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  1. $4.00 STILL!?!

  2. We’ve been talking about the new Marvel price point for months now…

  3. the dude’s on this team have really large leg muscles. they should play rugby union

  4. The last issue was worth the 3.99 price tag. Hopefully, the second one holds up.

  5. Yep.  Basically, first Bendis books are going to be $3.99, then, I would assume, they’ll transition over to all Marvel books being $3.99.  Not sure how much sense it makes to have what amounts to a massive price increase (on a percentage basis- 33%) in the middle of the worst recession in recent memory, but there it is.

  6. I’ve been avoiding this because of the price tag, but reading a friend’s copy just to keep au courant. However, I’ve just read today in the solicits that my beloved Thor is going up to $3.99. Dilemma!

  7. I can’t stand the prices, but this was a cool book last time and I’ll pick it up again.  If it stays at 3.99 i’m gonna be a trade guy.

  8. Seriously guys, are we going to complain about the price every time?

    Dark and New Avengers-$3.99

    Thor and Hulk-$3.99

    Marvel hopes that doing this will keep rest of their ongoings at $2.99, at least for a while longer

    Anyways, I’ve tried to stay clear of this book.  But if I hear good things about the first story, I’ll give the trade a shot

  9. I must agree.  Buy or don’t buy it.  We (I) don’t care for the great debate.

    Looking forward to this title almost as much as ASM.

  10. Price aside, the first issue was classic Bendis, and I hope the second issue can continue to build on success of the first. 

  11. Dan buckley said it the best. they are not trying to make every book 4 bucks. they are trying to make the big books 4 bucks so we can buy the bad selling books at three.

  12. I’m psyched about this book.  First issue was fun, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  What’s with the price complaints?  I’m guessing if you are pulling/commenting on books on this site this fast you must at least have had an inkling that prices were moving up.  And I hate to break it to everyone, but i’m guessing trade prices are going to go up as wel…. 

  13. F $4 looks like I’ll be waiting for the trade……maybe not

  14. So if sales drop on books, the price will drop? =P

    As long as stuff happens this issue, I’ll be okay.  If it turns into a huge, decompressed exercise in water-treading, I won’t even bother with trades.

  15. I’m hard-set against $3.99 for a 32 page book, but the first issue had increased story pages.  If the 2nd follows suit, I’ll grab it too.

  16. @magnum (and everyone else) – I’m glad someone else has pointed that out. The trades for the 3.99 books are probably going to be more expensive too.

  17. Complaining about the new price will NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY! Either buy it and be happy, or vote with your dollar by not buying it. Complaining to fellow fans isn’t going to change things, only annoy us all.

  18. If you don’t like the $3.99 price, then don’t buy it.  Vote with your dollar.  If sales decrease then Marvel will find ways to make their product affordable so more people will buy it.  Bitching about 3.99 and still buying it anyways accomplishes nothing.

    Yeah capitalism!

  19. Okay, after reading my last post I kinda sounded like a dick.  Point is, I hate 3.99 comics as well, but nothing will change unless people stop buying them. 

  20. Erg.  I want someone besides me to be disgusted about Bullseye wearing the Hawkeye costume.  And i’d like to be the first to ask for a boycott of the ‘hawkeye’ mini starring Bullseye.  Is anyone with me?

  21. First comic I ever bought with my own money?  Solo Avengers #1…

  22. At all the panels at NYCC Quesada was asked this question about the pricing and he very eloquently stated that they struggled over how to afford to keep making the books they make. They came up with a few titles at 3.99 and the rest at 2.99. To this is added "readers vote with their dollars and with their feet" by which he means buy it if you like the comic and the price, if you are against the price don’t buy it (never was too sure about how the feet tie-ed in).

    I’m looking for a new job, I understand the struggle with expensive titles. All I can say is that, for myself, I would have really been upset to miss what happened in Dark Avengers 1, and there is no way I’m missing Dark Avengers 2 for a dollar.


  23. @magnum240 It seems like you would get more than most people from reading the hawkeye/bullseye mini series, in that you are genuinely outraged that he is wearing the costume. Why skip it when you have a natrual reaction so close to what a citizen of the marvel universe might be feeling? If you’re pissed off, this story is much more for you than it is for me.

  24. @magnum240: You’re *supposed* to be pissed off that Bullseye is dressed as Hawkeye.  That’s the whole point.

  25. you know, i don’t think there is anything wrong with venting about the price of this comic… it is bullshit. i’m pretty comfortable financially but 1 year ago, as a student, I would be fucked. Forget kids affording this too

    However, the price is not going to change. So all you can do is say “shit!” or “god fucking damn it” than move on.

    If this isn’t the forum for something like thatt, what is? Local Talk back radio?

  26. ass long as the book is work $3.99 it’s worth it.  I loved every page of the last issue.  I think Bullseye in the hawkeye costume is awesome. 

