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  1. Very interested to see where this books goes after the ending to that last issue.  I just hope this issue already being 2 weeks late isn’t a sign of things to come.

  2. @Slockhart-I think they pushed it back so Guillory could get more time on the next issues and ship on time.  On twitter he mention something a while back about doing the cover for issue #8, so he’s a few months ahead I think.

    Love this book.  Easily at the top of my stack.

  3. Gald I caught up with this. This is a fun series and I can’t to see where this goes after the first arc.

  4. Yeah, the book isn’t late at all.

  5. Yes!

  6. this is not meant for me

  7. just curious, but whats with all the hype this books been recieving? i read the first 3 issues, and it didnt seem like the ground-breakin indie it’s been made out to be.  issue 1 is worth $50 now?! what am i missin here people?

  8. @Spidey2: it’s like the emperor’s new clothes, man

  9. @Spidey- Issue one only had 10,000 copies printed plus it’s a kick ass story!

  10. It’s kind of been a case of right time right place.

    It’s something fresh and different, and apparently there has been a strong market for that at the moment.

    It helps that Image have done things like printed the first issue in Walking Dead (which I imagine is one of their top selling books) and had several reprints for every issue, which generates hype in itself.

    It’s been very well done marketing.

    (This all sounds very negative. It’s not. Fair play to Image! It’s an excellent book.)

  11. @Spidey- I agree with you. I’ve bought up to issue 4 hoping it’ll be better, but im just no getting it. maybe because im a total newbie to comics (got into it since sdcc09) and that its not "fresh and different" to me. 

  12. It’s just a fun comic.  Basically, if you haven’t had fun reading this so far then it’s probably not meant for you.  This book has just clicked with a lot of people, got a lot of buzz, and Image has been trying to catch up to the crazy demand.

  13. I enjoyed all the issues, and 4 was my favorite. The issues keep getting more fun every month.

    @Spidey2 – I guess anything that has been hyped with a $50 price tag could be  dissapointing, and I can see where you’re coming from. But Chew is a realy fun book, and the 2nd/3rd/etc printings are $2.99, not $50. I think it’s kind of unfair to  Layman and Guillry to critisize the issue because it’s overhyped. It’s an original fun idea, and the book is more than just the "cibopathic" topic. 


  14. Fun, inventive, original — CHEW is all of these things.

  15. @conor: Sounds like someone is trying to get printed on the back of the trade 😉

    But I agree with everyone; it’s just a fun and original comic.

  16. I read the first three issues after it recieved the pick of the week. I just don’t like the tone of the book. I compare it to something like Boston Legal or Ally McBeal  – i don’t can not enjoy these quicky cutesy style of stories.


    maybe i am just a cranky, tired, hansome, old negative nelly but the fun and originality of the comic seems more painful and silly to me

  17. whoops, "i just can not"

  18. @edward Are you suggesting that I am less handsome because this book excites me? You might be on to something…

  19. If that was the case then this book REALLY excites me.

  20. It’s not hype, kids. It’s word of mouth generated by readers who dig it. There’s a difference 🙂


    And no, it’s not for everyone. But what is?

  21. but in the comic community word of mouth is over-hyped, band-wagon hyperbole.

    after two issues a new title is instantly better than Watchmen

  22. @TheNextChampion – @conor: Sounds like someone is trying to get printed on the back of the trade 😉

    hahahaha! it does.

    i really like this book. i’m also really glad it’s doing so well.  

  23. Edward: Well, there certainly tends to be a leaning towards the dramatic in any media. That’s nothing new.I’m just saying CHEW would be hyped if Image had been shilling us as the best comic since Watchmen months before the book was released. But that wasn’t the case. We were modest in our marketing at best. Even our Walking Dead flipbook didn’t take place until after we’d already sold out twice. Any momentum we gained began the day our book got in people’s hands. From there, the readers carried us, and here we are.


    Tastes differ. That’s just life. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, etc… And yeah, I get annoyed with all the hyperbole myself. I’m just saying that consumers made it, not us. Response to the original 30 Days of Night was no different. It happens.

    Either way, thanks for giving us a try, even if it’s not for you.

  24. @robguillory: jesus christ! you’re the artsit, right?

    i have to stop doing this.

    You know what? I agree. there was no hype before the book hit. i can see that point

  25. It’s okay. I still love you, Edward 🙂

  26. @rob

    I don’t what the fuck you’re talking about, the book really does give me orgasms. 

  27. @edward- what exactly do you like? (besides frankenstein avatars)

  28. @jesseG: i’m really digging the current hellboy stuff. I am looking forward to the new BPRD trade this week. I think Hickman’s work on Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors is fantastic. After, the last issue of Unwritten, I am really enjoying that book. Criminal is brillant. i like the umbrella acadamy, DMZ, Powers, battlefields and almost anything by Grant Morrison… and you, JesseG.

    @Rob: that’s one of those hyperboles i’m talking about. 

  29. Probably the most entertaining thread this week.

  30. @edward- Everything you mentioned that I have read, I have enjoyed [except umbrella academy ("too cool for school" for me)]. I read a fair number of books a week and out of those there a few that I get really pumped for each month; Currently SCALPED, King City, Batman and Robin, glamourpus, Sweet Tooth, Chew, and if it ever comes out again Guerillas. 

