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  1. I dont know I liked issue 34 but issue 35 wasnt so good I dont know ill follow my 3 strikes rule…

  2. Is Epting back this month or is it Guice again?

    The book’s great either way just curious. 

  3. It’s Guice and Perkins, I believe.

  4. The thingy above says it’s Epting and Guice.  Either way, it will look really nice.  I’m excited for this book, only to see how the Red Skull plans on continuing to mess with these characters. God, this book is so, so good.

  5. I love how epic and big this book is. Everything from issue 1 counts, I feel like I am reading some grand story. I am a fan of this type of story and not so much of the 6 issues for the trade and then move on.

  6. @Neb – The thingy is wrong.  I’m going to edit it.  I’ve confirmed that it’s Guice and Perkins.

  7. I love the old school Captain America stuff since it was what I was first introduced to and this reminds me of good old fashioned Captain America for some reason.  Maybe because Red Skull is the villain and the cosmic cube is around.  I just can’t get enough.

    I think Guice and Perkins did a great job last issue, the lines weren’t as bold, but not something huge to complain about in my book.

  8. Brubaker’s run has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what is next. After so many bad years, it is great to see Cap be a pertinent, well crafted title. If only Spidey was handled as well in recent times.

  9. The greatness, predictably, continues. Unlike last issue, the guest art did seem a bit "off" to me, but otherwise, fantastic as usual. I love how each issue really feels like just the next few scenes in a long novel. As for the very pronounced cliff-hanger ending of this one issue, though… I don’t know what to think. But at this point I trust anything Brubaker does on this title.

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