  27. The price of everything goes up. Remember when new video games were $50 bucks? Well now they’re $60. I remember when a paperback book was $3.99, now you can’t find a book for under $6.99. Prices for goods are never going to stay the same. When things get more expensive we are required to make harder choices but it’s not fair to blame the company. Marvel is a business and they publish comics to make money. The cost of publishing has gone up so that is reflected in the price. I think it sucks the prices are going up on some books but at least they are trying to avoid raising prices across the board. If they raised the prices on everything think how many smaller books people would stop buying. There would likely be a lot less Marvel comics on the shelf every week.

  28. @Neal and Conor- I get the point, really I do, I think i’m just kind of getting tired of how stretched out this journey is.  How long is the Hawkeye ‘reclamation project’ going to last?  I’ve been trying to enjoy the trip, but it’s been going on for years and it’s out of character.  I’d be more behind it if I was given some sort of hint as to the reason or if I could have some faith that the end is near.  I can only assume we’re getting to that point, but we’ve been teased with that idea quite a few times already.  Honestly, it’s worse than feral Wolverine from the 90’s.  (plus i’d had about 100 beers before I wrote that last post)

  29. $3.99 book (whines). Oh well I want the book, im gonna buy it so no point in bitching. It will be interesting to see what is done with Doom in this issue as he is playing a major role in Thor, MI13 and this book. 2009 might be the year of Norman, Feburary is shaping up to be the month of DOOM.

  30. I’ll buy a book that I like at $3.99. The tough question for me is do I continue to buy red Hulk at $3.99 for a book that is purely campy indulgence (will stick with the next arc cuz I love the Defenders).

    I wonder why they didn’t just up the price of all the books by a quarter or 50 cents and not just rely on a price hike of their top sellling books.

    Anyone know the rationale for this?

  31. i’ve been saying that since the price hike talk began to circulate: what about $3.50?!


  32. Clearly, the need to generate revenue is greater than a 50 cent increase will allow.

  33. probably gonna end up getting this again….even though the price is not ray friendly

  34. "At all the panels at NYCC Quesada was asked this question about the pricing and he very eloquently stated that they struggled over how to afford to keep making the books they make. They came up with a few titles at 3.99 and the rest at 2.99."

    If the need to generate revenue is greater than a 50 cent increase, why only have their three top selling books at $3.99 when they could disperse the cost and perhaps maintain a lower price point for a longer period?

    Unless Hulk, Thor and Dark Avengers sell so many copies that it generates enough revenue to keep the other books at $2.99 . . . which I doubt.

    Even if the $3.99 price point is for more than just those three books, why not disperse it??

  35. @ScorpionMasada: Well in a choice between raising the price slightly on all their books or significantly on just a few, they choose the later.  You might have chosen differently.

  36. Not to mention they rose the price of many of their mini series to $3.99.  Given the choice, I would rather they go about this way instead of increases across the board.

  37. Don’t look at the May solicits for Marvel if you’re scared about price. I’d be willing to guess that 60% of the books are $3.99.

  38. Stop complaining, I’ll be paying 5$ for this.
    Yeah, ok, I’m Canadian, doesn’t count.
    Pricetag aside, first issue has been great. The art has been gorgeous.
    I hope they don’t bring in a crappy artist for the second arc…that would suck.

  39. I wish for an Iron Patriot action figure by Hasbro.

  40. @Evil- I’d rather have the naked monologuing Norman action figure, a la Thunderbolts.

  41. @tittom. try paying 6.50 per issue… the australian dollar, baby

  42. ouch

  43. I went back and read some of the pre-SI Mighty Avengers comics, I completely forgot about the Dr. Doom/Morgana stuff.  Glad to see Bendis is following up on it

  44. Insert price complaint below:



  45. Did anyone else catch the D-man reference? What was that about? Random

  46. If by random you mean HILARIOUS.

    Also, the whole not knowing who Daken thing is, awesome.

  47. Once again, it was a good issue.  A little weird, and went nowhere, but a good issue.

  48. i thought the end leaves quite to urge to read on. I mean, you really don’t know the fate of a couple different characters. I thought it was a good issue.

  49. Yeah, as much as I’d like to save the 4 bones… I gotta say, it didn’t let me down either. Cuatro estrellas!

  50. Very good.  I thoght there was way more advancement than I feared.  Not the best thing I read, but good nonetheless.

    Wasn’t the original D-Man reference in Dark Avengers #1?  I KNOW that was following up on an exchange between Osborn and Ms. Hand.

  51. Woah, the ending, woah haha. Was not expecting the Sentry to do that.

  52. "Bored now." Aside from some great moments of dialogue, this issue just didn’t do anything for me. It felt very fill in the numbers until the final fight. Alas…

    Well, that’s 3/4 Avengers titles I’ve now dropped. 

  53. i couldn’t get past the art. i’m sick of tommy lee osborn. and why is ms. hand in the HAMMER tactical outfit? i mean, i get that SHIELD agents all wore that uniform, but i like ms. hand being dressed very secretary-ish. made her stand out.

