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Don’t miss this first chapter of a most unexpected two-parter! This wouldn’t be the first instance where the Legion of Super-Heroes have gone back in time looking to add to their ranks. But the sheer craziness the Doom Patrol will bring into their lives just might make that it the last time… and the Legion’s mission will lead to some rather unexpected consequences next issue!

Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ

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  1. #33 was a great comic….. here’s hoping for more of the same with this one. 

  2. I read the last issue (but had it spoiled) and the Dial H for Hero issue.  So far, I’m not impressed at all by this run.  I think this is a make-or-break issue.

    Also not liking that this one isn’t a one shot 🙁 

  3. I am with jobob on this, even with #33 spoiled for me I finally got a copy and wow.  Not ashamed it teared me up a bit.  Not that I am expecting it here, but I am sold on this comic for near future. 

  4. I don’t know anything about the Legion or the Doom Patrol.  Hopefully, that won’t be a problem.

  5. I was a skeptic coming into the JMS era. I read the first issue and decided not to follow it. Then I heard nothing but great things for months and months so I picked up the Aquaman issue and was blow away. I promptly bought up all the issues I had missed and outside of the two batman issues the rest were all 10/10 books. Looking forward to this 2 parter. Love the Doom Patrol!

  6. This should be fun. But I’m really looking forward to the next issue with the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Also, there better be Monsieur Mallah and the Brain!

  7. sad to say that i’m off for the next 2 because i just dont care for these characters. Can’t wait to jump back on at 36!

  8. Loves me some classic doom patrol!

  9. I’m willing to give this a shot.  Not familiar with the charcaters at all so hopefully this will be written well enough to catch on quick.  My real concern is that I might like it so much I’ll want to track down more Doom Patrol and/or Legion of Super Heroes.  I’ve always been intrigued by the Doom Patrol, but just haven’t gotten around to checking anything out for real.

  10. yeah, I’m skipping these, too.

  11. JMS has been doing a lot of interviews for this 2 parter.

    He didn’t spoil it per-say. But what he commented on makes this sound VERY intriguing. Can’t wait! 

  12. A 2 part Brave and the Bold!?!?!?!? Thats just not right. =p

    Sounds fascinating though.  

  13. This is my DCU sampler.

  14. I haven’t read much of JMS’s run on Brave and the Bold, so I can’t say anything about the quality of what he’s written.

    Still, this has the Legion in it, so I’m interested.

  15. I can’t think of a team-up I’d be less excited to read (maybe Bizarro & The Demon? For pure annoyance) , but every issue JMS has written of this book has been awesome, so the odds of this being good are pretty high.

  16. Well if anyone thinks this team up is a bit ‘weak’ then they aren’t going to like two months from now….

    Unless people want an Adam Strange/Lois Lane team up.

  17. I can’t believe people are passing on this because of the teams.  These two teams grabbed my attention immediately!  I picked up the last issue of this, and liked it so much, and was so looking forward to the LOSH and Doom Patrol, that I signed up for this.  I guess they are "niche" favorites, but I love ’em both.

  18. I’m still loving this series, but it is a bit annoying you have to read the next issue to fully ‘appreciate’ it. But JMS leaves some clues to hint that there is more to this story so we’ll see what JMS brings next issue.

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This was a lot of fun. Loved Saiz’s take on the classic Doom Patrol. 

  20. I thought this was horrible. A complete switch in tone from his more lofty moralistic writing in the earlier issues.

    We have an planetary extinction level event that has plenty of clunky/cliche dialogue from a bunch of characters that have very little personality. Tons of sci-fi expos in the dialogue that matches the boring action. The comic feels like it belongs in a DC Showcase from the 1970’s.

    At first I didn’t think JMS knew what he was doing until I read the last three lines from the comic.

    I hope he has some masterplan cuz this story ended in a completely self-contained single issue format, but it happens to be a two-parter.

    I think JMS is an excellent writer, but this was a terrible read. 1/5

    Is there some redemption in the next issue? I’m not sure I’ll be there to find out . . .

  21. This was fun and had a great classic team-up feel to it. Not as great as last issue, but still cool. And it seems like we’re going to get a "Story behind the story" book next month. Very cool. 4/5

  22. A fun issue. Some of the jokes fell flat for me (Pink fluff a subtle gay joke? ugh) but it was a great old-fashioned DCU story, like the kind he’s been doing all along. I for one am glad that he didn’t inject some grand moral life lesson at the end of it.

  23. No.

    The tone is completely different, much lighter and much sillier than any of the previous issues. This is not modern superhero comic storytelling.

    JMS must have a ace up his sleeve for the next issue that will make this whole thing a cool (maybe failed) experiment.

    But as a single issue, this was lame.

    There is still another issue to get the moral.

  24. No.

    Not really.

    As a single issue, this was fun.

  25. Wow… Scorpion is has anger issues… It was good. Not amazing like the last issue but a solid issue. Better than 80% of comics out there. 

  26. @Drake Exactly. There’s no difference in this issue’s approach or execution than any of the previous issues. Perhaps it wasn’t what everyone expected/wanted but it’s absolutely a JMS issue.

    @Scorpion What, like yours? You’re insistence that this isn’t "modern" comics storytelling doesn’t make sense. It wasn’t a modern comic because it wasn’t dark or moral-laden? That’s a pretty big mental leap. Perhaps you need to be less concerned with proving to everyone else how "good" your taste in comics is and worry more about enjoying them.

  27. Prax, you are confused.

    The following are not my personal opinions: 

    The structural devices (including the ending) were not modern comic storytelling conventions. They originate in an earlier comic book period.

    Secondly, JMS’s run has not had this tone in any of the issues previous, and the reason for this tone and the above comic book devices, will probably be revealed in the next issue.

    Lastly, I never said anything about the comic having to be dark. He has taken a serious approach to storytelling in all the previous issues though.

    I mostly read good comics.


  28. I liked this issue quite a lot, although I’m fan of the Legion.  There are enough details here to provide hints that all is not what it seems (the movement of the time machine, the pink fuzzy, the worst day ever for the professor), so I’m really glad I’ve added this series to my montly list.  It’s so much more engaging and entertaining than the Mark Waid run earlier, and this has quickly become my must read first title each month.

    But, did that gobbledeguk science make ANY sense to ANYONE?  I couldn’t follow that, and I’ve read it twice.  I just chock it up to Comic-Book-Physics and move on.

  29. I was disappointed that only Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, & Cosmic Boy were included.  I understand why.  (Legion can get pretty overwhelming) But I find that I really enjoy the other characters more than them.  (Shadow Lass, Dawnstar, Mon-El, Element Lad, Etc.)

  30. Third issue of this run and it’s still mediocre.  Dropping it.

  31. J6 reminds me of Barry Kitson.

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