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BRIGHTEST DAY continues, but in ways you can’t possibly expect! What does BRIGHTEST DAY mean to the DC Universe? Is everything from here on out going to be bright and shiny? No, BRIGHTEST DAY means something else entirely, something we can’t tell you…yet. But we can tell you our heroes will need to rise up more than ever to combat the forces of evil, and a select few will uncover a secret that binds them ALL.

Variant cover by IVAN REIS and OCLAIR ALBERT

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  1. I might be getting this series just on the art alone. Cause when me (and PraxJarvin too) figured out who is doing what from the #0 issue…..It got me a bit more excited about this.

    Just half of the stories in general though….I just don’t care for. Hawk/Dove, Firestorm, Osiris, and Captain Boomerang; are things I am not looking forward to reading. Hopefully Johns/Tomasi can make it interesting. 

  2. Doing the ol’ skipperoo on this one. If I don’t miss it, I’ll drop it.

  3. It looks like Hal is delivering his own baby. I think this is the variant cover. 

    This is the actual cover:


  4. I just want a White Pow…I mean Lantern ring.  Complete my set.

  5. Did anyone else get a Norman McKay/Spectre vibe from Boston Brand in #0?  I’d love if he kept that role throughout this series.

  6. @AmirCat

    I think that’s the cover of #2 

  7. @DamonS23: That’s partly why I don’t want that white ring–any misspeaking about it could result in getting curb-stomped.

    Anyway, I’m interested in this–some of the stuff, like Hawk and Osarius I’m kind-of "eh," for, but I’m more than willing to give it a shot now that they’re really starting off the event.

  8. @Slockhart – you’re right. My bad.

  9. @JJ-That method doesn’t work all that well on a #1 issue.

  10. @DarkKnightJared  Lol! Don’t you want to complete your set?  I assume of course you have the other 8.

  11. This story has a good feel to it, I’m on board.

  12. after issue #0 i’m not very excited for this series. I haven’t gotten any of the other tie ins. In fact i think i’m only getting this so i can get the power ring. lol. 

  13. No, guys, you don’t get it. Hawk is totaly like the DCU’s wolverine. He’s all tough and angry, don’t take shit.

    I mean, who cares if he has one of the stupidest character designs, i have ever seen?

    Who cares if your girlfriend or partner picked an issue up with Hawk in it, she/he would think you’re mentally deficient?

  14. Hawk is kinda like what happens if you paint an M1 Abrams tank Hot Pink. Its still the biggest baddest killing machine known to man, but its just hard to take seriously. 

  15. I don’t think Hawk is a regular Brightest Day character, is he? Aren’t him, Osiris, the Flash characters, and maybe some people I’m missing brought back mostly for other books? As in limited appearances?

  16. I think part of the whole Blackest Night idea was to not only bring back dead characters, but to bring back characters that had been forgotten about that were once loved. That was the point of that one batch of the tie-ins. (i.e. Weird Western Tales) To resurrect once loved dead books for one more issue. 

     Then i think all of those guys spill over into brightest day. From what i understand brightest day is more about a DCU direction for the next few years than being a straight up event like B.N. was.  

     i have some random Hawk and Dove’s from the 80s that i got in a discount bin. I just was never able to take the characters seriously.  

  17. The problem of the Hawk… Its the "feather" cape. How exactly would that look outside the world of a cartoons? Six giant pipecleaners hanging off his back. This guy gets in a car, he is not getting back out. A revolving door would do him in. Capes are tough to pull off on the best of characters. Hawk’s cape…

  18. Looking forward to this.  Should be a good read.

    @Edward So your contention is that Hawk is less lame than Wolverine? Because Wolverine is pretty lame. 😉 

  19. I hope Brightest Day proper focuses solely on the characters who will not appear as major players in other books such as Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and Firestorm. The cover at least seems to confirm my hopes. Not interested in Hawk and Dove, Zoom, Osiris, and most of the others.

  20. @Prax: i honestly can’t tell fi you are being serious or not.


    i will say this. Wolverine is fucking awesome. he’s a great mythical architypal character. Hawk looks like the superhero version of someone off Jersey Shore

  21. I am a bit confused on who are the focus for each issue.

    Cause Maxwell Lord, Osiris, Zoom, Boomerang, and a few others are being focused in other series. (As @NawidA pointed out) Plus everyone keeps saying Hal will be a focial point but I don’t see how when he has his proper series to focus on him. Unless of course GL will just be used for the New Guardians….then why not re-title it ‘New Guardians’?

    ….My brain hurts.

  22. @TNC: how can you be confused by a comic that hasn’t come out yet?

  23. I’m confused by everyone’s confusion. Edward is the only one making sense here. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs for letting that be the case.

  24. i’m confused by my sexuality but thats a different comic… something by dan clowes maybe

  25. @TNC I don’t understand how Hal can’t be the/a focus in both books?

    @Edward My dislike of Wolverine is well documented.

  26. @prax: Oh, i should have known that. It was a question on who wnat to be a millionaire once, right?

  27. Wolverine COULD be an awesome character but he isnt 90% of the time…

    Other than that im excited for this. Issue 0 really changed my opinion on this series and im all in for the time being.  

