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  1. Excited for this but I thought reborn would be coming out instead of this

  2. That’s what I thought too.  Guess Marvel is attempting to double their Cap revenue.

  3. Gene Fucking Colan!  I wish my wallet justified both the color and B&W versions.

    Yes, beyond this issue, Reborn will be coming out instead of the ongoing Cap book until Reborn is over.

  4. Interested to see Gene Colan’s art.

  5. Gene Colan was in one of the Docs on the Iron Man DVD and i could listen to that man talk about comics all day. Such a love for the medium and so knowledgable.

  6. This sounds interesting enough, but I’d rather see more REBORN stuff. Either way, I’m sure this will be good.

  7. Thot this posted earlier….

    Buy an extra one for Gene, then write Marvel and let them know. And while you’re at it, tell them to do the right thing vis-a-vis Blade and to cut Gene " machine" Colan a big-ass check.

    One of the all-timers. Go buy some Tomb of Dracula while you’re at it.

  8. Why is a filler issue $3.99?  Are all Cap issues $3.99 from here on out?

  9. possibly because Gene Colan is a legend so it’s special.  none beyond this have been solicited because 602 won’t be out until the fall.

  10. @Jim it’s double sized

  11. Also, it’s a double-sized issue

  12. …beat me to it

  13. I know it’s just a preview for it. But I saw it online and my god this read and looked terrible.

    Thank god I am trade waiting on this series from now on.

  14. Are you sure you were looking at the same thing I was?  Gene Colan is amazing and the pages were DRIPPING with atmosphere.  Gene Colan is one the best ever…

  15. i love cap….but i wanna see either bucky in the suit or Steve back in it in present day (or reborn). I’m sick of all these "remember when cap was in WWII" stories. Seems like thats all we’ve gotten since bucky took on the role.

  16. well we’ve also seen 18 issues of Bucky in the suit since Bucky took on the role

  17. @Hawkboy: If the same preview you saw is from what I saw ( for me) then yes….Sorry I dont see what is so special about this Colan guy.

  18. "… this Colan guy."?

    Jesus Christ… I might need a break from my own website.

  19. @Conor-we all know TNC shows little to no respect, don’t leave us because of him!!!

    I always enjoy a good WWII story.  Plus 48 pages of this Colan guy’s art?  I’m all over it

  20. If I have to choose between present day cap stories and WWII stories, well, I think you know where I’d stand on that.

    Gene Colan helped create the language of modern comic book art, just like Jack Kirby and Neal Adams.  I, for one, love the ability to see masters at work, even if they’ve lost a step, and a bit of the polish has worn off.  Further, he was recently in liver failure and had a fantastic recovery.  If the living legend of a man wants to draw any book out there, sign me the fuck up.

  21. "…this Colan guy"

    Look I’m not asking you to like him but c’mon he’s an industry legend who deserves a bit more than ‘this Colan guy’.   I mean, he is the ONLY guy Stan Lee never told to draw more like Kirby.

  22. My favorite by "this Colan guy" was the two-parter crossover from Dr. Strange to Tomb of Dracula.

    TNC, I can appreciate not appreciating Colan, if this is your first taste.  He’s a really evocative, moody, non-photorealistic artist, who I think you need to experience in the horror realm in a longer piece to at least get a feel for why people think he’s so special.  And trust me, he is.  But like a Ben Templesmith, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson, or even Jack Kirby, he’s an artist who takes a little more time to get to know and appreciate.

    And, btw, you could be right, I await the book to see how Colan’s Cap issue plays…

  23. After Kirby, Colan is THE Cap artist as far as I’m concerned, I loved his run on the book.  I recommend to anyone the two or three Essentials volumes that cover his (and this Steranko guys) Cap work. 

  24. While recently reading the Wolvering Essential Vol. 1 I came upon an old back issue that Colan gust-pencilled. It was such a change of pace, even in the context of twenty years ago. It’s really old fashioned. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the art, but the whole time I kept thinking, "It takes such an understanding or appreciation of how comic art progressed, that there’s no way a reader in 2009 can straight-up ENJOY what Colan does.

