Top Cow celebrates its 20th anniversary with the return of the series that started it all: CYBER FORCE! Top Cow founder MARC SILVESTRI (THE DARKNESS, Incredible Hulk) returns to his first Image series as co-writer, art director and cover artist! Co-writer MATT HAWKINS (THINK TANK, LADY PENDRAGON) and artist KHOI PHAM (Mighty Avengers, Daredevil) join SILVESTRI to bring you a contemporary re-imagining rooted in cutting edge, real world technology.

Carin Taylor, codenamed Velocity, has escaped from the CDI controlled Millennium City and is desperately trying to find the one man she believes can help her prevent the end of the world. When she runs a group of other CDI escapees, will they help her… or turn their backs?

Not content in pushing the envelope just in terms of story and art, Top Cow will be the first major US comic publisher to launch one of their biggest properties with top tier creators concurrently for both the traditional print market and exploding worldwide digital market for FREE. That’s right: Thanks to the support of fans through Kickstarter and participating comic shops, you can get the first FIVE issues of CYBER FORCE at no cost.

Story by Marc Silvestri & Matt Hawkins
Art by Khoi Pham & Sal Regla
Colors by Sunny Gho
Letters by Troy Peteri
Cover by Marc Silvestri

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  1. Is this the free comic that Silvestri did the Kickstarter to fund?

  2. Yeah. I liked Cyber Force when they did the crossover with Hunter-Killer, so I’ll throw $0.25 at this, even if Silvestri isn’t doing the artwork.

  3. I’m torn about this. It sounds cool but I was talking to the owner of my LCS and they aren’t free for him. He still has to pay to order each issue, so for each “free” issue people order he has to hope they read that many past the free five just to break even. Kind of shitty.

    • Comics have to pay for Free Comic Day issues as well. And I’ve heard comic stores only have to pay 50 cents for these issues of Cyber Force. I don’t think Diamond will be shipping things around for free.

    • But why should the retailers pay for it? That’s not really fair. Image or the creators should pay for it out of the money they raised on Kickstarter if they want to offer it for free. I also think it’s hurting them overall. My LCS isn’t even stocking it on the shelves, just getting special orders for customers who want it.

      Also, Free Comic Book Day is totally different, not really fair to compre the two.

    • Top Cow / Image are including chase covers that the retailers can sell to make up for the costs incurred.

    • Who’s going to buy those when the book is free though? Wouldn’t be easier for Top Cow or Image to just pay for the shipping? Regardless of how it’s justified this just seems like a bad idea to me. It’s not exactly like comic retail stores are a growing business and something like this just seems a little short sighted. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great the creators want to give this to fans for free, very cool idea, I just wish they had handled it better. I mean they raised the money on Kickstater, did Image or Top Cow even put any money into this? The least they could do is cover the shipping.

    • That’s exactly the same as saying who’s going to buy the 1:500 variant if Spidey if the normal cover is $3.99… The answer is; people just do.

    • @nodnolan: Yeah I guess that’s a good point. It still seems like it would have been simpler and classier if Image or the creators had just covered the shipping costs.

    • I’m buying my LCS’s variant. I’m buying it at a price to cover all the other comics he had to buy to get the variant. A $10 variant is the same price or lower then the comic-con variants so its not a big deal. Plus I backed the KS to get the hardcover collection only available to KS backers. Why? I love me some Cyberforce and TopCow.

    • That is not true. These comics are forty cents a piece. You retailer is BSing you. The comics were a fraction of what they would normally cost. Moreover, retailers receive incentive variants for ordering 50 and 100 copies. Please encourage you retailer to participate. My retailer was not interested in making a large purchase but sold me a 100 copies at cost and I am distributing the same.

    • I don’t know where you got 40 cents but for retailers they are 25 cents and for consumers they are free. Never heard anything, anywhere about 40 cents, sounds like you might have gotten BSed.

      Also, the incentive program sounds okay on paper, but it only actually works, and makes the stores any money, if people buy the variants. No guarantee.

      Besides I think my retailer is making the right decision. Why should he spend money when anyone who wants a copy can get it free digitally? PsychoJudgeDredd posted a link to the entire thing just below. It’s a really cool comic book but why should my retailer have to pay when anyone who wants one can easily find a copy?

