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  1. if i dont see at LEAST 10 more knee caps shot…i might not read this anymore.

  2. Totally looking forward to this, but it just can’t keep up how good it has been.

  3. After Captain America #34 can you not get this book.

  4. This book has been 34 issues of delicious, I pray that it keeps going.  I do hope someday Steve Rogers comes back and I do pray that Brubaker is the man to do that.

  5. Bucky’s got a good start, let’s see if he- and Brubaker- can keep it up for 25, nay, 34 more issues!

  6. I still expect Steve to come back in issue 50 (Why else would Bru have the cosmic cube around?) But I have faith that it will be just as good as everything else. This is one of the greatest runs of all time, you’ll never be able to think of Cap without thinking of Brubaker from now on.

  7. I want to see this be just as food till at least issue 50, so that second omnibus volume can grace my bookshelves.  Oh yes.

  8. Hrm, according to a few preview pages I saw, there’s a fill-in artist for Epting this issue. So looks like the odds just increased for a different Brubaker book to get the Pick of the Week honor this time around.

  9. The artist for this issue is Butch Guice, who is quite a good artist in his own right.

  10. Epting can’t keep up with the amazing all of the time.  i am glad that they do a fill in artist other then pulling an ultimates with this book.

  11. Guice will be a great fill in artist.  His art on Iron Man was amazing. 

  12. the art was good and you could hardly tell the difference except for one splash page when Bucky first comes out of the alley. it’s was good overall, but not the best of brubaker this week.

  13. Can’t wait!  Off to the comic store after work!

  14. Steve Rogers coming back in #50?!?!??!  I don’t think so.  Has it occurred to anyone what an asshole Bucky is???  I can write a lot more interesting stories about a disillusioned bastard running around as Captain America rather than the original boy scout.  There are tons of arcs to explore here.  He’ll be in question from other heroes.  Tony isn’t just going to let him run around unsupervised.  Also, FDR appointed Steve.  Bucky got his uniform from…Tony Stark.  Who made him king of America…This ride will be awesome.

  15. This has nothing to do with Cap but everything to do with the incredible Hulk. CBR posted a story about the incredible Hercules becoming the official title?!?!?!?!? I mean I love Herc, but if they want to do this, they should relaunch with a Incredible Hulk #1 It would fit nicely esp since adjective-less Hulk is only at issue 2. Oh well, just my thoughts.

  16. Cap is going to be "back" during the Avengers/Invaders cross-over coming up during the summer. The Invaders from the past will be transported to the present. You have to figure Marvel is going to get some mileage out of having the original 40’s Cap fighting in the same context as the 21st Cenury Bucky Barnes for at least a year.

  17. Wait a second… Cap is dead …. Bucky’s alive ….and now he’s Cap … and he uses guns… and it’s AWESOME??  How is this possible?? All four of those things should mean  this book should suck, yet I look forward to each issue of this more than many T.V. shows I enjoy & most of the comics I read. Listening to the Podcast got me to read this series in the 1st place & I’m really glad I didn’t miss out.   Issue #35 was a little slow, but I still dug it. Wish I could fast forward to the omibus for the end of the enitre run so I’d know how it all ends. Will Steve Rogers be back? Will Buck stay Cap? Can I believe I might be OK with Bucky staying Cap?  Go figure.


  18. I hope Steve Rogers doesn’t come back; that would cheapen his death.  Give Bucky a good chance to be a good Cap in his own right. 

    This book was ok, it was a little step down from last ish, but I’ll take it ok cause that’s how the whole series has been.  This is a very big picture type book.  Looking forward to the next one.

  19. This is still one of the comics I look forward to most eagerly. I always save it for last when reading my comics for the week, because its a given its going to be the best of the batch. I love how the Red Skull’s plan is coming together, Bucky adjusting to being Cap is so cool, the art is great, the characterizations are spot on. This is one of Marvel’s best books. If Marvel spent more time and effort on solid monthly issues like this instead of working up the next super crossover EVENT, the industry would be better for it.

  20. Hey, I’m new to Captain America.  I’m getting into this, but I don’t know all the characters, I only jumped on with 34 (and did read 25).  Is that Omnibus Vol.1 where everything started?

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