    So, if there are really this many people on iFanboy who actually like Gene Colan’s art, and aren’t just pretending to because he’s an old guy who we’ve all heard of as being important, then wow I really am proud to be part of such a community. On the other hand, I think TNC’s reaction is a very honest one. Guys like Kirby and Colan are acquired tastes these days for a reason. Readers used to be about to straight-up enjoy what Kirby and Colon did/do, but now there’s always the qualification of enjoying it "for what it is" or appreciating it with the understanding of what the art meant historically. You almost have to put yourself in the mind of a comics historian to like it. And that’s fine–I do like it.

    But I’ve read so damn many WWII stories, Cap stories in particular, that I have zero interest in this. You may as well offer me an X-Men story featuring a mutant virus and the vague threats of Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse. That’s how dead the "flashback to WWII Cap!" motif has became to me.

  25. *typo: I meant "Readers used to be *ABLE* to straight-up enjoy what Kirby and Colan did/do…"

  26. While I appereciate what you’ve said Flapjaxx (Really, it was nicely said) I can’t agree with it that much.  Personally I don’t think good art (Especially a Colan, Kirby, or Adams to name a few) needs qualification.  Colans best work more than stands up to what is out there today…


  27. (sigh…) Steve is still dead, sorry I meant ‘disconnected in time’ (aka plotdevicitis) but Bucky is already getting the short end of the story stick. I may drop this title either because they’re bringing Steve back too soon or because they seem to be kneecapping Bucky before Steve’s even back. 

  28. perhaps those who don’t get Colan need to look at the B&W pages too.  CBR has them here:  look at all that pencil work, all those strokes, all that shading.  no inks, no colors.

    many modern artists still do not put this much effort into their work.  they draw in X’s in white space so that the inker can blacken it.  now, keep in mind this man is in his 80’s and has glaucoma in both eyes.

    next, go to and look around at all of his various work. 

  29. *claps* Oh goody I caused another meltdown! 🙂

    Okay I’m sorry! What do you want from me? I’ve only been back in comics for 2-3 years and shockingly I have never heard of Colan. If your saying he’s on the level of Kirby or Adams then I’ll look into his early work.

    Here, just looking at the preview pages and the cover: The whole thing is muddy (although thats more of a inking problem), characters are way off model, and I actually need to squint my eyes in order to tell what is going on. The cover clearly agrees with all these points.

    Plus look at the leg of Cap on the bottom left hand side. Tell me how is that connected to the rest of his body?

  30. Seriously, look at that cover!

    If this guy is a legend he certainly went down the shitter really quickly.

  31. And they say the kids theses days, they have no respect…

    Again, Jesus… 

  32. @TNC "Really quickly?" The man’s been working in comics since 1944! He’s 82 years old. The fact that he can still draw is amazing. 

  33. I didnt even know this guy existed until today! I’m sorry!

    @conor: Look at that cover and tell me that doesnt look bad. I know your against previews but look at that cover! It’s hideous.

  34. @TNC: I’ve seen the cover and I’ve seen the interior pages.

  35. @TNC How is it hideous?  There are no metal reflections? The only complaint I could even come up with after trying is that the knees/legs seem to be a bit out of place.  Beyond that?  I’m good with the cover and am off to find more of a preview if I can.  

    You’re not the only iFanboy reader to recently get back into comics and this preview made me go figure out who Colan is/was.  Spent a few days ago browsing and was blown away.  I love his pencils.  (iFanboy gets credit for making me appreciate the art.. since I came back to comics cause I was curious about the stories..) 

  36. @conor: ….and?

    @siraim: That’s your reaction and I’m fine if someone likes this. But when I first saw it I’m like: "Why is Cap and Bucky so horrible off model? And why does it look like someone put brown filters on?"

