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  1. i think im going to jump on at this issiue i mean ive heard a lot of good things oh wait mintite

  2. Does this post make sense?  It’s hard to see what i’m doing through the tears.

  3. Oh, I so hope the characters pop up in other books. I want me some Captain Britain! Can’t they find room for Brian in the Avengers? Ooh, maybe the Mighty Avengers. Somewhere. 

  4. Aside from the previous issue, this series has been given a few too many generic "Here’s the team in a run-of-the-mill pose!"-covers. Insult to injury. Regardless, this finale will kick ass.

  5. Will be missed.  Can’t wait to read this and then eventually get the whole thing bound.

  6. So, this is it?  The End. It was great whilst it lasted.  I hope Paul Cornell gets another chance to revisit these characters in the future.

  7. Oh crap……..this sucks (no pun intended).

  8. If they had just titled the book THE AVENGERS:MI-13 then we’d be talking about what will happen in the next arc instad of mourning the cancellation.

  9. Can’t help but worry this is going to be a let down. I just have a feeling it’s gonna be a squished up version of how this would have played out if it wasn’t cancelled, with every thing rushed and crammed in on this last issue.

  10. Here’s to hoping for a long and succesful career for Parul Cornell.  That way, he can revisit these characters down the road when he’s got the weight to write whatever he wantst to write. 

  11. I’m gonna miss this one…

  12. Really wish I had been reading this book from the begining. Can’t wait for the trade.

  13. It makes me beyond sad that this is ending.

  14. Outside of X-Factor, this was the best team book on the stands. Damn shame.

  15. It’s really a shame a great book like this gets shit canned yet we still are force fed ‘Dark Reign: INSERT ANYTHING HERE’ ad nauseam.  But having said that I do like the Dark Avengers…

  16. I wonder if this will be the POTW? It certainly has the potential. Might be a fitting send off. Sad to see this book go. I do so love Cornell’s writing.

  17. I am so gutted. This is by far my most favouite Marvel book. I am now a Paul Cornell fan after this run. I will be following him onto any other books he does. Is it worth starting a petition to get this book reinstated? Or would it just garner the signatures of 200 odd people who pulled it here? I cant believe I just suggested a petition but thats how much I love this book.

  18. Looking forward to this immensely. And I live in hope of a ‘second season’ at some point. It really was something unique at Marvel. Nothing will the void. No matter how many Dark Reign mini series they try with.

  19. A Paul Cornell helmed Defenders book with mystical characters would fill the void for me.

  20. So far this is the 2nd highest pulled book this week from Marvel – why’s it cancelled?

  21. @Zeppo Because we aren’t the only people reading comics. This site loves this book, other people don’t seem to care.

  22. It’s a weird one. There’s a huge internet following for the book. Not just here. On CBR, Millarworld and a couple of other larger internet communities. But that hasn’t transfered into the sales the book deserves. I personally feel it was axed too soon, and this it just got lost in the flood of Dark Reign books.

    The slap in the face is that Vampire State really has BEEN a Dark Reign tie-in. But as it never got solicited as or wore a Dark Reign banner it never got sales off the back of that. 

    Like I say this book outsold titles like Runaways every month for 14 months. And thats even without including the figures from Diamond UK, which had to account for a fair chunk of total sales. 

    It really doesn’t make sense.

  23. A few Marvel UK cameos going on this issue…

  24. A satisfying conclusion.  I honestly hope Cornell gets to explore some of these characters again some time in the future.

  25. This ends but we get the Spidey Clone back and characters from Onslaught and Heroes Reborn? Maybe if the chromium covers could have come sooner. Marvel is screwing the pooch.

  26. What a bittersweet end. I mean it was really well done, but it felt the slightest bit rushed. Sad to see such a critically acclaimed book end, though. I was a bit shocked that Marvel didn’t double-size this book or slap a big old "Final Issue!" on the cover.

    I sort of wish this could have been my POTW, in all honesty. But alas, this week was replete with 5/5 books for me. More than 50% of my pulls have been that damn good today. As it stands, 5/5 and a damn good book. If you didn’t pick it up, please check out the trades. 

  27. T_T

  28. Death’s Head Cameo!!!!!!

  29. "Surprise Appearance. Yes?"

    Fantastic issue. Love the redesigns of Marvel UK characters.

  30. I am amazed this is getting such a low PotW rate.

  31. let us have a moment of silence for Captain Britian and MI13


    i’ll miss this book.

  32. @theswordisdrawn-In a week of GL, Amazing Spidey, and Invincible as well I can see why its only #4 in POW rates.

    This was a bitter sweet ending.  I agree with MikeFarley if this was UK Avengers which it kind of was, it would have gotten more sales.  Also advertising was a bit slim on this book so if you didn’t read a site like iFanboy you probably didn’t know it existed or if it was good. 

  33. Here’s hoping they dont just break up the team simply because the book has ended. And how come books with absolutely no sales lik Runaways gets chance after chance after chance, yet we’ve heard nothing about a relaunch of this book?  What they need to do is give the title a few months break; have the characters show up in other titles perhaps being a major player in a major storyline; then revisit the series again down the road. These characters are too good to simply ignore.

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