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Meet Catwoman.

She’s addicted to the night. Addicted to shiny objects. Addicted to Batman.

Most of all, Catwoman is addicted to danger. She can’t help herself, and the truth is – she doesn’t want to. She’s good at being bad, and very bad at being good.

Find out more about what makes Catwoman tick in this new series from writer Judd Winick (BATMAN: UNDER THE HOOD) and artist Guillem March (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS)!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Wasn’t really sure about getting this. But the preview pages really looked amazing so I will definitely pick this up and read it too =D

  2. No, just NO.

    Catwoman is a strong independent woman, not a blow-up sex doll. I will never buy this.

    • Being sexy has always been part of Catwoman’s shtick, even in the Brubaker years. Guillem March’s art was passable in Sirens, though I wonder about his ability to meet deadlines. In a month that’s all about new stuff, why not try this? Because of the cover? Here’s hoping you miss out.

    • It’s disappointing you can’t see the difference between Catwoman’s trademark sexiness and this cover. Oh well.

      To answer your question: Yes, I won’t buy this because of the cover which horribly objectifies Selina Kyle and casts her in the role of “fuck toy”. I can’t in good conscience spend money on this, and I’m not terribly worried about missing out.

    • I don’t see the difference between Catwoman’s trademark sexiness and this cover either. You’re reading WAY too much into this cover. I’m excited for this book and I hope it does well.

    • Strong, independent women, smart sometimes, just sometimes, like to be playful, irreverent and mischievous and do stupid, silly things that they know are wrong for them.

    • @Fishyboy Did you read Catwoman before? When Adam Hughes did the covers? How is this different?

      Are you saying you didn’t buy any of those either? If not, what are you basing your opinion of the character on? Not knowledge or history, that’s for sure.

      Saying “I dislike Judd Winick, so I will not buy this” is one thing. Saying “I dislike Guillem March’s art” is another thing.

      Throwing around odd proclamations of “fuck-toy” and “sex-toys” smacks of trolling.

      I will READ it first, then form an opinion.

    • Wow, CAM, an accusation of trolling because you disagree with my opinion? Settle down, fanboy.

      Yes, I did read Catwoman before, and I think Hughes actually does a great job of showcasing Catwoman’s sexuality while still maintaining her strength and dignity, much like Chiang did with Wonder Woman this month.

      You don’t have to like my opinion or agree with me, but to attack my knowledge of the character and call me a troll to attempt to prove your point shows a serious lack of maturity.

    • Didn’t call you a troll. What you were doing smacks of trolling. You’re deliberately using phrases like “Fuck-Toy” to get a response. If that’s not trolling I don’t know what is.

      I think you’re missing my point, which was “In a month that’s all about new stuff, why not try this?” and further “I will READ it first, then form an opinion.”

      I disagree with your point that Hughes did a great job of showcasing her sexuality while maintaining her strength. I loved his covers, but there’s nothing particularily “strong” about unzipping a leather suit. I maintain that I don’t see a difference between this style and that.

      But you’re right, it IS your perogative to judge a book by it’s cover, and I suppose it’s your perogative to condescend to me “Fanboy”.

    • Hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have added that last shot. Apologies.

      I should also point out that this was sold out at my store. So, I can’t even let you know if your prejudgement was warrented, though judging by the comments it seems like it was.

      ANYWAYS, no harm meant.

    • @Maty – Yeah, in my time, I’ve ‘dated’ a woman like her. And lucky to get away with a [mostly] whole skin. It should happen to a fanboy.

      @CAM – QFT

      @FishyBoy – I ain’t trollin’ & I don’t think you are, but Catwoman ain’t Wonder Woman. Never was.

