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WTF, vampires?!?!?

art & cover ROB GUILLORY

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  1. Now we’re sorta veering into ‘crazytown’ with this…..if that is even possible.

    Still looking forward to see if Layman does go this route or if there is a twist on it.

  2. Yet to lose any momentum.

  3. A couple months ago this was hands-down my favorite book.  Now, I still love it, but between the lateness and getting so weird that it’s hard to keep up, I think I might have to switch to trade after issue 10.

  4. I believe in this book. Vampires is not nuking the fridge, I know this will be awesome.

  5. @Slockhart: Lateness? They took one pre-planned month off that they announced in the book ahead of time. No lateness.

  6. And the plan, as of right now, is to take off a month after every 5 issue arc.

    I’m still very much in love with the title. It might not be at the tippity top of my stack anymore, but still one of my top 5 books.

  7. @Conor

    It seems like every few issues there’s on that’s a week or two after when my pull list says it should be.  Oh well, just change "lateness" to "irregularity."

  8. I think it may be a week late. May just be because February is a few days short.

  9. @slockhart: I noticed that too. It’s always solicted for a certain date by Image. Then it seems to get pushed back a week.

  10. A week or 2. My god. There’s some stuff I’ve been waiting a year for. This is very very regular to me.

  11. Yep, this issue was delayed a week or two. My fault. It was solicited too early, period. And, as I’m handling all the art on CHEW, sometimes the work takes a bit longer than planned. Apologies. Couldn’t be helped at this stage.

     That said, it’ll be worth the wait. Promise.

  12. @rob: You’ve been making this book one of the best looking comics right now. I don’t mind the wait. 🙂

  13. The latness complains on books in general are getting ridiculous.

  14. If your complaining on the so-called lateness of a creator own book that’s completely made by only two guys, you’re a douche.

    @rob-Your art is fucking amazing. Keep up the impressively awesome work and thank you.

  15. This is easily one of the most regular indie books that I read. It amazes me that two guys can make a book this good as fast and consistently as they do. Incredible.

  16. Speaking of Image and "lateness," does anyone know if Four Eyes will EVER come back?

  17. i jumped on the chew train last month. Picked up the trade and 6-8, probably the best thing i’ve done this year so far.

  18. @HailScott It’s been re-solicited about 4 times, so who knows?

  19. I don’t know if I needed to qualify, but the last two pages definitely made me veer this as my POTW.

    Beautiful artwork; Rob I can totally wait as long as I want too because of how amazing this issue looks. Plus Layman continues with wacky ideas and funny character moments. It’s just those last two pages (especially the final) made me just…..damn that made me excited, giddy, and slightly disturbed. Great stuff here.

  20. @TheNextChampion totally agree: the last two pages were amazing.



  21. Is it just me or is this book really thick this time around? Probablly becasue its chock full of AWESOME!

  22. Beautiful as always, but the story’s denseness is still making a great case for trade waiting.  Sadly, I don’t like waiting between trades either, so trade waiting for me means waiting for the series to wrap in about 5 years… Tough decision.

  23. @Slockhart: Yes it is dense, But its dense in the right kind of way! Keep in mind the books only 2.99 and we get tons more pure, goofy greatness within these pages than most 3.99 books.

  24. Is @Slockhart complaining because Chew is too good?

    For shame!

  25. You know… I think I’m done with this book… or at least switching to trades. I don’t know what it is but I just had no interest in this book when it was on my stack. I’ve loved the writing, I loved the art but I struggled to get through the book. I’m not sure what it is… but I just don’t care. 3/5 for me.

  26. This book never lets me down:)

  27. Easily the best single issue since the end of the first arc. Loved the hell out of this.


  28. I love that sequence where Tony is trying to save his brother. He just gets less and less interested in what he’s saying and then….BAM! Knocked him out.

  29. I kinda feel like Prax. I love the comic, and I know I love the comic, but right now I’m not loving the act of reading the comic.

    @Patman and Intergy

    Dense isn’t bad, I just think having the momentum killed every 22 pages is hurting my enjoyment of the series. Seems like something I’d want to read from start to finish over a week in about 4, 5 years when it’s over.  That’s how I read Y: The Last Man, it’s how I read Preacher, and I’ve been waiting on Ex Machina to finish forever so I can start on it.

  30. Fantastic issue.


  31. @Slockhart: Ok,I guess I cant blame you if waiting for the end is how you want to enjoy it. But personally I cant wait for each issue, and I think it double ships this month so WHEE!

  32. Cliffhanger lol

    This comic makes me smile. 

  33. Great comic. Always the first thing I read when it comes out. This is a book I’m even double dipping on. I picked up the first trade even though I bought every single issue, and I noticed a lot of little things from the first arc that I never picked up. Going to do the same with the second arc, and for the foreseeable future.

    Just a great book! Heck even the letters section is an interesting read, and that’s saying a lot.

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