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Six lives moving through different points in time, all heading toward a crossroads.

Batwoman faces gnashing teeth, claws and otherworldly powers. But can she defeat the villains of Gotham Harbor?

Maro, an arcane wizard, harnesses violent magics to create the vile creature known as The Hook.

Kate Kane struggles with living multiple lives and how that affects her relationship with Maggie.

Detective Maggie Sawyer transports a double agent named Sune.

Jacob Kane still holds onto hope for a life that he so desperately needs in his.

DEO Agent Cameron Chase covertly aids Batwoman in abducting one of the villain Falchion’s inner circle.

The creative team’s unique take on spy stories continues!

Written by J.H. Williams, III & W. Haden Blackman
Pencilled by Amy Reeder
Inked by Rob Hunter
Lettered by Todd Klein

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. That’s a cool cover.

    This series seems a little aimless lately, and I wish it wasn’t going to be so long before JH gets back on art, but I’m still enjoying the ride well enough. I like the characters, and I like what they’re going through; I just wish they would start to resolve some of these plotlines a little quicker.

  2. Considering dropping this. Sad as it is. I waiting so long for this series…….

    • I feel the same way. I loved the Rucka stuff, and really like Kate and her story, but this arc is killing me. It’s been two issues, but it feels like it’s been more, and the time jumps make it feel like nothing matters.

      It’s hard going, and I don’t know that I want to keep trying

    • Same, however i didnt wait so long for this series,

  3. The way this second arc has been playing out hasn’t been perfect, but I can see they are trying for something creative, and I’m interested to see how they tie it all together.

  4. the time jumps are really hurting this books for me an dthis is only part 3 of a 6 parter so if it stays like this for the remaining 4 issues i may not last that long.

    • Oh god, I just assumed that the time jumps would stop after this issue, because in my mind it was an endpoint since Reader’s leaving. But you’re right, this is a six-issue arc. Uuuuuuugh.

  5. This is one story arc that will definitely read better in trades. I was looking forward to seeing this title drawn in Amy’s full-blown art nouveau/manga style but I suspect Williams couldn’t let go of the reins. If so, that’s a failure of vision on his part and people should stop blaming Reeder for trying and failing to ape Williams’ distinctive style. Kudos to both of them for handling it like adults but it’s absurd to blame any and all failings of this book on Reeder. She didn’t write it and probably didn’t have that much say on the layouts. When I look at their falling out and see Morrison going into orbit on Action it makes me wonder where DC’s supposed heavy editorial hand is in the New 52.

    • Good points, but I actually think Morrison has been fairly restrained on Action (unfortunately, imo). It seems like this restraint is his own choosing, though, not an editorial thing. I believe Batwoman is edited by Mike Marts, and to me it’s always seemed like Marts was lax to a fault when it came to getting creators to do anything. He seems like he’s always been really easy-going and just happy to have so much talent on Batbooks. I mean, the if the guy isn’t going to reign in Tony Daniel or David Finch on WRITING, then he’s definitely not going to criticize JH Williams’ decisions on his book’s ART.

    • @flapjaxx…Yeah, I can see how stepping in front of a decision Williams made about art would raise eyebrows. And I can understand why a writer would want his book to have a similar look and feel across different artists but I’m not sure that’s the best direction for this title. When Reeder was anounced as the artist on the second arc I pictured the book looking like Madame Xanadu or something. Then Williams started talking about the first arc being horror influenced, this second arc being a spy/espionage thing and the next one would be fantasy flavored when he takes over again. Cool, I thought Batwoman would be a title that would showcase the best artists doing their best work in a wide variety of styles reflecting Williams varied genre experiments. Bad guess on my part. It looks like that wasn’t the vision of Williams or editorial because I see a lot of shoe-horning going on right now. The good news is the book still looks damn good with Reeder and it’s still my favorite DC title. It’ll take a lot more than a time-shifting storytelling technique and Williams’ heavy hand over artists to make me drop this book. I just wonder how this will play out with other artists going forward.

