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The resurrected have discovered their purpose for being back, but where will the knowledge lead them? Who is the new Aqualad? And what strange event is taking place around the White Power Battery in New Mexico?

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. Christ i was to drop this book! 

    It’s not that good, it’s very slow, but i don’t want to feel out of the GL loop.

  2. I meant –  i WANT to drop this book.

  3. I was out, but then they pulled me back in two issues ago!

    Of course, if this is more Hawk crap like last issue, I’m out like a boner in sweatpants.

  4. If you don’t want to read it you don’t have to. The Green Lantern stuff seems to be happening in the GL books. If an issue ties in you can just pick those up.

  5. @tschafer

    Minion is right. I only read GL and I’m understanding what’s going on.

  6. Finch is kicking asses with these covers. Almost every one has been an eyegasm.

    Lookin forward to this one, the last two really starting pickin up speed. In my opinion, this series has already topped Countdown (not too difficult), and may very well end up topping 52.

  7. I don’t get the hate… I dig this book.  And I LOVE the Hawks!

  8. Fully agree  with Hawkboy but I want more anti-monitor. Love that freaky genocidal dude.

  9. I love this book and i liked the hawks until they went to the hawkworld. then it got weird. i think it’s the fact that Johns seperated them. I like them together in their story

  10. Dang. I wish Finch would do an entire book like he paints. It’s beautiful.

  11. @OttoBott – is he painting them or just doing highly detailed pencils, then someone else colors them.

  12. The book is good. The hawkworld thing is obviously a AVATAR rip off but everything else is good

  13. @Amircat – His sole signature at the bottom and the lack of credit for the colorist makes me think this is all Finch. He paints like he draws, but it works so much better for me, for some reason. 

  14. Definitely painted

  15. I wonder if it’ll be Martian Manhunter or Green Arrow to replace Smokey the Bear?

  16. @TNC: Considering J’onn’s White Lantern marching orders last issue, odds for J’onn replacing Smokey are quite slim.

  17. @PozrDu I don’t know I think someone has to fail their directive and have "Life Revoked"

  18. Finch is doing Batman interiors next.  Don’t like the whole Hawkworld stuff either, always thought Nth-metal only came from Thanagar.  The white ring sounds funny at times too, when its like, "Go eat a cheeseburger!"  Like it’s flippant or something.  Enjoying this series overall though.

  19. Dude, playing hide & seek with Ollie looks pretty hardcore.

  20. @Minion: Yeah, but Martian Manhunter would have to fail his directive to become Smokey Bear.

  21. Like I’ve said before until this becomes a single cohessive story(like JLGL) I think people aren’t going to latch on to this completely.  Oh yeah and it has be 2 issues without Firestorm so he will be heavily involved in this issue it’s his turn.  Ignore the covers on these I thought everyone knew that by now.

  22. i haven’t caught all the way up yet, but i’m starting to like this series…

  23. If the new Green Martian ends up being J’onn’s wife, I will drop the hell out of this book.

  24. I like the Green Lantern, Deadman, Hawk and Dove, J’onn and Firestorm stories, but Hawkworld is a bit wonky.  But thats alot more good than bad right there.

  25. @Bornln Don’t you mean WHEN?    I guess the cover curse is over now what is on the cover will make more than a 2 page shout out in the book.

  26. @ DamonS23

    This issue made it all but obvious, but I’m still holding out hope.

  27. This was just an awesome comic. I’m loving the Martian Manhunter storyline and it seems like by the end of this I will know more about Black Manta than just his name.

  28. I guess I missed it in Green Arrow, but can somebody tell me the significance of this ‘white lantern tree,’ and why GA was so concerned about it being ‘killed’ by J’onn?

    Black Manta was pretty frikin badass in this, and Gleason continues to be one of my fave artists.

  29. @Franktiger: You actually haven’t missed much. Ollie knows about as much as we do at this point. He knows the tree must be important (since it’s the only tree in the forest with a big White Lantern symbol on it), and my guess is he likes the fact that the forest neutralizes all superpowers (pretty big advantage for him), so of course he doesn’t want it destroyed.

