how the public is kinda like "Well he might be crazy, but damn he gets the job done."

  6. Predicting this is my pick of the week.  Get my comics late though.

  7. @Roi

    Yeah I guess it is hard for me to seperate sometimes what the general Marvel citizen might know compared to everything we see.

  8. @Slochart – i am in the same boat. I keep buying it because i really wanted it to be amazing. it’s good, but for some reason i’m dropping other titles in the ‘tight’ times.

  9. I’m gald the first arc is over, I really didn’t like the story with Doom and crazy magic lady I don’t care about.  But I like the team dynamic that Bendis has created.  Haven’t been blown away since the first issue, but I’ll keep reading. 

  10. Not only is it a matter of what the average citizen’s perception is, it’s a matter of what he has been found guilty of in court.  If the gov’t has swept his most dastardly deeds under the rug, then he has a more or less balanced starting point.  Think of all those high-profile murder cases that the 24-hour news channels have lived on over the past couple decades.  Now think of the ones that have been acquitted.  The Veranke-killshot just tips the scales in his favor.

  11. I think I’m done with this title now. The whole "Dark Reign" thing just ain’t workin’. Plus when they move on from it in about a year this title will become pointless the same way The Initiative has.

  12. i’m sorry but how can this many people be pulling this horrible book

  13. I was about to add this to my stack but then i read the comments above and well you all have good points. I do find myself wondering why I buy this book. Then I think, this is a perfect jumping off point seeing as the first arc is done. Plus one less book a month can only be good for my bank balance and bang, this book is now dropped. Thanks for the assists!

  14. This might be better in trades. The story arcs just move so slow. Like we had three issues of the Dark Avengers fighting the same battle. It’s like every issue is only 30 minutes in their time.

    I think I’m going to drop this and wait for the trades. 

  15. @dukealoops  maybe, and this is just a shot in the dark, but maybe it’s because they like it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s horrible. I don’t like the movie "Gladiator" but i still give it props for being well directed and well produced, just not my cup of tea.

  16. @shogunt n har13quin  This book is going to turn into the Steve, Tony, Thor Avengers once Cap kicks Dark Reigns teeth in.  Wait for it.

     @Roi  Bravo.

  17. The first arc was horribly weak, and this solicit doesn’t promise anything exciting. The return of the Cabal for the billionth time in the past few months! I hope this issue offers up a suprise at the end or something.

  18. I don’t think the Cabal or Dark Reign have been explored enough yet.  They’re still in the beginning stages of what they’re trying to accomplish, there’s so much story opportunity left. 

    I’d rather the writers see this through creatively before moving onto the next status quo; I’ll be reading Marvel comics for the next 20 years, I don’t see the rush.

  19. wikipedia says the first trade is issues 1-6. So i guess ill stick with this for another 2 months then switch to trade.

  20. I’ve enjoyed this series to date and I also think if you’re interested in Dark Reign that it’s probably the most important book to follow. I’ll be sticking with it for sure.

  21. I don’t understand why I like this book as much as I do, but I really do like it. . .

  22. Is it just me, or does Norman Osborn look a lot like Tommy Lee Jones?

  23. Dropped this book this week. I get more than enough Norm Os in other books.

  24. @supertrackmonkey – Deodato has been drawing him Tommy Lee-style  since Thunderbolts

  25. I can think of so many better ways I could’ve spent that four bucks this week… huge disappointment

  26. I want to see the Sentry take out one of his teammates during one of his freakouts

  27. Kind of a downer issue.  I hadn’t even meant to get it.  I had dropped it, but my LCS guy had it in my stack, couldn’t say no. 

     Overall not my fave, they interview parts seem to make the book drag on a bit.  Plus I am really tiread of the Osborn "hair", holy crap can we get that fixed?

  28. @tscorrenti: Osborn has always had that hair. If you ever read old spider-man, it’s in there too. 

  29. @tacorrenti and supertrackmonkey 

     I just want to know what his hair is supposed to look like in real life

  30. Atlantis Attacks!?  Well I have to find out why? Right?

    Damn you Bendis.

  31. @ Dukes:  Says the man that pulled Skaar and one of the many Deadpool books?  Shouldn’t put vaule judgments on what folks like, people like what they like.

  32. @ Super:  He has always had that hair and when you see that hair you always know it is Norman, if the character looks younger your know it is Harry.  It makes the guy recognizable, I wish i had hair like that chicks would love it.

  33. i need more of aries bitch slapping folks. I DEMAND IT!!!

  34. best issue of the series soo far.  very few bizzarre page layouts, and we get to see that the dynamic between these avengers is incredibly hostile.  this is exactly what i wanted out of this book when it began.

  35. THIS WAS FANTASTIC if you didn’t get than you’re an idiot

    i almost feel like this is what ACTUAL people would act like given in that position.

  36. @ 0and18: yeah, chicks who love Marvel Comics would love it.

  37. ONLY ZUUL!

  38. Terrible, just terrible. And, why is the real President Obama seemingly so smart, while the Obama in the Marvel Universe is a complete moron?  So much for Marvel being set in a "realistic" universe.

  39. if it were 100% realistic they wouldnt have powers

  40. so was that atlantis attacking? i feel like i missed something here. I really dug it up until the end when i felt like i missed something with Ares and his piece of mail, and then the Atlantian’s attacking. Because i’m somewhat new to comics and dont know much more than Marvel Boy being kree, i thought because it was focusing on him, that maybe it was the kree attacking, but then at a closer look, i guess it looks more like Atlantians. Which would be cool if namor came in to kick some osborn ass.

  41. that where I see it going…

  42. @Jim it wasn’t the marvel obama that appointed norman. in T-bolts obama said the previous administration had appointed norman.

  43. Was that Marvel Boy’s knee or a massive erection when he was in bed with Moonstone?  I mean come on, seriously?!

  44. @ Joey: I thought the same thing at first, but then I just went with it being his knee.

  45. This is Bendis’ last one, right?  Mine too.

  46. Sorry, #6 is his last one, and I’m not interested in reading the Dark X-Men crossover.  So I’m dropping after #6

  47. I must be way off base because I loved this issue. 

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