  3. Getting the first issue to see if it wows me. However, my pull list is starting to overflow…so something, somewhere, is going to have to be cut. This will have to be spectacular for me to stay on…sigh…if only we all had unlimited Comic Funds from the Government…

  4. I love Guillem March’s art style, so I am picking this first issue up based on that alone. We’ll see how Winick does with his writing on this one. He did a decent enough job on Batwing, so we’ll see…

  5. Can someone sell me on this? Maybe point me to a preview, art….something. Just not sure about this one.

  6. I think a sexy book could be a lot of fun. I like the idea of dealing with adult issues in the DCU.

  7. Interesting.

  8. That is one unfortunate cover.

    Embrasing her sexuality has always been part of Catwoman’s character and that’s a fine thing to reflect in the reboot, but that cover’s just tacky. Won’t be picking this up. Not ’cause of the cover, though. Just ’cause I don’t really care. I wish Winick well with it, though!

  9. this book definitely wouldn’t pass the Bechdel test

  10. As far as this DCnU thing goes, Winick has already wowed me with Batwing (not to mention his Generation Lost Maxi series, which was THE Justice League book to read at the time). I’m pretty confident about this…I don’t really have a problem with Catwoman being all tarted up on the cover, since inside we can get something akin to the book we had in the past (a book where the character’s sexuality wasn’t the only defining factor) with just the cover being exploitative to turn a few heads.

  11. Logistics: You’d think Catwoman would wear a sports bra, imagine how many laser trip wires she would trigger if her boobs were always hanging out like that.?

    • Well as seen in the preview, she kinda left in a hurry mate… 😉 I don’t think in those life or death situations you take the time to change your bra. Batwoman seemed to get this problem out of the way with her costume by going bra-less in it.

    • Don’t you guys understand that these are different kinds of women?

      Get over it!!

  12. I keep forgetting about this book but every time I’m reminded of it I get excited. (No, not sexually…) I’ve always seen Catwoman as someone who uses her sexiness (and slight insanity) to get what she wants. Combining that with an almost mastermind of thievery sounds really interesting and fun. I don’t see her being sexy as “exploitative” or similar to a “blow-up sex doll.” She knows she’s sexy and she knows how to use that for her benefit. That doesn’t make her any less of a strong, independent woman.

  13. This comic got some of the worst art i’ve seen in a long time and in the case of Selina Kyle I guess that is quite an achievement. The story seems to be pretty forgettable too. Wouldn’t recommend that one at all!

  14. I want to cry. Then I want Ed Brubaker to lay Judd Winick out and forcibly retake control of the book. That’s the only thing that’ll stop me wanting to cry.

  15. Haha this was ridiculous. I feel like I should be reading this in Europe.

  16. I was pleasantly surprised with this. I asked my wife for her opinion and she liked it. An interesting discussion about sex ensued. 😉

  17. Literally almost Catwoman .txt file fanficiton, but I don’t really mind I want to see where this crazy train goes.

  18. They lied. It was supposed to be a soft reboot. Instead, a bunch of boys got hard.

    Damn, this was easy to leave on the shelf.

  19. I dug it. It was sexy, and it gave a good sense of where Bruce is as a character now. We’ve always known that hes a big playa, and now he’s proven it by givin it good to superhero-doms sexiest woman. Good on ya, Bats.

  20. Last page was a bit much, but I really dig the vibe of this book so far.

  21. Finally a book that’s going to appeal to women! Yes, you read that right. This book was the super-hero equivalent of a trashy romance novel. My wife was completely on board with this new, even sexier “sexy-fun-time-Batman and Catwoman”.

    • The Nail has been hit on its Head.

    • Really? I think your wife is the exception to the rule. Usually women don’t like to be depicted as nothing more than a pair of tits and an ass.

      Mine was ready to go to NY Comic-con with me and actually give comics a chance until she saw this Catwoman/Starfire/Voodoo bullshit. DC made her feel like a second class citizen right out of the gate.

    • His wife is not the exception:

    • Pointing to one, two or even a handful of women who don’t mind the way DC is portraying women is not going to convince me that, as a whole, women prefer being thought of as sexual playthings and nothing more. Sorry, not buying it.

      Yes, his wife is an exception to the rule as are any examples you choose to use as some sort of evidence that women want to be objectified.

