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  1. So is this another Marvel cop out? You know, no extra pages but a 3.99 price tag?

  2. I dunno, this seems to me to maybe be a extra sized issue.

  3. James Robinson AND Marcos Martin!? Sold!

  4. Yeah it’s a big issue plus an old captain america story, kinda like a giant size isue

  5. Cool Nazi cover. I may have to pick this up. Cap doesn’t have the most exciting origins story and I’ve read a few different versions, but I love WWII Cap and Bucky.

  6. I’m game for anything Cap. I miss steve rogers.

  7. I had no idea Martin was doing this. Now I am even more stoked. 

  8. I knew Marvel turning 70 was going to hurt my wallet!  This issue sounds great though, bring it on!

  9. So excited for this! I can’t wait to see Marcos Martin draw old-school Captain America.

  10. I’m so excited for this. I hope this won’t disappoint and will be my Pick of the Week.

  11. Looking forward to this… what happen to Captain America White?

  12. Is this comic book gonna tell how Steve Rogers became Captain America will some of Cap’s old enemies have a part in this comic book saga like the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Hate-Monger, or the Evil Organization known as HYDRA? If they will or not I planned to buy this comic book anyway. 

  13. James Robinson + Marcos Martin + WWII Cap kicking nazi ass = Awsome!!!

  14. This will be a flip through. While I’ve been enjoying Brubaker Cap, I can’t say I’m a fan of the specials we’ve been getting since then.

  15. Yeah, I checked, 48 pages.

  16. James Robinson AND Marcos Martin…I think I just wet my pants. The cover is awesome, Martin draws a great Hitler (is that an oxymoron?), the perfect mix of pathetic to the outside world, and at the same time completely convinced of himself. Kick some Nazi-ass, Cap! 

  17. This wasn’t even on my radar until yesterday, but with Robinson and Martin doing a WWII Cap story therer’s no way in hell I can pass this up.

  18. James Robinson should take over CAP from Brubaker.  I’m calling that now.  Enough with the bboooorring I’m snoring Brubaker comics.  I’m looking forward to this, hopefully the new story won’t be disappointing.

  19. I’m on the fence with this. We’ll see.


  20. I’m a fan of Marcos Martin, but has anyone ever had a neck as long as wimpy Steve Rogers in the beginning of this book? it’s like sideshow long.

  21. So what’s the next "Celebratory Special"?

  22. The double page spread of 1940s NYC where Steve is walking through the crowd and Human Torch ver. 1.0 is flying in the background emblazened a huge smile across my face.

  23. I thought this issue was great….. for the 17 seconds it took me to read.

    I was looking forward to some awesome nazi-bashing but it wasn’t to be, it was all over way too quick. Get this commisioned as a mini right now. I’d even buy a WW2 set ongoing if it was this evocative. Martin is a genius!

  24. Great art, mediocre story. I really think of too much to say about this issue. It was certainly fun, but it didn’t add anything to the characters.

    @actualbutt Sub-Mariner. 

  25. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Mostly for the art, but the writing was on point as well.

  26. Art’s great, but overall it doesn’t inspire me to pick up the rest of the 70th anniversary issues

  27. I thought the story and art were both fantastic.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen it suggested that the pre-Super-Soldier Steve Rogers had heroic potential.  Clearly this scrawny dude was a tactical genius before he was enhanced.

    And yes, that 2-page spread was just beautiful.


  28. I flipped this in store.  I saw that much of it was reprints and passed.  The art seemed ok, but not enough for me to pay $3.99 for it.  Marvel can thank the recent Deadpool special for turning me off to their specials for the time being (except Iron Fist because those have always been solid).

  29. I was looking forward to this book all week, and while the Robinson-Martin story was fantastic, my copywas misprinted – every other page is off-center. I’m cool with the occaissional misprinted page, but when it jacks up the story flow as a result… Sucks.  🙁 

    Anybody else have an issue with the print-job on this book?

  30. It took Robinson a little while to warm back up into comics, but man has he been fantastic lately. We’re not quite at the heights of Starman, but I don’t think that’s what he’s going for now. I’m in love.

  31. This shows we NEED a new creative team on Captain America, badly.

  32. @ Kickass

    Nnnno… I don’t really think it does. I loved this issue and would gladly donate my hands to Marcos Martin if ever anything were to happen to his, but I also enjoy the regular Cap book.

    Also, if Martin were a regular artist (I mean regular to a book, of course) don’t you think his work would stand out less since we’d be getting it so frequently?

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