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  1. Going to ask Brubaker at the con when the second omnibus(if there even will be one) is comin out. He will probably have no clue.

  2. @Ruo21: Well, the first Omnibus was #1-25 and they’re not even to #50 yet, so… it’s going to be a while.

  3. no more Epting…oh well…

  4. Why isnt Epting doing anymore? What is it gonna just change every single issue? BULL****!

    That and a variety of other reasons is making me believe to drop this series. No offense to the first 42 issues, but ever since ‘Death of Cap’ arc has ended this series has bored me to tears! It’s gonna need to do something big in order for me to stay on.

  5. I’m hesitant to drop this book because I think I am just being too harsh on it.  It feels like the quality has gone down since the last story wrapped up, but its still better than damn near everything else out there.  I think I need to read my some crappy books before Wednesday to put this in perspective again.  Now where is that issue of Deadpool…

  6. @drake:

    I’m hesitant to drop this book because I think I am just being too harsh on it.  It feels like the quality has gone down since the last story wrapped up’

    Uh huh I agree with that.

    ‘I think I need to read my some crappy books before Wednesday to put this in perspective again’

    That could make me like the series again

    ‘Now where is that issue of Deadpool….’

    F*** YOU!!! 🙂

  7. To be honest….I’ve given this a lot of though….I’m dropping this.

    I’m gonna call my LCS guy tomorrow and ask if he could remove it from my pull bin. I just dont care where this storyline is going.

  8. Yeah I agree that this series hasn’t been doing it for me consistently anymore. I did like the last few issues, though, more than other people on here seemed to. I’m giving it to issue #50 to return to greatness. If it doesn’t I’ll still walk away happy and keep an ear open if the title improves later on.

    I never read this title until issue #25. Soon after that I was compelled read the preceding issues but, man, for some reason it was the first arc or arc and a half AFTER #25 that really, really did it for me. In my opinion thist title really hit a high, original peak from 26 to around 34 or so.

  9. The teaser for issue…49(?) alone will keep me going…Sharon Carter is supposed to recall exactly what happened the day Cap died…presumably something that WE didn’t see.

  10. what the fuck is the next champion talking about?

  11. that Chinese guy is scary

  12. Yea, you gotta see it through to issue #50 NC, you know that Bru has something big planned.  But I can’t argue that this storyline has been really boring…as are most things Invaders-related (Namor is the exception)

  13. @edward-You have to be more specific

  14. @Urthona: I just cant, I want to stick it to at least a milestone issue but….I just cant do it.

    This has bored me since issue #43. That might not sound like a whole lot of issues (4 I believe), but Brubaker has just not done a good job since his epic 42 issue storyline. Also, I have seen advance solicts for the 50th issue and it doesnt look anything special. So sorry to disappoint (I do that a lot) but I’m dropping this.

  15. @ TheNextChampion Aren’t you the one that waxes on and on about how great Final Crisis is/was? Your opinion meet grain of salt.

  16. @jobob247: Both FINAL CRISIS and CAPTAIN AMERICA are excellent. 

    I’ll take any story with the Invaders in them.

  17. @jobob: Okay how the hell did you get FC into the discussion?

    First off that has nothing to do with why I am dropping this series. Second, I think I’m intitled to drop a book when it hasnt done anything for me in over 4 months. It’s great you guys are still picking this up, obviously more people like it then me….but to me this is boring so I’m dropping it.

    I would say something about my money problems and price of comics in today’s age but then I would contradict the rant I made in the forums.

  18. I think the writing is as great as ever, but I can’t stand how epting isn’t drawing this. AND he’s also not drawing #50 (found out at I don’t think I can read this unless epting is drawing it.

    As much as I love brubaker I’m probably gonna drop it.

  19. i agree with the next champion. let’s not bring up Final Crisis again.

     i have to say i’m digging this title though

  20. I’m really enjoying this arc. It feels to me like this book is starting to get back it’s stride.

     Also, doesn’t the Brubaker/Epting "Marvels Project" sound like the coolest thing ever?

  21. Yeah, I’m really enjoying Cap as well. I love the whole Bucky as Cap story with all the flashbacks and appearance of Namor. In fact, I’d be happy if Bucky stayed as Cap forever and forever.


  22. @Garrett: I don’t disagree.  Thing is, as much as I love Steve Rogers, writers apparently stopped having interesting stories to tell with him…when he inevitably comes back, there will be the one big "return" story, and then I bet we get a lot of the "same ‘ol, same ‘ol" again, unfortunately.

  23. Finally dropped this comic.  Anyone else bored with this book?  I feel like I’ve taken crazy pills!

    I loved the Winter Soldier arcs.  Loved Red Skulls daughter arc.  Death Of Cap was great.  Other than that, MAN this comic is boring.  I had to drop Daredevil too for that reason.  The execution, wirintg, art, is all good.  But the ideas are boring.  Anyone else feel that?

