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  1. Cover looks amazing!

  2. Judging from Brubakers other 41 issues on this series, this is not the end. Only an intermission to an otherwise fantastic, unbelievable, stupendous run. I’m hoping for a Red Skull Beatdown like the cover suggests.

    Oh and if anyone doesnt know….THE LEAPER RETURNS SOON!

  3. I just read through the Winter Soldier and Red Menace stories and loved them. I am gonna jump on the next arc, I think I would be confused if I jumped on now. The cover looks awesome though!

  4. Brubaker’s sure put a lot into this book, and I love it………too bad Bucky’s the big Skrull reveal.


    Wait-isn’t he?

  5. @overcommitter – IF Bucky is the big Skrull reveal I will never read another Marvel book.

  6. @ stulach . I completely agree.

  7. Brubaker if you put Sharon Carter through all this shit just to kill her off we are gonna have words

  8. No, Bru would never let them ruin his story by letting them do that to Bucky.  At least, I hope not.  Should be an awesome issue though, can’t wait.

  9. Does anyone know if they will be releasing a second omnibus in the coming years? I have the first one, and would like to jump on if they don’t plan on releasing another omnibus perhaps next issue.

  10. @mustanges89:

    The cover has been modified for print.


  11. Best comic book ever

  12. @drakeroberts


    You may be right.

  13. Not to toot my own horn or anything but: Spoilers!




    I believe I called it in my last review that Sharon did indeed lose her baby in tersm of a miscarriage. Damn you Brubaker for throwing that under the radar! Overall great, fantastic, stupendous final issue of this Death arc. I cannot wait to see how Red Sk….I mean Skola? (skull and zola together) work together in future issues. This is gonna be sweet.

  14. How the hell does this not have the most pulls this week?

  15. I really enjoyed this issue and it’s definitely my potw.  I thought it really wrapped up the arc nicely.  Now I can’t wait for the Batroc the Leaper issue!

  16. great issue again! what the hell is with using the word asshat in comics. did i miss something? i read it before and used it in conversation once and everyone asked what the hell an asshat was.

  17. As long as Sam, Natasha, and Sharon stick around as regular cast members I will be happy.

  18. I felt like this wrap up was really rushed.  I enjoyed the issue (I gave it a 4), but it seems like this story could/should have been spread out over a couple of issues.  How did Sharon bust out of that machine?  Is she suddenly incredibly strong?

  19. I agree with Stu above. the whole issue was rushed


  20. Decidedly average.  Gave it a 3.

  21. Good book love the art and i hope Agent 13 is staying on. Making her a key player

  22. This issue really wrapped up the whole storyline well. The Skull survives (like he wouldn’t?), Bucky hooks up with Black Widow, and we’re left with a good foundation to build off of for future stories.

  23. Very nice effort — I even like the Luke Ross pencils they snuck in there. A great conclusion to this epic storyline, capped off with the Carter/Skull/Zola finality. And that last page — OOOHHH!

  24. I have to say that for me, this story was a fitting pay off for the many story lines that have been running through Brubaker’s Captain America since issue #1.  It left many of the threads open for future use, but at the same time drew all of the active elements to a satisfactory conclusion.  Very good writing, and I can’t wait to see what direction we head in next.  The most surprising patrt of it all is that Brubaker is only moving deeper into the development of Bucky Barnes as the new Cap without any hint that Rogers will ever be back.  And at this point, I’m fine with that.

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