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Catwoman is flying solo and finding plenty of turbulence!

She has her paws full when a simple smash and grab turns into a hit and pummeled, as she faces an adversary who is more than a match for Selina. She calls herself Reach, and she doesn’t pull any punches.

Can our favorite Feline Fatale land on her feet?

Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Is that pose possible or is Selina’s neck broken?

  2. This title has easily been one of my favorites each month. Great storytelling by Winick, plus I love the way March draws.

  3. Guillem March is my God, and I worship him. Big granite idol I burn calves and goats under it. It’s gross.

    • Agreed, does Judd Winick have an honorary plaque on the granite idol though?

    • I think he’s great but has faltered on a few covers for this series.

      To me March is like Liefeld if Rob had evolved and developped his “in-your-face-style”. Guillem’s story-telling is strong and facial expressions varied but he still goes for the flash whenever the story calls for flash. He can do violence, sex, action and dialog scenes with equal aplomb and it seems like it’s always in your face, but still pleasant.

    • His cheesecake art is outrageous though. He’s definitely not a bad artist but his shameless urge to draw sexy ladies constantly is embarrassing. I’ve no problem with showing an attractive lady in a superhero book but March absolutely pores over them. It really distracts from the story and reminds me that comics haven’t quite gotten away from that sexless, horny stereotype yet.

    • I disagree BoneMachine, Catwoman’s world is one of sex and violence; she had it tough and lived a pretty hard low-life as demonstrated early on in this new volume. March is only drawing his view of Catwoman’s world. Besides, no one is forcing you to buy the book if it offends you.

      I myself think the art of March serves the story of Winick perfectly, this is how I always portrayed Catwoman’s view of the world and her place in it, the rest is just eyecandy. The action is slick, fast and brutal and I’m glad March is the main artist on this title!

    • I don;t buy the book I’ve just kept an eye on it since the relaunch cuz I was curious to see how it would do. The point isn’t that it offends me, it’s just eye-rolling. I don’t have an beef with his storytelling or general ability. Just that subjectively, his need to constantly put women in sexy or alluring positions when the scene doesn’t call for it is rather irritating.

    • So he draws attractive females from time to time, big deal. He also draws some of the most kinetic and exciting action scenes for more of the time, but people always come back to the cheesecake-ish images he sometimes draws.

    • What the guy above me said!

      Winick as also a part in that, if he calls in his script for sexy poses and what not, Guillem March will do it.

      Same thing with Yanick Paquette’s women, Abigail is one sexy gal and so was his depiction of Catwoman… I guess some artists got it more than others and it sticks around as a reputation for drawing hot girls in sexy poses.

      But seriously BoneMachine, you should read the first four issues of this before criticizing, it’s not as bad as some people say about the sex and violence being overly portrayed.

      It’s not as bad as say, Sin City by Miller. 😉

    • Don’t necessarily assume that the covers equal in the book. I’ll admit there is a lot of selina kyle dressed in something skimpy, but its well written, and the action is the best I’ve seen in the new 52 (except maybe this last Suicide Squad, that was really nice too).

  4. Recently dropped Detective and Flash to start cutting back. This will probably be going in the same direction unless something really awesome happens. I like Winick in Gotham but he’s nowhere near one of my fav Bat-writers. March I don’t like much at all. Gotham City Sirens was junk and this isn’t much better.

    I’m still reading like 20 New 52 books though. That’s plenty expensive enough.

  5. Wow. Am I the only who is frustrated by this book? If Catwoman werent my favorite comic book character, I would have dropped this book(still holding out a glimmer of hope it will turn around). The art is the epitome of 90’s cheesecake art, anatomy and proportions are not words Guillem March is familiar with, and the characterization of Selina is feels so off. She used to be a cool and collected professional thief, now shes some sort of wisecracking reckless amateur. I guess I just really miss the days when Ed Brubaker showed that you can have a smart and strong woman in coimcs and not have them having to show cleavage in every panel.

    • Nah, I’m good with this book. I started reading Catwoman during Jim Balent’s series and I think it’s hard to get art more cheesecake than that. Catwoman has always been upfront and in your face with her sexuality.

    • It’s not like the sex-pot image is a new thing for catwoman. This woman was cast as the character 57 years ago,0,214,314_.jpg

    • @zattaric but see the 90’s Catwoman series epitomized everything that was wrong about the character and created all the stereotypes that people often associate with the character now, its the reason Brubaker was so highly praised when he made the effort to move away from all the stereotypes people often cast Catwoman as. I get it, the woman dresses in leather, stilettos, and carries a whip, shes got tons of sex appeal, I get that. But does that make her some sort of sex charged tart, constantly flaunting her cleavage ? I dont think so.

    • And for some such as myself, the 90s run with Jim Balent, Chuck Dixon, et al is great stuff with some of Catwoman’s best characterization. I wouldn’t say Brubaker fixed what was wrong with it, personally I find his run to be a bit bland. Other writers like Loeb for example prefer the sulty, oldschool Catwoman, as do I.

      Anyways, this is kind of a throwback in some ways, but also with it’s own identity. I like how Catwoman is characterized here, fierce but vulnerable, strong, sexy, very likable while not having standard hero morales, superb stuff from Winick and March.

  6. I like the book. I looked past the cleavage and found a fun story.

  7. This was OK and the series continues to have strong cliffhangers. But just OK leaves me reading too many comics and I’m taking a hammer to my pull list as I catch up on my backlog. For now this is leaning towards drop.

  8. This was my POW without question!! Batman finished second in my eyes, the artwork has been very exciting and very detailed in every issue. The action, adventure, romance and just seems to be a well thought out series on where it wants to go and how it gets there. I keep hearing all of this BS about sexual this and sexual that even saw that stupid FOX tv report….. DC has a whole section of kids comics as so does Marvel…. if it is not rated for you than stay out.. it is strange how FOX had nothing to say about Marvel???? They have had plenty of sexual issues and plenty of violence and what about all of the other companys?! I do not care for all of this propaganda and I think right now DC is finally catching up with everyone else and still has stuff for the kiddies..
    Catwoman’s shoulder is going to be f#cked up for awhile and she really needs to work on keeping a low profile….(ha-ha)
    I wonder if that shoulder will come into play in the next few issues which would really be kinda of cool to see how she deals with it. I like this title and this issue knocked it out of the park for me.


    • I love you. Let’s just hope there are about 40,000 more of us because if this is ever canceled I’ll smother my baby*, burn down the house* and just travel, man.

      *I don’t have a baby or a house.

    • Oh and I do like the sexuality since Catwoman has always been a sexual creature, no?


  9. I said this in replying to a review comment, but I will add it here in the general area:

    This is a great title!

    I do think I will start picking it up in trade format at the end of this arc, though.

    I had forgotten about Reach between issues, so the start of issue 5 came out of left field until I recalled what was going on.

    Hot as this title is and great as the art and writing have been, I think it would be even better to read all the issues in an arc in a collected format.

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