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What’s wrong with you guys. I just listened to you podcast and you ( Ron ) made it sound like making a consistly good comic is a bad thing. And after all the hype about the death of Cap the fact that there is a clone or whatever is a great thing. Maybe its me, but I can think of a least 10 different way this can turn the story around and 9 of them don’t suck. I think that too many fanboys get so into the community and spotting trends and story plot lines we don’t just enjoy the ride and let the writer tell a story. Back in the day, before the internet you could read a story let it stand on it own merit and be truly surprise by it’s twist and turns. I never much cared for Cap’s solo book until Brubaker got on it and you 3 started pimpin’ it, and now I’m all over it and enjoy every issue. And every time you think Brubaker going to screw up he comes back with a great arc. Personally I hope they do bring¬†Steve back, but I’m willing to let the story form¬†organically and not let let preconceived notions of if it’s a clone, a skrull, or whatever stave my enjoyment. But thats just my opinion.

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  1. Right on brother!

  2. Don’t you think for a second I didn’t love it.  Because I love it.

    Love, love, love. 

  3. How does what Ron says translate to "you guys"…?

  4. This book is so damned good every month that people take it for granted.  Quality every month is never a bad thing.  

  5. – The dead cap was a skrull and the one in the tank is the real one!-

    wouldn’t that just ruin the book.

    personally I really enjoy the book. it is one of my first reads. 

  6. The one in the tank is really Peter Parker.   So, no it won’t ruin the book.

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