    This one was a goodie. Gotta say it certainly does look like the new green martian might be Mrs. J’onzz. Not sure how I feel about that. The Aquaman stuff is all great.

  30. @WheelHands:  thx, yea this issue was great, Johns has always been pretty good at showcasing people’s powers, this time, we see why Black Manta isn’t to be trifled with.

    Pretty crazy that GA had that Ewoks trap setup, he clearly is going through some great pains to protect that….tree.  It’s actually really really hard to shoot from both hands in different directions like that, much less throw in opposite direction to a pinpoint accuracy; I really see GA as the DCU’s Bullseye kind of character.

    If that is J’onn’s girl, he sure knows how to pick ’em, but I suspect she’ll end up morphing into some sorta martian hottie like M’gann.

  31. "The Green." Swamp Thing’s gotta return in this series, right? 

  32. Not bad. The Aqualad stuff was the most intriguing to me.

  33. I agree.  Not bad.  I found the Martian Manhunter situation interesting.

  34. I prefer the issues when they cover more of all the story threads, even if they are just 1-2 pages. 
    Been over a month now since we read anything with Firestorm’s story . . . 

  35. @Arrrggghhh But you will be rewarded for your patience with a 12 page firestorm story when it does come back. The spotty storytelling from the early issues was what was making the story move slower than it is.

  36. to everyone who’s been bored with the pace and dropped it, do yourself a favor and do what i did. Go back and read the first 9 issues in one or two sittings. It really has a nice flow to it when you get to read more than 32 pages at a time. I gave up on this series pretty early on, but thanks to all the recent praise i went back into it with fresh eyes. I’m really enjoying this series now. I think a storyline like this really will read great in collected form as well. 

  37. @Wallythegreenmonster But shouldn’t good…Great comics read well in single issues as well as collected?  I am starting to get tired of giving comics a pass because it reads well collected. Why not just put out a collected story in a GN?  Why do we as fans give Johns, Bendis and other as pass? I know they can do single issue storytelling they just choose not too.

  38. @damon–i agree with you that each should stand on its own and i suppose they do. Floppies vs. OGN’s is really an economic discussion more than an art one isn’t it? The DC OGN’s mini-versey from a week or so back was a good discussion on that.

    For ME personally, i want A LOT to happen in each issue because i’m paying $3-$5 for it, but i also want good storytelling. The forced cliffhangers every 24 pages can become frustrating if the writer is just trying to build story.  

    I felt like i wasn’t getting my moneys worth a few months back so i stopped reading BD. I went back in and read them all in one night. I’m liking it more now, but i wonder if i’ll get as impatient going forward as I have been in the past…we’ll see. 

  39. Thought this was pretty dull, story-wise (& I’m not one of the haters, I’m into the series) but, the art was pretty killer in the Manhunter section.

  40. Love this !!!!


  41. @wallythegreenmonster It is an art thing, the art of writing and constructing a story that works well in single issue and as a complete story is there reason good stories are called great stories!  Kingdom Come, Watchmen, Dark Knight returns all were great in single issues and awesome collected.  Forced cliffhangers are bad writing just as writing for the trade is bad comic book writing.  If I wanted to read novels I would I’m scared we as readers have forgotten that comic book writing should be different than novel writing.

  42. @damon–to be fair i’ve only read most of the great comic stories in collected format…but you’re right. I’m always shocked when i’m reminded they were first published in issue form. 

    the comic format is an odd one in that its the only literary form i can think of save for Haiku that forces the writers hand before they even start and that being the page count restrictions. A story like Brightest Day might actually be better served in an OGN so that Johns could build through each act instead of these single issue increments. we’ll never know.  

    My big fear now with BD going forward is that i’m going to have to read it in 4 issue chunks just to get enough story to satisfy me. The one thing i’m noticing is that there aren’t any apparent rules for how much of each storyline appears in each issue, which can  get frustrating. I like where everything is going though now that i took a step back to be refreshed.  

  43. I thought this issue was awesome and it’s got me excited for the next one. I was thinking "Who’s son is this kid?" and figured it out a couple of pages before the reveal. Man, this is getting good.

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