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  1. So Blue Beetle gone at the end of this storyline or not?  Its seems so inevitable.  But that makes me think it’ll go down differently.

  2. I don’t think anybody thinks Ted will stick around but here’s hoping they mess with our expectation of them messing with our expectations (if that makes sense). I’d love to keep this book rolling with the "Blue & Gold Tour the Multiverse" premise.

  3. Indeed I would like Ted to stick around.  Alas they’ll do the same thing they did with Batgirl /cry.  If they really wanted to screw with us Booster Gold would go back and take the bullet for Ted.  Man I would crap myself if they did that.

  4. Yeah, seems Ted is still doomed, but maybe they find a way to make his death seem more meaningful OR keep him around for a while like in that hour Rex Tyler lived in for a while in JSA.

  5. "If they really wanted to screw with us Booster Gold would go back and take the bullet for Ted.  Man I would crap myself if they did that."

    @jstump Seriously: That’s what I’m expecting.  

  6. @cylonpete – don’t toy with my emotions!

  7. This was a really fun issue and it goes pretty well with the Ifanboy trade of the month.  Pretty crazy.

  8. First real bad issue of this run. Tries to keep up the humor and fails. All the characters other than Booster and blue Beetle were really annoying, especially the bickering between Green Arrow and Hawkman.The art was fantastic however.

  9. Whoa, I have to disagree with that, RABinRVA.  I actually enjoyed this issue quite a bit.

  10.  *SPOILER*

    @thisisegan – I had already ordered the book of the month based on Ron’s review and even though I haven’t read it yet, that last page made me even more excited to get that book.

  11. The wait between issues seems longer than normal and it’s really hurting the mood of this story for me.  Feels like we’ve been dealing with Booster and Beetle for too long.

  12. I haven’t seen Wild Dog in 20 years. What a treat.

    Jurgens, you are the highest power! The leader of the pack!

  13. I found this issue to be downright confusing.  Each time I’d get into the story, there’d be some lengthy expositional moment to disrupt things.  I know that the time travel stuff is tricky, but overall, I felt like that writer failed to structure the story in any sort of accessible way.  I haven’t been reading BG for that long, so I need to be spoon-fed information at times, but even so, this one seemed likely to tax even the most seasoned BG fans.  Next time, keep it simple, Geoff, and remember that too many twists and turns and too much explaining in a 22 book just makes for a less than compelling experience. 

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