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Blackest Night #6 (OF 8)

The secrets of Nekron are revealed as darkness consumes the DC Universe. Everything else: TOP SECRET.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert
Variant cover by Rodolfo Migliari
Sketch variant cover by Ivan Reis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 72.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. So…are we gonna talk about what happened in this, or are we gonna wait till Wednesday?

  2. Wait, silly.

    I was at a different shop last Wednesday, and since I preorder my books from my store, I wasn’t able to get this.  I made the mistake of telling myself I’d open to one random page, and that page ended up being a two-page spread major spoiler…

    That said, very excited to see where that spread goes. 

  3. Yes please don’t say anything yet.

  4. my stupid shop didn’t have a copy last week. i drove all the way out there just for it too! my fault i guess, i probably should have called ahead

  5. Alright…well a store near me had it so I bought and read it…and while I wont write about or give hints to ANYTHING that happened, all Ill say is that it features some great build up.

  6. I heard good things.  Look foward to reading it myself

  7. I read it too. I have no problem with waiting until Wednesday to discuss the issue.

  8. Please let this be good.

    Please let this be good.

    Oh please, oh please lord let this be good!!

  9. I got it last week as well and won’t say anything other than I liked it a lot.

  10. This was good.

  11. This was Great!

  12. I was pleased with this one.

  13. Also, best cover of the series.  And better yet, the solicited cover isn’t the variant, a rarity with this event.

  14. Spoilers:

    He dies at the end

  15. @Slockhart – The Variant cover is pretty bad-ass too!

  16. I can’t believe Barry had to kill Hal to stop the black rings from taking both of them

  17. Got this a few weeks ago. I liked it only a notch below Detective Comics (which was great). This event is continuing strongly; those who have been loving it will probably continue to love it.

  18. This was a another solid issue.

  19. Any spoilers posted before Wednesday will be deleted.

  20. Awesome rallying issue, in a different kind of way. What was teased in I think GL #26 finally comes to fruition, and it was cool.

  21. Awesome issue.

  22. Turns out Hal’s a dude, Mogo is luke’s father and only Damian Wayne can see the Black Lanterns who are all dead!!!

  23. Black Lantern Darkseid was waaaaaay cool.

  24. @MikeFarley: Black lantern Darksied was bad ass, man

  25. I think the fake spoilers joke has run it’s course now.

  26. I’ve decided that no matter how good this is, I won’t make it my POTW simply because it came out last week.

    Anyone else completely anal like that? 

  27. @Drake: i count three spoiler jokes. not that many

  28. Enough that it stopped being funny.

  29. nah. i don’t think they even had a chance to even spread their wings yet.


  30. so what happens in this issue? is it any good?

  31. hal dies, darksied becomes a black lantern and barry has a boy

  32. Man gosh I am STILL smiling with fanboy glee from having read this issue, especially in light of that last page spread 😀 😀 😀 

    Totally epic win of an issue; I think it would’ve been a big contender for my pick of the week even if it had NOT been released during "Skip Week" 

  33. This issue was great. Can’t believe there’s only 2 left! I’ve spotted getting the tie-in’s other than GL. I loved the early tie-ins, but I haven’t gotten into the 2nd wave as much, especially Flash.

  34. All I’ve been reading it the main series, GL, and GLCorps, and it’s worked out pretty well so far. I’m debating picking up the ressurected title like Suicide Squad and Catwoman and such. I would have liked a Blackest Night: Swamp Thing.

  35. Hopefully this isn’t considered a spoiler, but in the back they print all of the covers of the discontinued series that are getting one-shot Blackest Night books, and they’re gorgeous.  Suicide Squad, Weird Western Tales, Catwoman, etc.  Pick this one up!

  36. All will be well

  37. reading this and green lantern together over the past few months has been great. i’ll be sad when this event is over.

  38. This has more pulls than Siege #1?  EPIC FAIL!

  39. considering there’s only two more issues to go my money’s on there being a brightest day mini 

  40. This was……an improvement. I think the ending as a bit stretched and Johns could’ve put more story into it. Either way I think this is what I wanted with the event in the first place. Move the story along and focus a little less on the ‘holy shit’ moments.

    Overall a good 4/5 issue if I ever saw one.

