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Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Judd Winick said that one of his goals was to make Catwoman a violent but sexy book. At first I really liked the idea and I was really anxious for this book’s release. On the same note, I was aware that this was going to be a Judd Winick book which meant it could be really effective or it could fall all over itself. Actually, “Catwoman” #1 falls somewhere in between.

I love Catwoman and there are things to like in this first issue but both Winick and artist Guillem March make the same mistake. They go too far in their attempt to make the book sexy both storywise and visually. The story’s attempt to make Catwoman sultry and voluptuous is done in such an overt, in your face way. It tries to pull it’s sexiness from seductive shots of Selina and her skimpy but colorful bras instead of anything drawn fromwithin the character. Also the story lacks a good rhythm and never maintains a steady flow. At times it feels clunky and disjointed which is most evident by an ending which seems to come out of nowhere. I like the idea of the ending and it explores an ever-present tension that’s I’ve always enjoyed, but it’s just jarring how out of place it feels here.

March’s art really shines on several pages, none better than a great restroom scene showing Catwoman’s more violent side. And while sometimes forced, March does draw a beautiful and sexy Selina. But it’s hard to overlook the occasional wacky and contrived full body pose or close-up cleavage shot. This problem may be a reflection of the writing, but March certainly accentuates the issue.

That sounds like a lot of criticism. While the issue does have it’s problems I couldn’t help but enjoy seeing a book focused on Catwoman. She’s a great character and we do see some of that here. There are those cool Catwoman moments where we see her ant-hero attitude. And even though it’s overdone, she is a sexy character and Winnick and March sell it well in several scenes. The next issue just needs to be tighter and well-knit. If they can do that, there is potential here for a really fun series. We shall see.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I’ve been hearing these criticisms here and there online but I think many people are missing the point. Or at the very least are reading something entirely different into this than I did.

    My wife and I loved this book!

  2. I was going to write my own review, but I think you’ve hit on a lot of the points I would have made. I think people are tearing into this a little more than is warranted. I thought there were problems with it. I thought the “Selina is sexy” message was a little too in your face, but ultimately I don’t think it’s out of place for the character. I enjoyed the issue and am curious to see where it goes next…..though hopeful that they dial down the sex a bit. Good review.

  3. i like this book, i like the character, but the ending was very poorly done. it maybe even should have pushed this book to an M rating. i know this is a new universe so the excuse of batman wouldnt give in is pointless, but these writers need to realize with the new readers they are trying to reach some of them are kids, and i know this is a youtube generation where anything can be seen, but it doesnt mean it has to. love the art and the story, but the ending i thought was just done in poor taste, even my fiance was like “what was the point of that?”

  4. Thanks for the comments. As I mentioned, I love Catwoman and I find her to be a very sexy character. But this felt so contrived almost to the point of being silly. There are numerous panels that focus more on showing her in her underwear than creating that classic Catwoman sexiness. And then the end…sigh

    But notice I did give it a 3 so obviously I found some posittives.

    • I… uhm… I just…

      Ok, hang on. I’m going to not be sarcastic here and ask a straight up question.

      If you are wanting Catwoman’s sexuality to be an important part of the story but want the sexy toned down, how does a writer consolidate those two conflicting interests?

      I’m sincerely confounded here.

    • You missed my point. I didn’t find Winick’s Catwoman all that sexy. Winick took the cheap way out and tried to make her sexy simply by showing her in her pink and purple bras and fish nets. His idea is flood the book with images that may look sexy instead of writing a story that lets her sexiness show. It was so incredibly forced that it lost almost all of it’s impact for me.

      So I have no conflicting interests. I like a sexy Catwoman. I don’t need her to be a spectacle. That’s what she became in Winick and March’s book.

    • Oh well, opinions differ. Such is life.

  5. Sexy isn’t a series of boob shots. It’s cheesy. The last page made me cringe.

    Sexy is the last word I’d use to describe this book.

    i’m still hoping things can turn around. The art was great and the foundation of the Catwoman character has enormous potential for an ongoing series.

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