  28. I will take Hawk over Wolverine any day. I overdosed on Wolvie waaay back and that was before they decided to mass market him. Imagine overdosing and then having the government legalize your drug du jour! Horrible. And, I don’t know, don’t shoot me but I kind of like Hawk’s weird ass costume. Can’t a guy have a little schmaltz with his beatdown?

  29. Not a good cover, by the way. I attended a panel on covers with Finch at Wondercon (Con tip: Artist panels are boring) and he basically said he just likes to do pinup covers not ones with some action going on. Dunno why DC hired him as a exclusive cover artist.

  30. Why is everyone watching Hal pee?

    I’m only gonna get the.. uhm.. (careful..) uhm.. souvenir.


  31. My favorite part about this thread, the hatred being thrown Wolverines way. I too dislike the character.

  32. Osiris will be in Titans, Hawk will be in Birds of Prey, Zoom and Boomerang will be in Flash, Jade will be in JLA, Maxwell Lord will be in Generation Lost, and this series will focus on the others.

  33. Is this how every thread (d)evolves here? Into a bash DC/Marvel fest? That said once again the only reason I’m picking this one up is for the ring after that my jaunt into GL realm will be over for a little while I’m tired of long stories. 

  34. I like Wolvie, he was just ridiculously over-exposed. Over-exposed means spread thin. Spread thin means poor stories, poor art, and editorial mandates that handcuff any chance at growth for the character or anything interesting. I got similarly burned out on Batman, although Morrison has been seducing me back into the black cowl. I have just never been able to get over the mindless Hawk and Dove concept (He likes violence, he/she likes peace) to see if there are any characters of interest in there.

  35. @prax all the way up there: Uhm, ok. Instead of calling it "Tom Katers  skiperoo" I’m going to call it the "I’m dropping this after one issue and if I feel like getting other issues of this title at some nebulous time in the future well then, I will" method of comic-book collecting™. Catchy!

  36. Wolverine is awesome.

    Hugh Jackman is not.

  37. @JJ I’m pretty sure I’m not the one who asked you that.

    @Nathan I believe the exact opposite of that. 

  38. What’s with all the Wolverine hate. Next thing you know people will be hating on Deadpool. 🙂

    I hope Hal isn’t the main focus either. I don’t mind if he shares a large chunk of the spot light but we have GL for that. I’d like this to focus on Sinestro and Deadman and the other revived heroes. Also as a Firestorm fan I demand more Ronnie Raymond!!!

  39. @Prax: oops.

  40. I am totally digging that sweet cover 🙂

  41. @prax it’s that I have never watched a Hugh Jackman movie I liked.

  42. Honestly, why the fuck are you guys still talking about Wolverine and Hugh Jackman?

  43. @drake you must’ve clicked on the wrong link.  This is the ADD/sidebar comment page.

  44. I liked this issue. I think it had a nice flow to it.

    The Hawk stuff was really fun. The Manhunter thread is interesting too. What’s up with Aquaman? Is Boston Brand gonna end up the White Lantern? I’m hooked already.

    Is it true that we’re supposed to get a white ring with this issue? Cuz my LCS didn’t give me one.

  45. yeah i got a ring but i had to ask for it. I think the LCS are allowed to buy bags of rings depending on how many issues they order. 

    haven’t read the issue yet, but i gotta say, those Colgate inserts are annoying. lol 

  46. @wallythegreenmonster: Dammit! My guy never got any and claims they weren’t on the order form. Curious. Even more curious is why I care as much as I do. Oh right. I’m a fanboy and my collection cannot be incomplete. WheelHands angry.

    Thanks for the info bud.

  47. @wheelhands

    thats just what i read somewhere. My shop puts extras in a vending machine and sells them.

    if it makes you feel any better everyone was saying how its supposed to light up, but it doesn’t. Its just the same cheap-o plastic as the rest. You should just wait for the iimited super deluxe hero edition where the rings are made of actual cheap metal and chrome-d plastic. =) 

  48. @wallythegreenmonster: HaHa. The saddest part is that I’ll probably get those too.

  49. What happened to J’onn’s little green undies?

  50. I think this was a much bigger improvement over the zero issue.

    The stuff with the New Guardians and Aquaman was great to read. (Although it still doesn’t explain why Johns just couldn’t have put this white lantern stuff in GL #52 or #53 but I digress) Other then Gleason, it was a bit tough to see who did what story though. Which isn’t really a bad thing. Cause it makes the title look consistant and beautiful.

    However, I just can’t stand the Hawkman/Hawkwoman and Firestorm stuff. Two issues in and I could care less about them. Hopefully it changes but I have a feeling that’ll be for art only and not for story.

  51. I thought this was a big step back over issue 0… Hopefully it picks up but i found the art already to be very distracting. i know issue 0 was all Pasarin but hopefully they can become a little more consistent. Good read overall though,…

  52. @AquaPimp82: I’m pretty sure J’onn never sported little green undies. That would be the equivalent of a human wearing flesh-toned undies. Not much point in it. They were blue before he switched to that awful kinda-martian-form-but-not-really look.