  41. @Smasher – That would be incredible! (As long as Geoff Johns does it!)

  42. can we talk about it yet? i have a theory about the ending

  43. So are Hal, Sinestro, Carol, and the rest of the 7 main lanterns now the Guardians of the universe? Cause on the cover it says "The New Guardians." But it does mention it anywhere in the book. 

  44. @supertracker yeah, they were called the new guardians in the last issue right before they did all of their oaths together


    @edward Spill it

  45. not so much as an theory but just something i could see being a suitable large climax to the story. After seeing Wonder Woman, Lex Luther, Scrawcrow and the atom recieved a ring, I think to defeat the Black Lanterns each of the DCU heroes will recieved a ring to represent their respective character.

    So Dick grayson get a blue ring. Damian gets a red ring.  Booster Gold gets a orange ring. Mr Terrific gets a green ring. Star Girl gets voilet ring. Etc

    Johns is always talking about how character informs his stories. I really could see the heroes with rings as a series of huge satisfying double splash pages.

  46. @edward I like the way you think. This is good, this is all good.

  47. Lex Luthor of Earth.

    You Want it All.


  48. I have to admit, this week’s POTW was a gordian knot situation for me. And much as I loved this issue pure and simple, I gave it to Ultimate Spider-Man because it’s goodness surprised me. I have to admit, this ticked my fanboy boxes. One of the best last pages I’ve seen in a long time. However the moment that got me the most? "I am Ganthet of Oa!" Just… awesome. A simple moment, but one of the better "Passing of the torch moments" I’ve read. 5/5 for me. And THIS close to being my POTW.

  49.  To bad the rings only last for 24 hours. I would like to see Barry Allen keep his Blue Ring and Ray Palmer keep his Indigo.

     @ Edward – With Superman always portrayed with multiple colors (as viewed by Black Lantern,) which ring do you think he would receive? Maybe he could handle multiple rings…

     What happened to Daxum and Sodam Yat? We really haven’t heard from them for quite some time. And they were a big part of the Prelude to BN. (Before anyone says it, I know Sodam Yat pulled a Hal Jordan and put himself in the sun to save his planet. But you all know he is going to return from the legion of 3 worlds stories.)


  50. Wasn’t there supposed to be some big dark secret about the guardians revealed this issue?  Did I miss it?

    Not really complaining, just curious. 

    @ Smasher: I’m looking forward to the follow-on series "Brightest Day" where the New Guardians have to share a Coast City beach house.  Larfleeze will be the next Puck.

  51. @Supertrackmonkey: i actually think the joker could handle all the rings at once. he so insane, surely he’s emotions are completely fluid constantly.

     i think superman is ultimately love or compasion 

  52. @Edward – You actually believe the Joker could handle Love or Compassion? I don’t even think he could really handle greed, since he isn’t really greedy. Hell, I do think that the Joker could handle a black ring without being dead though. 

    I wonder what kind of constructs the Joker would make if he did posses a power ring though? 

  53. Yup, the joker’s constructs would be fantastic. I imagine a Goya painting come to life.

    Maybe the joker doesn’t understand love and compassion in the traditional sense but just think about what he’s idea of love is… that’s messed up

  54. This is officially the best issue of this entire series.


  55. On the topic of who would get what ring… I’ve always wondered about Bruce.  Green and Blue are the obvious choices, but when you think about it, so could yellow.  Yellow just means they instill fear, it doesn’t say anything about the context of the fear.  Then you consider all the tragic characters he’s surrounded himself with and start thinking maybe Indigo.  Then you think about why he is who he is, and Red seems like the right choice.  Orange and Violet are the only two I can’t get to apply.


  56. I think Batman would have a yellow ring, if his whereabouts weren’t unknown I think he’d be the Yellow rings choice instead of Crane. He was chosen before the Sinistro Corp war to join the Yellow side, but his body rejected it due to his connection to a Green Lantern. I think.

     I think Lex as Orange is an inspired choice.

  57. @Slockhart: bruce breifly recieved a yellow ring during the sinstreo war story arc… and it was friggen awesome

  58. I know this has been said before but i think its worth reiterating: IVAN REIS IS KILLING IT ON THIS BOOK! the last two issues have been a plethora of eyecandy and the last two page spread of this book had me going "WHOO!!!"

