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• Spider-Man and Daredevil team up – Part Two!

• Picking up where The Amazing Spider-Man #677 left off, the next great love triangle of the Marvel Universe continues!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Kano
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera & Lee Bermejo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. ASM #677 really delivered the goods last week, Rios was great, look forward to what part 2 will offer!

  2. Kano? Never heard of him. Is he any good?

    Surprised Rivera isn’t the artist or at least Emma Rios from ASM isn’t doing this either.

  3. So let me get this straight I buy part 1 of this story last week in ASM #677 digitally and then to get part 2 in Daredevil they are going to only offer it in print? Are you freaking kidding me? Marvel you wonder why people pirate your shit, here is a perfect example.

    • I was thinking the same thing and came here to discuss. Probably not worth the vitriol, at least until we find out for sure on Wednesday.

    • During Spider-island Venom became digital, when it wasn’t before.

      I’m hoping DD does the same. I don’t have a good shop, and would like to check out DD.

    • @Zeppo Totally forgot that venom did pop-up digital the week of the spider-island crossover. Really hope that happens with daredevil as well. I love Daredevil but for some reason marvel has decided they don’t want my money for it by offering it print only.

    • I don’t understand Marvels digital plan at all, let’s hope they’re thinking a head

    • @thompsonlive: How do you personally read Comixology Comics? Computer screen? (if yes how many inches?), iPad? (full screen or guided view?), iPhone?

    • @filippod 75% of the time I read them on my iPad and when I do it’s almost always full screen, except for some older comics I have to use guided view because the font is too small. Lately most letters/artist use bigger fonts for easier iPad reading so full screen works fine for me. Sometimes I read at work on my computer screen (if I just can’t wait to get home or wife is using the iPad) and when I do it’s on my 23″ monitor. Rarely do I read on my phone but occasionally if I’m stuck in a waiting room i’ll read an issue or two on my galaxy nexus which is not bad guided view on the 4.3″ screen, I used to have an iPhone but switched to the Galaxy Nexus because reading on that tiny iPhone screen was (even in guided view) was a bad experience IMO, The nice thing is no matter what device i’m on I have access to my entire library of comics (over 700 now) wherever I am.

      Pro-Tip: Always buy your comics directly through website because it doesn’t charge you sales tax, it will still sync the comic purchases to all your devices it just cuts out the tax man. I ended up saving $7 a month in tax and $20 a month on gas driving to the LCS. Now I’m able to get 6+ extra comics every month just by switching to digital. Never looking back

    • @thompsonlive & @filippod I, too, love my digital comics. I’ve got a great shop, and picking this up in print. For books that I really like the art and the way the artist uses the page, I’ll get it in print. Books like Batwoman don’t look as good digitally due to the page layouts. I do like the guided view when I’m reading on my iPad. I get closer to the art and, at times, makes me really like it more. I’ll likely go all digital at some point as well. The Marvel books that come out digitally are the way for me. Ultimate Spider-man is a TON of fun on my iPad!!

    • I read everything on my IPad. Full page. Except like others have said, older books I need the guided view to really see what’s going on.

      I love it. I still by trades, but not having to be a slave to my long boxes is a relief. I have my 5 long boxes, and I don’t need anymore.

    • Thanks for sharing the feedback guys. I was curious because Comixology really bugs me. As I wrote elsewhere, while I still kinda like it (and I have 150+ comics on it), for me Comixology full page on an iPad is too small and their guided view (in my opinion) on iPad is crap (small panels are blurred, big panels are cropped – it seems designed for iPhones / iPods and probably was). Graphicly’s panel view is much (much!) better but their app is still lacking and the selection limited. Comixology with Panel View for iPad users would be a dream.

    • hers a helpful hint don’t buy comics digitally

    • I buy new comics in print. In digital I buy mostly back issues when they are 99 cents (sometimes, rarely, I also buy 1.99 issues but never more than that). One example? The full run of “Y: the last man” (60 issues) for 58.41 bucks (one was free). Another example: Marvel Digital Unlimited: during the holidays I read gazillions of Marvel runs I couldn’t afford over the years for $47 (yearly fee).

    • @miltman

      My local comic shop has closed. If I don’t read digital comics, I don’t read comics. I could get them mail order, but I like to be up to date so I can keep up with the water cooler conversation.

      Plus not having to worry about storage is really freeing

    • @miltman uh yeah thats not a helpful hint at all. Thats really more of a snarky comment from someone who obviously has an emotional issue with people that buy comics digitally. Here’s the facts

      1. Digital comics save me money (a lot of money)
      2. Digital comics save me time (no more 30 minute lcs drives)
      3. Digital comics save me space (no more paper trash pilling up in my house)
      4. Digital comics save me from smelling snarky basement dwellers that dont bathe (only LCS in town was full of them)
      5. Digital comics are the perferred reading method for a lot of us now and if its not yours then all the power to you but please keep those type of “helpful hints” to yourself.


    • @flippod yeah i know what you mean about the cropping problems in guided view thats why i typically do full screen on my iPad. However i have noticed guided view has been getting a lot better now that most artist adjust for tablet viewing, especially more cutting edge digital titles like ultimate spider-man.