    I wanna stress since that I dont know much of the guy; I am not going to sit here and make this my only example of him. I’ll go out and find stuff about him and get books with his art. But for a first time look at the guy, this looks terrible.

  37. "Those who have no power to judge of past times but by their own, should always doubt their conclusions."

    -Samual Johnson



  38. ….

    Fine whatever. Jesus…

  39. Errrr I mean…Samuel Johnson.


    And what is with all this ‘off model’ stuff? What do you mean by that?  Nothing to me looks ‘off model’ in what I think it is you mean by that term.

  40. @Hawkboy: Just look at the leg!

    Plus the costume for Cap itself looks like it was drawn off. Like it’s one size too big for him. Also, Bucky seems to have a big over bite and his face is just not drawn right.

  41. That’s not Bucky on the cover… he’s holding a soldier.

  42. @conor: It looks like a messed up version of Bucky to me.

  43. I’m rather certain he’s holding an African-American soldier.

  44. Serenity now!  Serenity now!!!


    Or if you prefer, hoochie mama!

  45. @drake But was there a second a spitter?

  46. I’m really looking forward to this.

  47. So yeah… bout that Captain America? Coming back I see.

  48. WWII Cap? Sign me up! I love me all some whupping evil Nazi shit.

  49. oh dear, what’s been going on here then?

    @TNC: hang tough, if you don’t like the artist, tell people. (but seriously, what do you do all day? where do you find time to post so much?)

    Let’s talk about the comic? So the Captain America title is continuing the 600 numbering now or will it go back to brubaker’s volume numbering? is there now two seperate titles?

  50. I’m not impressed by the art, but I don’t have to be. Colan made a name for himself and a lasting impression on an industry most fans wish they could get a mention in. I respect that.

    However, paying extra for a comic that reprints itself in "black and white" is insane. I use quotation marks because all the "black and white" previews I have seen are actually uninked pencils. I don’t consider that a good thing, especially considering that I find the art to be something close to appalling. Seeing it twice in one overpriced issue is baffling.

  51. At least, that’s the impression that I got from an interview with either Quesada or Brubaker. If it turns out that the issue only prints the story once, then good. That would be a book more deserving of the price.

  52. it is only once, there is a separate uninked version also for sale.

  53. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The interiors are next level sublime. If you don’t like the renderings (which are expressionistic, so don’t worry so much about proportion or anatomy) get a look at the layouts. Damn!

  54. Cannot decide whether to get the black and white or the color version. I really want the black and white but for some reason I feel that I would be missing out, or not getting my moneys worth. I know it shouldn’t!

    Which version are you guys getting?

  55. The layouts really are something special.

    Again, it’s fascinating to me, because Colan helped invent the language of modern superhero comics, and you can see that.  But I am a reader who wants to understand how stuff works, and where it comes from.  If I was Ed Brubaker, I’d be honored to put this comic book out.  But I understand that it only serves a certain portion of the audience.

  56. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The awesome portion.  

  57. No knock on the colorists, but if you’ve got the choice on this issue, go for the penciled version.

  58. This has been an entertaining art discussion.  I find it interesting that artists who are more expressionistic, but work more regularly like Sienkiewicz and McKean (or maybe their word of mouth legacy is more efficient), are near universally praised, but Colan is not. 

    @josh-Totally agree with your comment on layouts.  I love seeing something different like this.  But I will knock on the colorists, at least many who Marvel employ presently.  This near line-wide ‘muddying’ of their books is damaging the look of too many books.

  59. Yeah josh showed me the black/white version of this.

    It looks a 100 times better then what the final version looks. Maybe it’s Marvel’s awful coloring that made this look bad. Still, its not like I am bowing to the pre-color version.

  60. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, you ought to be. The layouts are incredible. 

  61. Just watched the mini-video for this narrated by Brubaker over on Marvel’s site–the art does look gorgeous!!  I’m now super stoked for this issue.

  62. @Paul: Well looking at the B&W version the layouts do look great. Still I find his character models a bit off putting at times. But yeah it’s definitely better.

