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  1. OK ok , i get it. It’s tough to come up with new concepts to sell comics. This just seems completely off the deep end and really grasping for an idea.

  2. Not sure if I’ll pick this up or not.  The premise is lame, the first half of the preview was awesome, and the second half was okay.

  3. Is this a miniseries? Or will they have issues to "flesh" things out more?

  4. Yeah this seems like a huge stretch of a plot.

    Trade waiting

  5. This sounds fun and I’m nabbing it on this slow week.

  6. Not sure what you guys are talking about.  This isn’t the first off the wall premise for a book.  I think it sounds great and am quite excited to read this first issue.

  7. Actually it’s kinda like the plot device for ‘Pushing Daises’….except for touching corpses this guy eats them.

  8. Looks awesome. I’m in.

  9. @ everyone – as somebody who has read the first issue for an advance review I have to say pick this book up.  If you were in doubt it is amazingly good and well worth the money.  I have read it 5 times now and cannot wait to get this issue in my hands on Wednesday. 

  10. Count me in!

  11. That’s the first solicit I’ve read that nearly made me gag so I’m down for it.  I liked the preview.

  12. Looks interesting and i like the art style. Defidently gonna pick this up

  13. I read the premise a while back and really caught my attention, seems like it could be really fun.

  14. I’ll bite! 😀

  15. I only wish I had time to read my comics 5 times…. wow

  16. I am picking this up.  Hopefully this series is as good as the previews.

  17. I’m gonna give it a shot.  Brubaker posted about it on Twitter saying it’s fantastic and that it is "a book Vertigo should have put out"


  18. Picking it up on the strength of Brubaker’s recomendation via twitter.

  19. Ugh… I hate not having a shop devoted to comics around me.  Both of the shops within 30 miles are hobby-shops first, comic-shops second… and guess what neither ordered this week….

  20. My shop went ahead and decided for me that I didn’t want to read this and didn’t get any in… and now I actually want to read it

  21. I need to get this book!

  22. Whoa, this was FANTASTIC.

  23. I really didn’t want to like this as I’ve been trying to shorten my pull list.  Just finished reading it.  It’s a really good book.  Oh well…

  24. SO surprised by how great this book was.  Wow.

  25. Very enjoyable book.  I’m digging the art.  I’m on board for the forseeable future for sure.

  26. Loved this book. I’m so happy I managed to grab the last copy at my LCS. Great concept, great execution, great art. Who is this Rob Guillory fellow?

  27. Also, I love that he can only eat beets without his "gift" kicking in.  It cracked me up when I turned the page and saw the damn can.

  28. I feel for you zluckhart, I only had one comic shop around my town for a long time, and it was cards first comics second.

    I was lucky that a new shop opened just two days ago devoted to comics.

  29. this book was pretty flipped out and the art is great…

  30. This looks awesome. I am definitely going to hunt down this issue and add this to my pull.

  31. Man I’m so glad I picked this up. It was fantastic. A great story, an interesting universe, and awesome art. Seriously the double spread page w/Chu eating the soup was so awesome. I’m definatly down for this 

  32. I only got about 5 pages into this before I had to quit and go to sleep but I’m definately glad that I dropped Daredevil: Noir to read this this week. Concept is brilliant and the art is fantastic.

  33. From the title you’d think this was a Final Crisis Aftermath mini.

  34. Damn this is getting a whole lot of praise. If it wasnt for Batman and Robin this could’ve been the best comic to come out this week.

    Having said that….still trade waiting

  35. @TNC 

    Pick this up in issues! Going by your love of Transmet, you’ll like the frenetic feel of this. 

  36. I read the previews and liked them alot, but wasn’t sure if I believed in the concept enough to really get into it.  I just read the full issue and it’s damn good.  Sometimes the part that is previewed is the highpoint of a comic.  Not the case with Chew.  Part of what I was leary of in the previews made sense in the rest of the story.  I’m down for this series!!  Beautiful art too.

  37. Had to call around town to find an LCS that still had copies of this.  I got the last one.  So glad I did.  Cool art, new take on a crime book with a sense of humor.  This one will be fun.

  38. A Chinese American Cop using Cannibalism as way to solving Crime sounds awesome maybe I’ll get me a copy.

  39. I’m glad I didn’t read the solicitation (or anything else) before buying this book. That description doesn’t do the story justice, and I wouldn’t have been interested in the book either if I thought that was the premise. It’s not WRONG, but… you’ll see what I mean when you read it. That blurb has all the ingredients but none of the flavor.

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