     The only reason I commented at all is because I find the whole negative fanboy thing you do kinda amusing. I was just curious if you thought anything was currently worthy.  



  31. @JesseG: i get the negative thing but wouldn’t life be a little dull if every member of the board agree about everything? 

    @Drake: again with the catty comments? getting old, man, getting old

  32. @edward jesus bro. take it down a notch;)

  33. @edward-I really don’t know what you are referring to every week with that comment.  I was actually entertained by the discussion and commented as such.  Please do take it down a notch, and try to relax a bit.

  34. i’d respond to edward but he’d only call me a cunt again. that hurt my little heart that did.

  35. yes but but you were acting like one

  36. Edward reminds me of Mac from It’s Always Sunny.

  37. um, … sorry

  38. edward i only pointed out that you do a lot of bitching… which, well, you do 🙂 you kind of over-reacted.

  39. I am sitting in the sandwich shop next to my comic book store. I finished this book and felt immediately compelled to pull out my phone and praise it. I love the direction this story is taking, and I love that I keep getting surprised by it. I was even impressed by the coloring; they do something in this issue with a “white flash” that isn’t entirely white that wouldn’t have even been possible in comics when I started reading them. But then, neither would anything else in this book been possible back then. This is Exhibit A that the medium has come a long way.

  40. I thought the twist in this was a bit obvious from issue 2. (I got issue two by the way to somewhat catch up).

    That doesn’t make this a bad issue by any means. This is still a fun concept with great jokes and a dark side to it. Seriously that fight towards the end was brutal; almost looked like a page from Invincible. Plus Guillory’s artwork continues to get better and better with each issue.

    I think the real test of this series will be what it’s going to do after this arc. It’s gotta kept up intrigued with the story now slowly being revealed peice by peice. I’m sure these guys can keep us entertained though.

  41. Uhm…this book is awesome and the art is the kind of art where I turn on more lights in my room so I can see it more clearly, get a few pencils and just have to sketch while I read it, just to get an idea of how it might be to be that talented. 

     just had to get that off of my recently trimmed chest. (I had to go to a pool thing this weekend and it was unruly)

  42. I swear my shop hates this book… I got the only copy they ordered, and it’s only the second time I haven’t had to go across town for a copy.

  43. I haven’t read an issue of this book yet (I plan on buying the trade), but there is no way it can be better than this thread.

    P.S. Do we know the first trade is coming out? 

  44. Trade comes out on Nov. 25, same day as CHEW #6.

  45. This was a great issue, I only wished that the ending hadn’t been so out of left field.  I enjoy being surprised, not blindsided.  Then again maybe I just need to read the other issues again more carefully.  Which I can do cause I have a three day weekend!!

  46. @robguillory – Thank you very much for the info. I will plan on picking both up on the 25th.  Keep up the good work and thank you for interacting with the community.

  47. The only thing that surprised me out the twist was the level of violence. I was not expecting it to be that violent, and neither did Image judging from the solict. lol

    But other then that, I saw it coming a mile away. Which again doesn’t mean it was bad, just that I caught on before Chu did.

  48. @Mike-Manscaping is something more men should be doing.  Kudos.

    @TNC-The violence has been there the whole time in this book, so it wasn’t really that much of a shocker.

    I love this book.  The constant change in moods, character interactions, laughs, everything.  Expect a review tomorrow some time.  If not for the amazing Iron Man issue, would have been POTW. 

  49. You have to manscape.  To not do so is inconsiderable.

    This issue wrapped things up and set things up at the same time in a way that I’ve only seen from Kirkman in Invincible.  This book keeps getting better and better.  I’m manscaped and in love. 

  50. i think i don’t have anyone to blame but myself for getting so annoyed about this stuff

  51. Holy crap this art… when the light hits the "white out" panels just right, you can kind of make out what the missing vision is.  I’m the kinda of person who reads the word balloons then glances at the art for context, never really absorbing it, but I spent about 5 minutes trying to decipher the white outs. 

  52.  @ slockhart – I read it under pretty low light…… So there’s something in those panels?  Guess I need to go back.

  53. @400yrs

    It’s just a very very VERY hard to make out version of what they reveal the white outs to be later.  Nothing necessary, but a nice touch 

  54. i love love love this book. to all you haters : BOOO!

    as much as i love the inventive story i think the art is the bigger draw. its left me with a dilemna: do i love it enough to double dip and buy the trade in november…. hmmm i’ll have to think about that one

  55. @slockhart – I see it now.  Aweseome.  You really do have to read this book under good light.  That was a very nice nugget much like the translations in issue 4.  Brilliant!!

  56. This just isn’t for me.  I love the art, and its had me at times over the first 5 issues, but I just can’t give it the props everyone is seems to be giving it.  I don’t care about any of these characters and the story has been pretty lame in my opinion. And sometimes wacky for the sake of being wacky (if you know what I mean).  I’d expect a book like this to at least be funny, but its far from.

    I’m gonna stick with it for a few more issues.  The response from everyone is so positive, I hope it hooks me eventually. 

  57. @Cutty: I agree completely.

  58. This was spectacular. Can’t believe I almost didn’t grab and start with #1 all those months ago.

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