    Now I definitely see why people have been bitchin about Marvel’s coloring/inking lately.

  63. Colan’s style really renders an inker useless.  He doesn’t leave room for things to be blacked out completely and he uses shading in place of cross-hatching.  He has expressed his appreciation of Tom Palmer’s work over his.
    And as far as coloring, his style has never really meshed well with that.  Back in the Silver Age, only having literally a handful of options to go with really left his pencils flat.  And these days, modern colorists take care of a lot of the things he does with his pencils.  It might be safe to say his style wasn’t meant for comics in the standard format.

  64. @TNC: cop out! flip-flop!

  65. Thought this was really bad. Was going to leave it on the shelf along with Dark Avengers, was that I had.

  66. I enjoyed it. So glad I got the Black and White. Can’t believe the quality of the pencils for an 82 year old.

  67. This is Gene Colan were talking about here you limp dick f**kers! (Just Kidding!) Seriously this man is a legend and when it comes to Marvel Comics only Kirby, Romita Sr. and Ditko are as worthy of respect. That being said I can see where comic fans who weren’t around for his runs on Cap, Captain Marvel, Iron-Man, Tomb of Dracula and many others may not be blown away. Me I would be happy if Gene Colan drew stick people with a crayon, his pencils have thrilled me for decades. I only wish he could have drawn Captain Britain and MI13 just to see his Dracula and Dr. Doom again.

  68. This was good. However… what the hell Marvel? ANOTHER rehashing of the Captain America origin. This is the fourth time In 7 months. It’s getting ridiculous now. 4/5 mainly for Colan’s art. Another "missing" WWII story that just happens to take place between the end of the War and disappearance of Cap and Bucky? Sigh. Brubaker is letting me down.

  69. I loved the art. But this story wasn’t necessary. Why didn’t Marvel just make a comic featuring Cap and Bucky back in WW2?

  70. Ill agree with Prax and the monkey. A new series must be made if we have come back to missing WW2 stories. Not that it was a bad read I would rather see something new. I went with the black & white issue. I was super happy

  71. Didn’t get the B&W Variant, it seemed to be out of stock which is odd. I thought there were some really strong and really weak pages in color. Not sure if it was muddy-coloring (I noticed the subtle detailing Colan did for Cap’s chain mail is all but invisible in the colored pages) or if Colan just spent more time on some pages. 

  72. This really left an awful taste in my mouth.

  73. rabble rabble rabble


    I enjoyed the heck outta this.

  74. i got a very silver-age feel from this. Vampires of WW2 and the banter between cap and bucky just made me think old school. Of course i agree completely with ‘enough WW2 origin stories’ and i really think its time to move on. And was i the only one who though it weird that Fury had his SHIELD suit on?

     Art was alright, not really my cup of tea, but wasn’t bad by any means. Cap is my favorite super hero and has been since i started reading comics, but the state of the main title the past 6 months has me really on edge. I feel like the quality has been dropping at a steady rate and i hope Brubaker knows what hes doing and pulls out what needs to be done to get me faith in Cap again.

  75. Unfortunately, my LCS didn’t carry the B&W variant, which sucks b/c I have a feeling that the story would have been much more creepy and atmospheric. Poo!!

  76. Went back today and bought the black and white version.  Holy Shit.

  77. I know I’ll catch holy hell for this, but I didn’t like the art. Not at all. I got the black and white and it just looked like hell to me.

  78. This was probably the worst Captain America issue I’ve read since Brubaker has taken over. I wanted a Bucky story not another Cap flash back issue. In sick of all these WWII Cap stories. As for the art, I respect what Gene Colan has done for the industry but I hated how this issue looked.

  79. @PraxJarvin I’m right with you on the complaint.  I’m getting tired of the origin story and entire issues devoted to missing WWII stories or other flashbacks.  I do realize that Bru’s intent is to establish this title as a legacy comic reaching over generations, showing how herosim changes and contrasting that with the consistancy of Captain America, but I feel that the story has been sacrified for this theme.  


