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This is it, the culmination of three years of writing now comes together to complete the saga of Bucky from corpse to assassin to Captain America.  If you had told me in 2004 that Bucky was not only coming back, but would become the next Captain America, I wouldn’t have believed you, much less thought that it’d be the best story Marvel’s churned out recently.  From that first issue, I felt as though this series was going something special.  I’m really glad I wasn’t wrong.

“The Death of Captain America” is clearly going to go down in Marvel history as one of the best stories the company has ever created, right next to Kraven’s Last Hunt, The Dark Phoenix Saga, and Demon in a Bottle.  Honestly, it’s a sign of a really good story if it ends on issue 42 after starting back in issue 25 and you go “It’s done already?!” which is what I did last issue when I heard it was ending.  This book never felt slow or fluffed or anything of the like.  Every issue was filled with rich goodness and this issue was no exception.  The action is as good as it’s ever been.  The villains strike the right mix of bombast and fright.  The emotion is well-delivered.  Epting’s art continues to make this book fantastic.  And to top it all of, Tony Stark came back!  I love when Brubaker writes Tony even if for a quick epilogue.  And Skull’s ending predicament?  It’s pitch perfect.  You couldn’t ask for a better ending.

If you’ve waited until now to pick up this book, you need to stop browsing this site right now and go pick up these stories.  Go buy that Omnibus and all the trades and back issues and read them and be amazing at how incredible this story has been.  I don’t care that it’s 2 in the morning!  You go now, buster!  You go and sit in the cold of night waiting for that shop to open and think about how you’ve been missing out on comic history.

I may be acting a little hyperbolic, but I doubt I am.  This book is currently the highlight of the month.  Every issue is a wonderfully crafted piece of comic book excellence.  The mix of Ed Brubaker’s tough yet emotive storytelling along with Steve Epting’s detailed and expressive artwork has made this book a thing of magic for the last three and a half years.  And next month, Brubaker and Epting are going to try it again.  Fantastic.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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