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Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. But who is a patriot and who is a tyrant? Is it all in the eye of the beholder? Captain America has the answer as the Cap from the 50s strikes back in TWO AMERICAS Part 2 of 4.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Luke Ross
COVER BY: Gerald Parel

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I used to appreciate what Brubaker is trying to do here, but Reborn kind of messed with it. Now I am not as interested anymore. (And it’s not cause of the teabagger thing)

  2. @amircat I think you and I have different definitions of teabagging.  Do you care to expound on that?

  3. The Teabugger sounds like a terrifing villian

  4. I just kinda hope we can get the 1950’s Cap finally *killed*.


  5. One issue in and I’m ready for this arc to be over. I’m hangin around, hoping Brubaker settles back in.

  6. Why put that damn nomad back up in this? I don’t want it!

  7. alright! let’s see how many teabaggers we can piss off this time!

  8. I hope that this issue is better than the last. 1950’s Cap is such an interesting character, it would be a shame if they killed him on a less than steller run. But Ed Brubaker is the man who brought back Bucky so I have complete faith in him.

  9. are teabaggers english people?

  10. for anyone unaware of the teabagger references:

  11. @birdseys OK.  That makes much more sense.  You don’t want to know what direction my mind was taking.

  12. Captain America will show those Republicans the TRUE meaning of America!

  13. Know was the previous issue (and most likely this issue) felt
    off? Dean White instead of Frank D’Armata on colors. Huge mistake changing collorests since D’Armata was almost as synominous with this book Brubaker. He held the visual sense of this book together and made the handoff beteen Epting, Perkins, and Ross smoother but it feels like a completely different book with Dean White…and I don’t know it I like that change.

  14. Dropping this. has lagged in the past few issues, but more than that I’m not going to pay $4 for it.  Might look for back issues when my local shop has dollar back issue day.

  15. Can’t believe the number of times I heard the name Bucky Barnes on cable news last week.

  16. Was there a big hoopla on the news? I heard something on the radio and read one article online but my nights have been busy this last month so i haven’t actually watched a news program all the way through in i don’t know how. the last thing i watched on a news network was the Tarantino interview on Rachel Maddow

  17. Between the Reborn debacle, the last issue’s ham-handed politics and the impending return of Zemo that sounds like its ignoring most of Zemo’s character development, the shine is off Brubaker’s Captain America for me.

  18. I was really disappointed with last issue, this is going to be make or break for me. And my wallet is saying BREAK!

  19. My wallet already cried break. Brubaker needs to move on;  clearly.

  20. i would just rather read bucky in the avengers. this arc seems too small for his first major post dark reign adventure. maybe i’ll drop until zemo comes

  21. @mikeandzod21- I couldn’t agree more.  I wish he had colored Reborn too.

  22. in fact, I want Brevoort, Quesada, somebody, to answer for that.  what else did Frank have to do to validate that, seemingly small, decision?  I know he’s coloring Epting on Marvels Project, but still…

  23. What issue is zemo’s return. Its so hard to drop the main title of my favorite character, even though its not steve as cap. I haven’t been enjoying the cap stories of late (reborn kinda drug me down) but I keep hoping it will get better.

  24. @abirdseyeview actually Dave Stewart is coloring Epting on the Marvels Project. As far as I can tell the only book D’Armata is coloring are Iron Man and Ender’s Game, books he was doing when he was also doing Cap a year ago. After 50 issues of D’Armata, Dean White’s colors are incredibly hard to swallow.

  25. The Backup/Bonus Feature has to go. Or improve, I suppose. But it will not take long for me to get pushed off this Cap if I have to justify an extra $1 with 8 pags of something that could not be more wrong for the comic. I suppose Brubaker could make me buy it anyway, but a year has gone by and I have seen nothing Captain America with that kind of "Must Buy" attached.

  26. @mikeandzod21- you’re right!  okay, even more of a reason for me to demand answers, and by demand I mean complain anonymously on this thread

  27. @abirdseyeview the annonymitie of this thread is truly the place of power

  28. Yes, there was quite a hullabaloo, but really, the Tea Party people had less reason to be offended than the people of Idaho.

    When are people going to get it through their heads that not only are we not all a bunch of lily-white racist hicks and a haven for wingnuts, but we got pretty tired of being portrayed that way well over a decade ago?