    • Daredevil is on the Marvel app. Download there.

  4. The crossover story thing always bugs me even though i know its tradition.

    This is a really good title so far and one of the few that i’m still picking up in print. Its getting to be a bit annoying though that i can’t get it digitally, and i do suspect that if i do drop it, that will be prime reason.

  5. I was going to start picking up DD this month, but I guess I’ll wait until next issue to avoid the “crossover.”

  6. Last week’s ASM was pretty cool, Waid writes a good webslinger as well as an awesome DD, feeling good about this ish!

  7. i dont buy ASM. so i think i might skip this ish. dont want to be walkn’ in half through the movie. i guess it will be a game time decision. hate crossovers, unless i happen to get both books already.

    • @sitara119 I don’t buy asm either (can’t stand slott’s spidey) but picked up 677 via comixology just because waid was writing. I really recomend picking it up its really solid and had little to nothing to do with what slott was doing.

    • i dont like slott either. is the digital copy cheaper? i might do it then.

    • @sitara119 sadly no. i wish it was cheaper, marvel doesnt seem keen on offerig digital discounts like dc (except during their 99 cent days). You dont have ads in the digital version which is nice i guess, but i would prefer less money personally.

  8. Missed the first part of this last week cos I forgot to order it and my LCS had sold out and I have daredevil on my order. Am I going to be able to follow this or am I gonna be lost?

  9. Kano?

  10. This has been a really good comic that I look forward to each month, never really read a DD comic until now. Mark Waid has always been one of my favorite writers and it has felt to me he was on a down slide lately until now! Cheers to Mark!!


  11. No Digital DD…oh well trade waiting. Why Marvel, why?

  12. Had this been drawn by Rivera, it would have been my pick of the week I think. As it is, it was still a good solid 4 star book. Really enjoyed it.

  13. Oh Matt Murdock, why can’t you be my real-life boyfriend ? And not the Ben Affleck you, please.

    • I can’t really comment on the Affleck, but I really like the Daredevil movies (theatrical and directors cut).

      I think they’re well made, and alot of fun.

      (I’m not talking about Elecktra, best pretend that never happened).

    • I haven’t seen them, Zeppo. For me, best enjoy the print version and leave the celluloid alone.

    • @Maty.: Matt Murdock can’t be your boyfriend – because he will be mine! 🙂 I’ve been pining for him since I was a kid, lol. Matt’s cute, smart, charmingly vulnerable, and he’s a lawyer (like my dad, so I’ve always respected him). A boy can dream, right?

      I didn’t read part 1 of this DD/Spidey crossover but I liked this part 2, it was a solid 3+ stars – but I bumped my rating up to 4 stars, because we get to see Matt’s nipple toward the end.

    • @Bionic- I’m more of ‘eyes’ girl, which makes Matt very intriguing.

  14. Another fine issue and it really was fun with Spidey and BC making this appearance.


  15. K so I bought this on Comixology yesterday and really liked it and was glad to see marvel finally release this digital but now my friend says they pulled it from comixology, marvel app, etc. Can anyone else confirm this? it still shows up on my account but only under purchased comics.

    • It’s not on comixolgy, that I can see. They pulled it? Weird

    • As of now it’s on the Marvel app but not on Comixology’s. Which is idiotic because both apps are exactly the same software (powered by Comixology technology). Still they force us to maintain separate accounts.

  16. If Matt did not use a condom with Black Cat he really is the man without fear

  17. If they wanted a crossover with Spidey do it in his book or both here. Worst issue of what has been a great run for me.

    • Doing it in only one book defeats the entire purpose of a crossover.

      I also thought you didn’t need to read the Spider-Man chapter at all, Waid did a good job of giving you all the details.

  18. Loved this issue, very entertaining. Poor Matt getting interrupted by Foggy just as his luck was turning. Thought Kano did an excellent job overall.

  19. This was the best book I read all week, batman was really good but I enjoyed this much more. I love me some kano art to, if he could get in on the art rotation I’d be happy.

  20. I came away from ASM#677 pretty pleased with what I had read (I don’t get Spidey usually just picked it up to link in with my DD habit) I really enjoyed Rios’ art and loved Waid’s pacing of the story.

    In comparison this issue felt a little flat, Kano’s work was serviceable and tied in nicely with the look of this title overall so far, I think I would have preferred to see Rios’ do both issues though. I really enjoyed the less traditional results last week.

    The conclusion of the main adventure did not seem to keep up with the first part though. Perhaps I was hoping for the banter between the love triangle to be explored a bit longer…

    Saying that though the ending was very well done, the romp, the interruption, the cliffhanger… great stuff

  21. When Daredevil and Black Cat are about to do the dirty deed I was yelling in my head someone stop them! She needs to be with Spider-Man! Thank God for that phone call.

    • I agree!! I think those two should have always been together, I know, I know Mary Jane right? No it just seems that BC could obviously handle the whole super hero thing better just from her own experiance.
      BC and Spidey……


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