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As a huge fan of The Blackest Night so far, it’s really hard to come up with two titles I’d be less excited about than Blackest Night Flash, and Blackest Night Wonder Woman…maybe a Blackest Night Lobo written by Peter Milligan and pencilled by Rob Liefeld, or maybe written by rob Liefeld and pencilled by Peter Milligan.  But, while The Flash was what I expected, and therefore unappealing to me, Blackest Night Wonder Woman was a welcome surprise.

I don’t often read Wonder Woman stories because her rogue gallery just doesn’t appeal to me.  But, I often forget that, while none of her stories have ever blown me away, I can’t think of any that I absolutely despised.  Most of the time, I finish a Womder Woman story thinking “That was pretty good.” which sounds like a condemnation, but often I find myself reading titles I read religiously thinking “that was just awful, why do I continue to read X-Men books?”.

Rucka has written a fantastic story which is really more about military duty and honor with Wonder Woman as sort of the blank slate protagonist.  It’s fantastic storytelling.  The art was solid and effective to move the story along, but there wasn’t a single panel that or page that wowed me.  In some cases, the panels felt really crowded, and while there is a thematic reason for them to feel crowded, it was at that level where a little less crowding would have made it easier to read, and a little more would have made it an awesome artistic statement.  As it is, it was just…crowded.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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