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It’s already been a month since the first issue? Crashing Thor’s New York parade, pissing off Cage’s Crew, and already giving the
(purple and) greenlight for H.A.M.M.E.R. troops to bust a HYDRA/Fury
conflict. Almost makes this book seem a tad irrelevant, does it not? By
that logic, the Ellis/Osborn 1.0 incarnation of the Thunderbolts would
seem just as irrelevant. Remember how prevalent they were in other
books during Ellis’ run on the actual book? Looks like there’s one more
thing the Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers will have in common.

What’s that one thing? Well, besides Venom having the occasional CHOMP!
Outburst, it’s the time and pages put aside for fleshing out the
characters and the interactions between members. So far, it would seem
that Osborn is loving any opportunity he gets to make big,
“history-making” speeches (i.e. the christening of H.A.M.M.E.R., which
is still an acronym for nothing in particular) as well as commanding
his droogies as active field leader (I’m thinking the red, white and
blue gives him a bit more confidence than the purple and green).  Daken
and Marvel Boy – pardon me, Captain Marvel – are about on par with
awkwardness with Sentry – pardon me, Bob – while Bullseye is quickly
becoming the Starscream to Osborn’s Megatron.

While some of the characterization is an emulation of Ellis’ time on
Thunderbolts, as well as Bendis’ time on New/Mighty Avengers, this
merging of the two seems to pick up a mixed bag of the best and worst
of the two writers. You have Osborn being all-business and as
manipulative as any would-be world conqueror, as well as Ares being a
boastful, bombastic boob that you can’t help but love. Then there are
the weakpoints: Venom is still a one-trick pony that is only concerned
with eating brains, and Bob is still a two-trick mule serving as a
doubting dolt/deus ex machina.

While Bendis needs to calm down a bit, Deodato just needs to keep on
working his magic. The fight scenes during this book are simply
stunning. The detail that he brings to Morgana’s monsters and a
crumbled Latveria are amazing, and I fear may go unappreciated in the
midst of Morgana’s boobs and everyone else’s abs. Considering how
“dark” this book is – no really, the only complaint I might have about
his work is the overuse of shadows – his art alone makes this book

Now that Dark Reign is well under way, this book has much to prove if
it wants to keep its place as the flagship title of Norman’s Happy
Hour. Steady sailings might be good for another book, but this one is
in need of making some serious waves.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Great review (and well done to all the reviewers, enjoyed ’em all), very insightful. I didn’t enjoy this issue nearly as much as the first, I’m tired of Dr Doom showing up. Hasn’t he fought Morgana already recently? As for Boob’s big moment, I never even noticed the head coming off, I had to go  back and look again. I loved the Deodato splash of the DAs flying to Latveria, but feel cheated that we didn’t see the moment the new team actually introduced themselves. Gotta save space for Victor’s girl problems, I guess.

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