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  1. I thought Nicola Scott’s art was fantastic.

  2. This is just me personally, but I feel like *any* way you defeat a black lantern is inherently silly. I mean, I guess most powers do seem inherently silly. It’s all kid warfare logic. "You bullet doesn’t hit me cuz I have a force field." "Yeah? well I have a force field cutter!" So, the important elements for me is if the defeat falls in line with the emotional through-line of the story. And in this case, it did. So I was cool with it. 😉

    And I’m with Neseman — Scott’s art was great. I’d SO buy a Rucka/Scott Wonder Woman run.

  3. @daccampo: Your example of "kid warfare logic" is apt and hilarious.

  4. daccampo ChrisNeseman


    It’s not that I disliked the whole of the art. I loved the montage at the start, but it seemed to me about half way through the book it stopped being as detailed as it was at the beginning and looked kind of glossed over and superficial. That uneven quality really detracted from my enjoyment. 

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