  29. I don’t care how militant you guys are.  As long as you keep growing those delicious potatoes.

  30. Okay… there’s a lot of comparisons between this book and Batman right now.  Former teen sidekick taking on the mantle, the hero not being dead, just time jumping, evil version of hero running around, upon others.  Some have started in Cap, some have started with Batman, so I’m not blaming anyone specific.

    But now we’ve got Falcon using the exact same electrified brass knuckles that Dick used in last week’s B&R? This is getting ridiculous.

  31. Hmmm, after flipping through B&R 8, the electric knuckles even completely disappear between panels in both books.

  32. Pretty fucking sweet issue.  Really having a good time reading Cap these past few issues.

  33. This was good, some awkward moments (artwise mostly). I think this book is on its way to restoring some of its former magic. Im not even gonna glance at the backup this time.

  34. I’m done. So long and thanks for all the fish. It’s not so much that this was was bad – as it was a lot better than last issue – but this book just feels lifeless now. 3/5 for me.

  35. This book is still great. Nomad needs to gtfo tho.

  36. Though I did think this issue was better than the last, I really don’t like the NOmad backup.  Anyone know if it is only going to last this arc or are we stuck with it along with the 3.99 price tag?

  37. Meh, story was pretty good, but Luke Ross needs to not be drawing books I read. When Cap came through the top of the caravan it looked like he damaged his spine in the landing. The colors were passable (nowhere near D’Armata’s work) but it annoyed me when the colorist twice gave Cap a chin-strap via improperly coloring his chin blue.

  38. @Valerie- you have a point, but surely there are SOME lily-white racist hicks and wingnuts in Idaho.  I know there are plenty up here in NH and I’d be proud to read about Cap and Falcon coming here to beat the hell out of them.

    anyway, I’m loving the story.  it is just as good as anything Brubaker has written thus far.  it is painful that the art just isn’t quite up to snuff.  I think a lot of it has to do with he’s clearly 4th place amongst some amazing artists that have worked on this book.  and the coloring.  I have found that I have other stuff by Luke Ross, everything from Star Wars, to GL Corps, to the Dark Avenger Utopia issues, and I’d like to go back and look at it all to see what exactly is the problem here. 

  39. ok, so I’ve returned from my longbox research and I’ve found that there is one of two things happening here.  Either Luke Ross draws really loose pencils that are heavily affected by his inker and colorist.  So if that’s the case the problem here is Guice inking Ross, not necessarily Ross.  I think this could be the problem because I’ve heard similar complaints to these last couple issues as people had with Reborn.  The other potential problem is that Luke Ross is actually trying to draw similarly to others that have worked on a given title, and the result is a bastardized version of the regular artist.  Either possibility is an unfortunate case.  I’ve come to these conclusions by looking at Star Wars Republic #78, GL Corps #27-28, Dark Avengers #7-8, and Cap #43-45, 49, 50.

  40. If they wanna keep forcing us to read back up stories we didnt ask for, they need to stop charging…this is annoying me with “batman: streets of gotham” too…i dont even know who Nomad is or why she is in captain america, but if they insist on keeping her i hope they at least take her face off the cover…

  41. I actually liked the Nomad story more than the main

  42. @grantbrydon: No one is forcing you to do anything.

  43. @conor yeah i guess, but if i wanna read captain america then i have to pay that bit extra for Nomad, which i dont want…obviously i will do it because i wanna read captain america though

  44. I was pleasanty pleased by this. Despite the different colorist, I think the further away from Reborn we get this book will
    be back to where it was prior. Still want D’Armata back though.

  45. a return to form by Brubaker…Captain America Reborn and Seige really ruined the flow of this book. I’m not even considering continuity when I read this.

  46. @grantbrydon- and sadly it’s that "obviously" that makes them think we want that backup.  unless the sales go down in reaction, they’ll think we want it.

  47. @ABirdseysView we are doomed as comic readers, they know we will buy it anyway..

  48. Some buy it anyway, some look at their list of too many comics and make cuts starting with over-priced books. Some people just get fed up and decide the hobby is just too frustrating and expensive and go play video games instead. It is clear they want to make Captain America a $3.99 book permanently. The Nomad back up is just a temporary crutch to help you, the reader, over the price jump. I get that. Pay $3.99 for Cap or get out. The problem here is that everything about the Nomad story is so not what Captain American is about nowadays that not only do I not feel I am getting extra content, but it makes me dislike the whole book more. i shoul djust not read it… but I can’t. I bought it. Its only 8 pages… Sigh.

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