  59. @Edward 

    How the hell do I not remember that?  Was it in one of the "Tales" books?

  60. @slockhart I do believe it was

  61. I read this book multiple times. How many "Hells yes!" moments are there? The awesome was freaking packed into this book. The wonder woman fighting the rings was a bit squiffy for me until I read #2 of the WW tie-in, and that was crystal clear. I’m looking forward to seeing Larfleeze and Luthor go at it in the end.

  62. @Slockhart: It was shown once in Green Lantern #17 (the GL: Wanted trade) and mentioned again in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special (Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Volume One trade.) 

  63. @supertrackmonkey

    Ah, that’d explain it.  All I’ve read pre-Agent Orange is Rebrith and SCW vol 1&2 

  64. hi i am brazilian, and here in brazil the comics get here only a year later from a issue come out, we still are in final crises 6, but when blackest night gets here, comics readers will get crazy, i had to get forward 1 year in future to reach blackest night, the same way flash and hal did to escape from the 2 black ringers

  65. @Slockhart: Check out Sinestro Corps War Volume One again. It’s mentioned in the first 10 pages, right after the Justice League fight with the Reverse Flash. Batman informs Hal that a yellow ring tried to recruit him "into something called the Sinestro Corp."

  66. Batman go the yellow ring in GL book proper just before Sinestro Corps. War started.

  67. I simply loved each choice for the ‘deputies’ of each Corps.  Especially Flash as a Blue Lantern but my favorite had to be Wonder Woman overcoming the Black Ring to recieve her Violet Ring.

    While reading this I nearly destroyed my comic I was so excited.

  68. Meh, When I read it a week before the holidays it was GREAT. It went down massively in reading value for me since then. It was a 5, now it’s just a 4. I think it’s the scheduling but you can judge for your ownselves. Still grateful my lcs gave me an early copy though, so I might have to return the favor with some baked goods my girlfriend makes.

  69. Just to nitpick:

    What were the secrets of Nekron revealed in this issue? He only showed up in a tiny panel in this; and I don’t know what they were referring to in that solict. Then again we know how inaccurate they are to begin wih.

  70. he revealed that he was hungry

  71. @TNC Green Arrow’s little blurb reveals some tidbits.

  72. Ive never been a DC guy but this event (and this issue in particular) might make me one. It is so much better in so many ways than whatever marvel has put out in its recent events. Marvel had to of read this issue and shat some bricks cus it was fan-fucking-tastic. 

    That panel when barry said "But i’m faster", I thought to myself that this was what super hero comics is all about and that it cant get any better. But man does it ever, when ganthet got his ring, wonder woman as a purple lantern, and the last couple of pages forget about it!

    Funny note: on page 2 it looks like superman has a bloody arrow in his crotch 

  73. I just don’t know about this issue.  it’s filled with all these swirls and constructs and beams of light and rotting zombies and christ that is one odd grouping of characters in the end.  BUT, if one of the sole marks of a good comic book issue is that it makes me want to read more, this does it.

  74. yeah i geeked out when wonder woman overcame the black ring for the violet ring. not sure why, i don’t care about her comic, but it was just a cool moment. also, nice to see lex luthor be included. and crane getting the yellow ring just felt right. i don’t know how johns does it. this flowed very well.

  75. I really feel like Wonder Woman is becoming more and more attractive because of her role being much more than simply being a woman. That’s the thing I really appreciate about Geoff’s work, he takes the old and makes it make sense without cynicism and without resorting to stereotypes.

  76. I haven’t been following the separate story lines too closely. Have they explained Dove’s pure light powers? If not, perhaps her power could enable the new guardians to distribute the rings – acting sort of like a prism.

    Great theory  @edward. 

  77. @edward: yeah I can definetly see Joker having multiple rings, except for the blue one that is. I mean can you imagine Joker saying "All will be well" I’d shit bricks right thar. "no! get away you psycho!"
    @edward: oh yeah. Lol @ a violet or pink Superman. I would shit bricks for an entirely different reason.
    @edward: I whooped when Bruce had that yellow ring.

    I really wish this kind of series would be done at marvel, no I’m not wishing they’d rip off DC but I’d like to see what writers thought which character would emit which light.

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