    As for where they went, I assume they changed it because … well … they were undies. Namor’s aruably the only male hero that can pull off the undies with nothin under them. And even then they’re not regular undies, they’re scaled undies. Much cooler than regular undies. Right?


  53. I really enjoyed this. It wasn’t great, but it was a nice, solid read. Definitely a more 52-feel from this issue than the 0 issue. I’m definitely on for the long haul. I actually grooved to there being different artists for each section, it helped break the issue up more and made each story have a slightly independent feel. I’m giving this a 4/5. It has a fresh feel, and I think we’re going to get interesting stories, but it’s taking a tack that feels more inline with 52 than the last few weeklies have been (Trinity, Countdown. Wednesday Comics being its own beast.) Black Manta might be the big star of this though, because… that was awesome.

    Anyone care to hazard who did the Hawks section because whoever it was had a very Rags Morales feel to it?

  54. Oh, I just saw this now… yeah my shop didn’t seem to know anything about the rings, which is odd because they had them for all the previous books and Flash. Very odd. 

  55. @Prax: I think Prado did the Hawks section. But that’s only through process of elimination. He’s the one I’m the least familiar with. My shop also had all the previous rings. We must get to the bottom of this.

  56. @Prax/others: I wish DC was a bit more clear with the crediting of artists. In the end it wasn’t a huge deal breaker, cause the issue was damn pretty. But other then Reis and Gleason, I just couldn’t tell who did what.

  57. This was a lot of fun. I think that each story should have gotten fairly equal time though. As it stands now, Firestorm’s and J’onn’s just didn’t progress enough from the #0 issue. That’s a big mistake to make right at the start. Later on I understand focusing on a few over the others, but not when you’re still trying to get people to care about the lower tier characters.

    Also, I would have preferred that those children on the boat had been orphans. Aquaman saving orphans from pirates would have made this my POTW hands down.

  58. @drake

    Equal time doesn’t really work though, especially when next issue we go to the regular 22 pages. I have to imagine we’ll start to get 52 style skipping around fairly soon. 

  59. Did anyone else notice if you cover up the bottom part of the cover it looks like everyone is watching Hal tug one out?  J’onn looks extra pleased but Hawkman looks disgusted. Good times.

  60. @ZombiePoo: yes, it’s hentai(ish).

    This issue has a nice "ring" to it. I’ll stick to that.

  61. @NawidA-Equal time works in a first issue when you want people to care. Not everyone picks up #0 issues, especially if they don’t have rings attached to them, so not everyone would have read those primers. I’m not saying every single issue needs to have the same pages devoted to each character, but the first issue should make me care about everyone.

  62. Blackest Night was meant to make death in the DCU permanent, right? So, DC’s idea for making this happen is to introduce White Lanterns … whose power is to bring dead people back to life. O_O Awesome.

    Anyway, I’m really liking this series, even with such a massive contradiction going on. 


  63. PS- That cover really looks like Hal in the "moment of climax". He REALLY likes that White Lantern.

  64.  So far I’m liking where the story is going.  Can’t wait to see why the fish that Aquaman summon are dead, or why J’ohn J’onezz had a moment where he was half himself/half black lantern.  Or to see what happens with Deadman. I like the story with Hawkman, Hawkwoman and where that’s going. Plus I can’t wait for Justice League: Generation Lost to see what is going on with Maxwell Lord, and because I really like JLI.  Otherwise I thought it was a good issue, and can’t wait to see what happens next!

  65. I thought this was interesting enough to warrant me staying on the book.  The different threads seem to be relatively strong.

  66. Bottom line, just not sure if i care enough about hawk, hawkman, hawkgirl, firestorm, and others for this to be interesting. Give me maxwell lord, manhunter, aquaman and i’m set, but it seems like the majority of the maxwell lord stuff is happening in generation lost. Not sure if I’m gonna continue with this. I really wanna keep reading Green Lantern, so hopefully this isn’t as essential to that title as BN was.

  67. wow

  68. Great Aquaman scene. Bullets bouncing of him, althoug they hurt him a little(he’s not superman), it showed how strong he really is. Contradicts with the time his hand got eaten by a punch of piranha’s, but that was stupid anyway.

  69. @Cedric-Piranha punch can be a dangerous drink, especially if Black Mantra spikes it with ruffies.

  70. @JarqueNargg

    Considering the next few issues of GL are a Atrocitus & Dex-Starr vs. Lobo & Dawg fight, I think you’re safe. 

  71. I’m digging this. The Aquqman and Martian Manhunter bits are the best. Something is not quite right. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from it. I think the Hawkman/Hawkgirl bit has potential, and it could be good. I never closely followed Firestorm, but this could be good if its written well. Wondering what Maxwell Lord is up to… Hawk I could care less about, but a great writer can make you care, so let’s see what they do!

  72. will the sucess of this be the judge as to if aquaman, the hawks, the martian, and perhaps the others can hold their own book?

  73. I heard this from a podcast,

    The lantern is like a "sword in a stone" , like Excalibur.

    Who owns the excalibur? king arthur.

    Who is king arthur? aquaman

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