    • comics readers/creators already have to fight against negative stereotypes such as ” the socially inept loser in their basement who objectifies and turns women into talking blow up dolls” these types of characterizations feed those stereotypes.

      with all the MSM attention and flood of new and lapsed readers looking at the new DC books, creating #1 issues and characters that perpetuate already existing negative stereotypes is not only bad for business…but its bad for comics as a whole. You’re bound to turn away exponentially more than impress with this strategy.

    • We have something in common. I to mentally delete everything which does not fit my world view.

    • Nice straw man, JNewcomb. Try harder.

    • Alright, guys. Let’s simmer down.

  22. I thought this was how Catwoman was supposed to be written. I’m not going to say perfect issue, by any means, but the content might have been. The whole going undercover to find info for a hesit and then the Bat sex. That is Selina’s bare bones character, a theif and her love interest with Bruce. Thought it was a great first issue. It really surprised me.

  23. This seems to be a polarizing book.

  24. This was bad fanfic. I could say that Winnick is better than this, but that’s a given.

  25. What the hell did I just read? I can’t believe this is the same writer who put out Generation Lost not long ago…

  26. 4 is the rating and it was a fun ride begining to end! I will be on for sure if it continues in this vein.

    Just sayin’,


  27. Are you kidding me with this fan fiction nonsense?

  28. Very intresting read , which I enjoyed and will see how it plays out to keep me pass the first story arc. As for the Bat-sex at the end. What the hell is the big deal. Correct me if I’m wrong but what most male readers love about Catwoman is the fact that she is sexy. For alot of people to get all bent out of shape because her and Batman had quickie sex is childish. I’ll be the first to admit is was the cover this book that made me pick it up and the story will casue me to stick with it for a few more issue.

  29. To show on panel that Catwoman and Batman have a physical relationship is to reveal what has been known all along. For YEARS. No surprise. It’s early in Selina and Bruce’s careers. Let them have fun this time ’round.

    4.5 Story & Art.

  30. Haters gonna hate.

    I loved everything about this book. I thought the art was fantastic to. I was only going to pick up the #1 of this series but it’s going on my pull list now.

  31. What the heck happened at the end there? I was really digging the cool, sexy espionage at the beginning and middle of this, then BAM sex… Completely unnecessary sex. There was nothing in this book that made me think “You know what this needs? A good old romp with her and Bats.” I’m ok with sex in my comics but this is a first issue. Give us some lead up to it. Maybe actually develop a relationship between her and Batman?

  32. it was disturbing that they created a character so blatantly aimed at stereotyped, lonely male readers. Give readers more credit. I’d LOVE to read a Catwoman story where she was a smart, sophisticated cat burglar and her sexuality was implied more than just being boobs in your face.

    I also hated how they did that teen movie thing with her best friend. The smart girl as homely, chubby and an implied lesbian with a crush on her “hot” best friend. Thats just tired and kind of stereotypically degrading. Not empowering or intelligent. More of a late night Cinnemax type of character.

    I liked the story for the most part. Undercover spy recon stuff, settling old wrongs…even the home invasion. But the characterization was awful and that last sex-scene was ridiculous. I don’t want to buy superhero comics that need to come in black bags.

    • Well said.

    • “I’d LOVE to read a Catwoman story where she was a smart, sophisticated cat burglar and her sexuality was implied more than just being boobs in your face.

      “I liked the story for the most part. Undercover spy recon stuff, settling old wrongs…even the home invasion. But the characterization was awful and that last sex-scene was ridiculous.

      These two quotes sum up my opinion.

      The Catwoman character would never give it up to Batman (or anyone) that easily. Very low rent. She’s way too proud and smart.

      I’m going to stick with Issue #2 and hope we’ve seen the last of the cheap and the cheesy.

  33. I wish I could drop my score for Catwoman down a notch. After reading it a third time it’s more of a turn off. It still feels like the most forced and contrived issue I’ve seen in a while and a great character like Catwoman is reduced to a one note sex object. She has no appeal and isn’t that likable.