    Bru is spending so much time in the past I feel as though the story going foward has stalled over the last three issues.  Even #600, while not a flashback, is just reminding us of the status quo of the characters with little story progression.  The topper of toppers is the Reborn is another WWII story that is getting thrown our way.


    Come on Bru – find your back to the genius that we saw through issues #25 – the mid 40s. 

  80. I picked up the Black & White version per Conner’s recommendation ( ) and I really loved the pencils. It’s amazing to look at. Story is cool. I don’t mind it. 



  81. *Conor’s

  82. DAMNIT! I thought I was gonna love this issue, that I wasn’t just another unappreciative, young punk! But… I didn’t much care for it. Frankly, I liked the page in the back w/ Colan’s old school drawings more, but I can understand that his hands have aged since then.
    I think it was the story that made me not like it so much. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    I disagree w/ the anti-WWII Cap story hate goin’ on here. I think what I would’ve wanted instead of Steve coming back so soon would be two series, one w/ present day Bucky one w/ WWII Cap, which would eventually converge when Steve makes his return. Those Theater of War stories kind of made that two series feel, but there were only like four of them and only one or two were very good (the last one of which was freaking amazing, though).

  83. A) I hope I can find a copy of the B&W version at another store locally.

    B) I don’t love the WWII stories either, but that’s a personal aversion to military/war stuff, however.  The origin was one single page out of 40, who cares.

    C) I LOVED that this ended up being a fucking horror story!

    D) Gene fucking Colan.

    E) We’ve seen a great deal of Bucky in the suit, and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Bucky Cap.

    F) Brubaker’s portrayal of Steve hating this situation was perfect.  He still has a great sense of Steve’s character.

  84. Art was fantastic, Colan is a master. Writing was pretty good as well, but not as top notch as some of Brubaker’s stuff. Have to go with a 4/5.

  85. I thought this was FANTASTIC!  Not understanding the haters at all.

    Pg 2 – Nick fury on his throne…awesome and classic.

    Pg 3 – soldiers in front of a bombed out building…gorgeous.

    Pg 5 – the layout and mood of this page where the soldier dies…CLASSIC COLAN!

    "You see, most of the time, FEAR is the deadliest weapon of them all’…that page was my favorite in the book…I loved the way Gene distorted Cap’s eye as part of the nightmare.

    And I liked the color…Cap in his garish costume stands out vividly against the more horror-oriented colors of the rest of the characters.

    Did I mention I loved this?!


  86. The dialogue was poorly done. I felt like Brubaker was trying to make this feel classic, but trying to be modern at the same time, and it just came out sloppy as a result. I got the colored version of this issue, and the art looked very poor indeed. Caps chest and abdomen weren’t even connected properly in some scenes, as far as I know this isn’t supposed to be post-modern. I read the first omnibus and enjoyed it, but after reading reborn, 600, and this issue I’m done trying to like this series. Believe me I was "trying" to like it, it just wouldn’t stick.

  87. Picked up the black and white version and am so glad I did, was absolutley beautifu!

  88. I loved this Cap story. What’s not to like with the WWII setting, Bucky, Nick Fury, Nazis and Vampires!

  89. I suppose if you’ve been raised on a diet of Twinkies it might be hard to "get" filet mignon.

  90. I agree with the 4/5 on writing, but art, come on, 5/5 all the way.  The black and white stopped me in my tracks.  Maybe MiddleAgent’s right.  I certainly can’t see how you could miss how good this is.

  91. I read the colored version, and I hated the vampire story, so I gave this a 1.  But then I went and looked at Conor’s article and the B&W art, and my appreciation for the art went up considerably.  They really ruined it with the colors.  Didn’t change my opinion of the story though.  I give the book (uncolored) a 2.  Brubaker’s writing was so beneath his recent writing for Captain America 25-50.  Sad really.

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