  4. I’ve never read Cyber Force before but it’s free so I thought I would check it out.

  5. My LCS stance is that if you buy a Image book, you get Cyber Force #1 for free.

  6. So, it sounds like various LCS are handling this each in their own ways? Am I being naive in thinking that I’m going to walk into my LCS and find this “free” comic that I’ve been hearing about for months? Should I have pre-arranged to have one ordered for me or something?

  7. I wish they had not gone with the “Free” thing. It is a PITA and then limits how many I can get. Luckily my one LCS is cool and letting me just pay them a buck or two so I can get additional copies. Free when it really isn’t free creates a mess and it is not necessary, if the product is good myself and many other fans are happy to pay for it and not deal with the hassle. Make the copies a buck even and be done with it.

    • Totally agreed.

    • Vertigo does that with new series all the time, first issue is a buck, and it has gotten me sucked into several of their books.

    • Personally, I’m happy these issues are free

    • @psychojudgedredd: It does feel kind of weird to be complaining about something that is free. I think it is a nice gesture from the creators, I just think it could have been handled better. My other point is that it might be hurting the book overall, as I said above, my LCS won’t even be carrying this because of the no truly “free” problem.

    • I think they mentioned on the kickstarter that it’ll also be available digitally online for free as well. I think they’re gonna get as many people checking out these five issues as possible

    • Trust me I would not condemn free with the amount I spend weekly on comics if it really were free. The problem is that it causes more problems than it is worth with the *way* it is being handled. Look above at some of the comments, shops choosing to not carry it at all or worse forcing the purchase of a $3.99 book to get one. That is before folks like myself that want two copies (one to read and one to keep just as the rest of my original Cyberforce run is) are taken into consideration. It ends up more hassle than anything. Making even just the first “free” and the rest a buck would be better.

      No one believes that making, printing, distributing, and LCSs space are free because they aren’t. It costs somewhere between $0.25-$0.50 per issue before the handling/space of the LCS. A dollar is fair to everyone involved for print. Digital, sure, go nuts with free.

    • Sure, we’re all entitled to our opinions, I just disagree that charging a dollar would be better. And for the record, Image has plenty of 2.99 comics. As for some stores not stocking it, well, that happens to non-free comics as well. I have a feeling this strategy will be success, and I do think it’ll be seen by more eyes than if it was one dollar.

    • I think the dollar idea would be perfect. My dealer didn’t even know it was a free copy and had it up on the stand with other stuff (the store keeps free stuff in a special shelf). I’ll ask him what he paid for shipping and handling next week and reimburse him.

    • They were $0.25 per to the LCS

    • My LCS didnt have a problem with it. You could get it completely free digitally or go to the LCS, buy one comic (as any weekly reader does) and you get the printed Cyberforce #1 for free. Two comics for the price of one is not a bad deal.


    You can read this book for free right over here. I’ve gotta say, I dig it quite a bit, looking forward to where this run goes.

    • Thanks for posting that, it was pretty cool. I didn’t get all of it as I’ve never read Cyber Force or Aphrodite before but I enjoyed it. Interesting world, nice art and writing. I’ll probably check out the free issues digitally and if I’m still into it, start buying the issues at #6.

      Is this an ongoing or is there an end in sight?

    • It’s ongoing, at least that’s the plan.

    • Read it again and really enjoyed it. Definitely going to be reading this, digitally. Is the main character the same as the Velocity mini from last year? What other series take place in this universe, really like it and would love to explore it some more.

    • This is a reboot of Cyberforce, so it’s a new continuity explaining new origins and whatnot. Yep that’s the same Velocity.

      Cyberforce were featured in Artifacts, and that’s a cool story to check out. And of course, Witchblade and The Darkness are the two head honchos of Top Cow in recent years, I recommend all that stuff.

    • Awesome thanks.

  9. This was just OK. I’m a huge Cyberforce fan from back in the day too. The couple pages in the back of Silvestri’s art make me wish he had just done these, it is head and shoulders above the interior art and has a way better feel to it. Nothing terrible, but nothing great here. There were a few panels that made no sense at all which pulled me out of things a bit too.

  10. I’ve never read Cyber Force before. But this issue really intrigues me to keep reading. If anything they are getting more people to check out this series since it starts out free.

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