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Damn you all for not getting this book the support it needed to keep

 I am totally serious.

This book kicked so much ass on such a
consistent basis, it’s lack of being around any more is a damn crime.

love the story and the characters so much. It was what made every thing
about English action series so good, the dry wit, the amazing cold
analytical nature of the leads, the fact that they’re many steps ahead
of the the criminal. Just simply amazing.

I loved the reunion of Megan
and Brian almost as much as the plan with Spitfire and Blade. I really
hope we see more of Excalibur but honestly I hope we see more of the
entire team.

 I never thought I’d geek out at seeing the Marvel UK
characters, but their return was truly truly epic.

 This is the best art
that Kirk has ever put out and I’ve been following him for about a
decade or more now.

Damn I’m going to miss this series.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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