  54. @ Captbastrd – i think the tac suit was the give the feeling of a strong women figure in charge. The same way Hillary Clinton showed off those calves during her run for the presidency.

  55. My favorite bit had to be the exchange between ares and osborn regarding the media.

  56. BIG let down from #1.  great dialogue, but the whole Doom thing not doing it for me, at least not yet

  57. @Fvckstick: but her strength isn’t in her kickin’ ass with a big ol’ SHIELD/HAMMER gun (GUN’ll be the next weapon-based anacronym-named gov’t organization), she is a strong woman figure in charge, but on the political side. she’s dressed not unlike clinton, or most any female politician or business person. would you expect clinton to wear combat gear to a campaign rally?

    i felt the same thing when they reveal osborn as the iron patriot, i can accept him going into the field, fighting cuz he’s done it before and w/ less enhanceing gear as the iron man suit, but i liked the idea of him being behind the scenes. i think that’s ms. hand’s position. i don’t think she’s going to be in the big fights, which is all the more reason she shouldn’t be in the uniform. i think it’s just a slip up to have her in that uniform. it also paints her as being only as important as the HAMMER grunts, which works for SHIELD as it can have a more positive connotation. furthermore, if at one point she does go badass and puts on the uniform, how much better would it be if she’d only previously been portrayed as being a behind the scenes, non action-y character?

  58. " Seriously….. who is this?" still snickering.

  59. @captbastard I have to say, for the longest time I was trying to figure out why the hell Baroness from GI Joe was in Dark Avengers….

  60. Very exciting. Loved the headpoping moment. That was the coolest thing the Sentry has ever done. Also his doubt afterwards was very well done.

  61. i think if the team is gets really messed up in the next issue than i am on board. I’m sure bendis is aware of how this would pull the on the heart strings of the readers and has this in mind. However, it is a comic so they will win in the end.

    Just give me an impression of the iFanbase. what do you want to happen to the A-hole avengers to get you to like them?

  62. Nothing… I Like villians.

  63. @edward I would like them all horribly killed, put on display as a warning to others, have the other three avengers titles canceled and relaunch a new Mighty Avengers #1 with Bucky Cap, nuThor, Iron Man, Dr. Pym, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel and a revolving cast of Avengers. Oh, and to never have Spider-Man or Wolverine on the team again.

    Sorry, that was rant-y, but I’m just loosing touch with the Avengers books as they area. Initiative was the closest to feeling like Old School Avengers fun to me. I thought Mighty could do that, but no.  The Dark Avengers #1 did nothing for me, I gave it a second chance, but it seems like both Mighty and Dark are going to be focusing on magic adversaries and that I have no interest there.

  64. i liked the way Doom kind of acted like anyone would if you’re crazy ex-girlfriend showed. Like he’s frozen in the headlights. I imagine his voice cracked a little as he said "Morgana?!"

  65. the sentry is dead?  HORRAY

  66. @conor ‘We’ve been talking about the new Marvel price point for months now…’

    That doesn’t mean a guy can’t feel a little incredulity – wasn’t the first issue at the price bigger than this one? This just makes me even less likely to buy a Bendis book over, say, a Slott, which takes longer to read and has more content.

  67. Oh, and does anyone see the point of having whole pages of Doom and Morgan wittering on at each other in a (presumably) made-up language? Are they speaking in a code someone could work out, like Interlac or Kryptonian? Otherwise,  I’d rather Brian Bendis made up some good insulting spells.

    Limerick spells, that what comics need.

  68. Is it wrong that I’m actually cheering for Morgan instead of the Dark Avengers? Really, the only reason to collect this series is to see the DA wack jobs get what’s coming to them.

  69. @Mart: That wasn’t inrecdulity, it was surprise.  And it’s the same discussion for every comic that has a $3.99 price tag.

  70. THis was a surprisingly good issue to me.

  71. I still don’t buy the concept of Osborn being raised as the establishment’s hero and I guess I need to stop expecting Bendis to make it seem credible at this point.  So, with that in mnd, I will at least acknowledge that this story moved along quite nicely and was immersive enough for me to get involved in the narrative and to forget my underlying complaints for much of the issue.  It was fun to read and I’m looking forward to issue #3.  Side note: I’m also among those that wish the Tommy Lee Jones photo-reference could get lost ASAP. 

  72. The Sentry splash page made me go Whoa!  That was pretty hardcore.  Pretty cool too.  I’m liking this series so far. 

  73. i thought last issue were the best deodoto pencils ive ever seen from him, and here were some of his worst.  i find myslef almost hoping that hell only be on for an arc and someone else will take over, becuase this might just be one of the worst bendis booksive ever read.  it wasnt bad it was just…average, and i expect so much more from him than this.

  74. @kcekada

    You should ABSOLUTELY be cheering for Morgan. She may be a villain, but she’s the most heroic character in the current arc. 

    It was pretty awesome to see The Sentry rip her head off, though.


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