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  1. Awesome cover.

  2. Awesome! Rucka & Nicola Scott !

  3. I have pretty low hopes for this (I know relatively nothing of Wonder Woman and I can’t think of a single time Rucka has impressed me) but I haven’t read a bad BN tie-in yet.

  4. Rucka back on ww…awesome. His run was fantastic and I’m glad to get three more from him. BRING THAT SHIT ON!!!

  5. Rucka is the man responsable for my love of WW. He gets it. And since I gave up on the ongoing, I have to get my WW fix here. Nicola Scott is top notch also.

    Come on Rucka, Make it awsome!

  6. I would not be buying this if Rucka wasn’t writing it.  I hope he knocks this one out of the park.

  7. Rucka! WW! Max Lord! Get it now!

  8. @Slockhart – Rucka is awesome. You should read Queen and Country and the amazing Detective comics he is doing now.

    Just curious why Simone is not doing WW tie-in. 

  9. @Amircat  Ssshh!  Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!  I love Gail’s WW , but Rucka really rocked it.  It’s too bad he got cheated out of finishing it by Infinite Crisis.

  10. This gets the ol’ flip test at the store this week. Interested to see how Rucka and Scott work together.

  11. @Amircat – If you were reading WW, you would know why Simone is not doing this. 124 pulls last week. That’s not good.

  12. @AmirCat

    I love the art on Detective but after 6 issues the story still hasn’t hooked me.  The only other things of his I’ve read were a few issues of Action which I couldn’t get into and WoNK, which started off good, but now I’m only getting it because I might as well finish at this point.  He might just not be my thing… 

  13. I really like Rucka, but this Nicola Scott art looks beautiful! I am on the fence and will give this a flip through for a game time decision.

  14. well it’s a good thing this picks up on the only Wonder Woman storyline I am familiar with.

  15. I should be getting this.  I mean, Rucka AND Scott?  Easy buy.  But something is keeping me from checking it out. I have yet to put my finger on it.

  16. I’ve yet to buy a WW book, so I’m excited to finally have one in my hands.

  17. Never in my life have I picked up a Wonder Woman story, but Rucka has just been on fire lately and I might just have to pick this book up.

    I am worried however because I dropped the Batman mini after the first issue due to quality, and I felt that the Superman mini didn’t wrap up properly. Here’s hoping Rucka can change the shape of these minis along with Johns.

  18. @zattaric – looked up the phrase "look a gift horse in the mouth", cool learned a new phrase. You may have a point. I love Rucka.

  19. @gnanniv – You’re probably right. I am as versed in WW as you might be. I did read couple of her trades and liked them. But I was just wondering cause you can’t go wrong with Rucka. 

  20. @Slockhart – I actually think the story in Detective comics is getting more and more compelling. Now that the beautiful art and specticle of JH Williams is setteling down, Rucka’s story is surfacing and I realized it’s great.

  21. @AmirCat – I read a full two years of Simone’s WW, it started out well , gradually went down hill and then a nose dive with issue 34. I really wanted that book to be great. I just think that WW is treading water and feel really let down by it.

  22. @gnanniv – I meant to say I an NOT as well versed in WW as you. 

  23. @AmirCat – that’s cool.

  24. I know nothing about WW (or much of the DCU). But I love Rucka, and like Ron i have really jumped completely onboard with Blackest Night.  Hopefully there wont be too much WW knowledge I need to have going into this..

  25. @LastDays: Did you check out Rucka’s run on WW? It’s the best WW i’ve read in a long time…

  26. Don’t know if I want to get this or not. I think I’ll at least pick up the first issue and check it out.

  27. I don’t read wonder woman or blackest night, but this cover makes me wish i did.

  28. Wow… so that was really good. Please put Rucka back on Wonder Woman. The character felt graceful and tough at the same time the whole way through. The cliche "She loves all living things but is a ruthless killer when need be" angle really was sold for me. Nicola Scott’s art was great too (Though a few panels did have Wonder Woman with a wonky Kia Asimaya triangle nose). What a fun surprise. 5/5 for me and my POTW. 

    (For those curious this story seems to "start" 1/2 way through Blackest NIght #3 and end at the end of Blackest Night #4. I looks like both this and Blackest Night Flash will be more installment based tie-ins as opposed to "full stories") 

  29. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This was amazing. 5 stars and an early contender for my POTW. 

  30. First comic in a long time to make my gasp while reading it in public.

  31. I was surprised by the quality because didn’t realize it was Rucka but damn those guards were badass

  32. Had the same reaction as boomergirl. I love Rucka’s WW so much it hurts. And if I see Nicola Scott on the street, I’m running over and giving her the biggest hug ever. And I encourage others to do the same. My pick, easy.

    Thank you Rucka, you make it awesome.

  33. I’ve been meaning to ask this for months, but what is the logical reason that Black Lantern Maxwell Lord has a noose around his neck? Did I miss something? I know WW snapped his neck, but he was never hung, was he?

  34. yeah, this was great.  I believe this is the first Rucka I’ve read since the end of his run on Checkmate.  Boy, did I forget how good he is.  I wonder, how much better is this going to sell than Simone’s issues being released at the same time?  Will this serve as a fair test as to whether or not Wonder Woman can support two books?

  35. didn’t care for the art, but the story was really good

  36. This issue was really great. It always comes down to value and boy did we get our money’s worth. This is Diana how I love her. Commited warrior.

    "I regret the neccessity but not the act." That was great.

    It reminded me of Aquaman’s "Angels, meet Diana" line from the Morrison JLA.

  37. I think those two soldiers should get rings once the moratorium’s over.

  38. Very cool issue.  This may be the first time I have enjoyed a WW centric book.  Well done, Mr. Rucka.

  39. Loved it… But was no one else disturbed that Rucka/Scott seemed to imply that they had resurrected Medgar Evers to walk the Earth tearing hearts from people’s chests? Mississippi Screaming indeed.

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