  24. Next Champion, you gotta do what you gotta do!  For me, the end of the Skrull storyline was so bad that I ended up dumping the Bendis Avengers, and don’t plan on climbing back aboard until the creative teams change.  Clearly, you’ve reached a similar gotta stop point with these admittedly lukewarm issues of Cap.

    Life and money are too short to buy books you aren’t in love with.

  25. Not going to convince anyone to stick with or drop a title (unless I’m getting paid to do so) but if you have pull list at your local store why not just keep this issue in your file and pick it up on a slow week?

  26.  "Marvels Project" will be so cool and worth the brake epting has to take from this book again. 

  27. Having said all of this dropping the title:

    I also cannot wait for ‘Marvels Project’. It’s something I have been waiting for, even if Avengers/Invaders is out right now….a proper retelling of the Invaders.

  28. OK, this issue sucked me back in.  It was fantastic

  29. Solid issue, if a little bit of a let down. I feel like the book isn’t so much loosing steam as "regulating" it. That is to say, the pace seems a little off from "Death of the Dream." However, brilliant writing. And I really thought Dr. Chin saying "Uhh, actually I don’t care about you or Namor, I get to kill you for fun." was a nice touch. It made me think "Oh, wow, this guy doesn’t give a s#!+!"

  30. @TheNextChamp: I’m with you, this book is not that great, it’s bored me for months. That said, I think I’ll stay on for issue 50. Why? ’cause I’m a sucker. Who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it.

  31. I must say I did read this in my LCS, didnt buy it, but read it throughly.

    Overall, it’s an improvement over the last 4 issues, but it’s a little too late. I like the chinese villain now in the vein Prax was talking about. But at the end of the day I felt felt like ‘Why do I care?’

    The art is pretty bad too, okay bad is a harsh word. Maybe medicore best suits it….why isnt Epting doing this!?

  32. STEVE EPTING where are you!?!?

  33. Sadly, this felt like the worst Brubaker Cap I have read.  Not bad enough to make me quit, but enough to make me concerned,  I will at LEAST see it through issue 50 though, regardless.

  34. This was a solid issue as usual, my one complaint is I’m just not a fan of the coloring.

  35. You guys had a problem with the art?  I loved it.  Some parts were a bit hard to follow.  But overall I was happy with it.  I do miss my Epting though, I’ll give you that

  36. Wow, I’m surprised to see so much dislike for this book. Ever since the last storyline ended it hasn’t been the best it’s ever been, but I thought this issue was fantastic. I haven’t finished all of my books yet, but this is a very strong POTW contender.

  37. i don’t know what you peopel are talking about. This was really good

  38. It’s still a good book but it’s not what it once was. I wouldn’t scream about any of the complaints that others have (with the art, or with calling it the worst Brubaker evar), but it just feels like the title lost its way a bit. Still good but I’m still planning to leave at #50. I don’t see how people can give this automatic 5/5s anymore. Part of that is because of the high-standard that this title, admirably, set for itself.

  39. i agree with Kickass–i dropped this and daredevil because i was soooo bored trying to care about characters i don’t care about…

  40. This issue was an improvement…better explanation of why Bucky is the winter soldier…and lots of great Black Widow…plus the final splash was a shock.  I think this was the best issue we’ve had since the Death of a Dream ended.

  41. This was a really good issue… and I don’t know what people are talking about with regards to the art.  If the names were removed, I wouldn’t have known if it was Epting or not.  The style is still very close. 

    Most importantly, for me, is the fact that Brubaker continues to re-introduce the Invaders.  I love that time period in the Marvel U and can’t wait for the new limited series this summer.  More Invaders = Good. 

  42. I want to know how the last page occurred (trying not to spoil).  Whatever caused that is what Cap should be worried about.

    But in honesty if Namor wasn’t in it I probably would have dropped it after Batroc left the story and waited for the next arc to start picking it up again.  I really like the pompous ass in small doses.

  43. @Crippler: The style of Epting to the others are close. I mean I believe one of the guy’s on the podcast pointed this out…..The pencils look the same, but the are even closer resembled to Epting because of the coloring. I think it’s the same colorist no matter who the penciller is, so the issues are definitely gonna look similar.

    But if you look closely, there are just huge differences in the styles and movement of each panel. That whole thing in the background where Bucky was being held at….That looked like a mess. I couldnt tell you what was happening in those tubes. Especially when the chinese scientist was showing his ‘virus’.

  44. I agree that the art styles of Epting and Guice are very similar.  However, the difference is that this issue looks muddy where the Epting issues don’t.  From the look of the book, I don’t think the colorist changed, but did the inker change on it too?

  45. I’m with 400yrs. I could barely tell what was happening in at least half of this book. Things were far too dark and muddy, which I am usually a fan of.

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