    I still think it’s clear that Winick equates sexy strictly with bra, panties, and boob shots. I like what one reviewer said, “Catwoman” #1 feels like something I would like as a 13 year old and kept hid under my matress so my parents wouldn’t find it. But as I’ve grown up I can see it for what it is.

    Sorry Judd, this isn’t the Catwoman I’ve grown to love.

  34. I didn’t dislike this as much as some others users have – there is some potential here. As far as plot goes, I think that it’s a good set-up; I am curious to see how this will unfold. However, there were elements of the book that left a bad taste in my mouth. I have nothing against the idea of the Batsex, I just thought that it could have been handled better, protrayed with more feeling. Here it simply comes off as sleezy. Supergirl and Wonder Woman each showed that cheesecake can be used without demeaning the character. That touch of class is missing here — hence all the blantant breasts. Also, I felt that the graphicness of the blood in the men’s room scene was a little over the top; as with the sex, my issue was in the protrayal, not the act iteself. That said, I’ll give this series another issue or two out of my love for the character. Hopefully, the title will shift into a better balance . . .

    Besides, it could have been worse — it could have been what they did to Starfire in The Red Hood . . .

  35. My eye caught a fair amount of leg & hip on display in that one . . .

  36. Felt like we seen all of this before.
    The home invasion. The love-hate sex tumble. Squatting from place to place.

    The artwork was absolutely fantastic — yet for the writing, I get the sense that this issue was just for titillation only.
    So this issue reads like a filler, no direction and it seems to have weakened Catwoman as a character . . . not a good start for a relaunch.

    But maybe I’m jumping ahead too quick – I will check out next issue to see if it goes anywhere.

  37. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  38. I actually really liked this, which was a surprise to me. Highly sexual, but I thought that it was really interesting to have a sex and danger obsessed Catwoman contrasted and connected (yeah, that’s the word I’m using) to the death and loss obsessed Batman. Sex and death driven psychologies, overtly connected and depicted graphically. It makes sense to me, they’re related and driving, core-human compulsions that are always prevalent in this world (especially during times of crisis) and I would think would be prevalent in the “Gotaham is Damned” world as well. Mankind can’t survive without sex and death, I’m glad it’s addressed here. Out of a great week of awesome new DC books, this one made my pick of the week because it was the most surprising and its themes have stuck with me the longest. I’ll gladly be shucking out another $3 next month!

  39. Very fun issue, loved it! Great art, great writing, loved Catwoman’s voice, the narration was unique, and in general just a groovy book. Ha, I’m surprised some say the last page is “a bit much” though. Catwoman’s bra is still on, ha, if this was manga that wouldn’t be the case lemme tellya. It’s still all stuff you could show on network TV, not shocking at all.

    Looking forward to where this book goes, Catwoman’s characterization is very fun here.

  40. Sexy isn’t a series of Catwoman boob shots. It’s cheesy. The last page made me cringe.

    Sexy is the last word I’d use to describe this book.

    i’m still hoping things can turn around. The art was great and the foundation of the Catwoman character has enormous potential for an ongoing series.

    • I agree with what you’ve said – they have a chance to turn this around. Stop focusing on her T&A and start focusing on what makes her a whole person.

      Believe it or not, Catwoman is more than the sum of her ladyparts – she has a rich back story and a hell of a cool personality. Yes, her sexuality is part of that personality but it’s not the only thing that makes her Selina Kyle.

  41. What if that isn’t Bruce?

  42. Wow, that was horrible. Horrible story that read like bad fanfic written by a 14 yr old. Horrible art too – Selina’s face looks like she’s 50. Story: 1/5. Art: 1/5. Maybe DC should have gone with The New 22. There are too many weak books in The New 52.

  43. i think some of you are blowing the sexuality of this book way out of proportion. they’re just tits, man. most women have them. i dont understand why some of you are uncomfortable with that. i havent heard any women complaining about it, quite the opposite actually. my wife said catwoman looked empowered on the last few pages, as though she were conquering batman. if anyone has a problem with the female form and it makes them feel bad about themselves, thats their issues

  44. Well, I liked it.

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