  6. These characters are good and I think the writers have a clear plan. I’m still on board because I do care about the Batwoman character.

  7. I love it. I really don’t share any of my fellow commenters complaints.

  8. Glad people are finally seeing that the emperor has no clothes with this one. Yeah, it was beautifully drawn but damn was it slow and anti-climactic.

    • Sounds like a hater hatin’!

      I agree it is too slow, too obtuse and obscure, and Amy Reeder’s art is nowhere near as go as I thought it was going to be, but I still like it.

      At least it’s not as impossible to read as Promethea.

  9. The big draw, for me, was the Williams art. Without that, you need a damn good story to take up the slack, but I don’t feel like this arc is delivering. Too many time jumps. I mean, the blurb says it all: “Six lives moving through different points in time.” I don’t have the time or attention to keep up with all that! I have my own life to worry about! And this is a six-issue arc? I think I’m dropping for a while, at least until we get the pretty art back.

    • Well, this issue read better (at least to me) than the previous one. The art was a step up, but still not JHW III level. Luckily, the book made the cut, so I’ll be back for the next issue.

  10. It’s a bit like David Macks’ Kabuki Masks of the Noh, where he storyboarded it but
    let other artists in whose styles are completely different!
    You either gonna love it or hate it, I’m gonna stick on this I have faith.

  11. Some great points made above, I’m still behind this title and like the characters and the direction it has taken. I found last months artwork to be very inconsistent from panel to panel and that has knocked my belief a little. Issue 6 was fine but 7 really was off at times. I remain open-minded to these hicupps though.

  12. I actually really like the story but am a sucker for non-linear narratives like this.

    It’s a shame the art didn’t work out as I would have liked, because I’m a big fan of Reeder usually. I like McCarthy a lot too, though, so…

  13. My love for Kate Kane will keep me picking this up for a while longer. But I will admit I always forget about this title until I see the shipping list.

  14. The experiment that Williams and Blackman are conducting with this title and the time jumps is a bit awkward and it drags for a monthly issue… I’m sure it’s gonna be a great read in trade paperback, but so far, reading each chapter a month apart as been more damning that good and with three more parts to go I might lay this on the side and wait to read the six issues in one sitting instead of in six months…

  15. This issue was an improvement, Still not a fan of the narrative device, but the exploits were more entertaining

  16. I miss Rucka’s writing. Reading these past issues one clearly understands how much the writer brought into the whole thing. The story just has a mediocre feel to it. The art, whether it’s Reeder or JHW himself, is not able to balance this lack of wonder.

  17. This was the weakest issue yet, but man, I really can’t believe all the negetivity towards this title!

  18. This is my last issue of Batwoman. I am just not enjoying it, or getting much out of it.

  19. I love the way “To Drown the World” is being told; the shocking twist could come from anywhere at any point in time. Too bad Amy Reeder is leaving, that was quite a short stint. I am eager to see what happens to Bette, and how all the pieces come together.

    Please check my mini-review of Batwoman #8 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  20. Nonlinear I like

    Non interesting? Not so much

    I’ll blow another $9 to end out this arc but will likely drop it then. Too bad. This book started out great

  21. Amy Reeder’s art really improved this issue (last issue was problematic for me) and the narrative device used is working well enough. I have however finally put my finger on what is not working for me in this arc, I simply do not care for the villains… this may seem like an peculiar statement but all the previous Batwoman arcs have seen villains that really got under your skin (and the heroes). This time round I don’t really get that so the tension is just not there for me, just going through the motions. Otherwise this is an enjoyable instalment, but I do look forward to the stakes being raised, either here or in the next storyline

  22. I stopped buying this in print and switched to digital with it. I now feel that was a mistake. I can’t appreciate those panels and spreads the same way on my iPad as I can with the actual book.

  23. Late to the comments, I know, but I just read this today and boy has it gone off the rails. I only have a vague idea of what is going on anymore. Too many characters came into play in this arc and time jumps are over done.

    I remember the first arc had a mediocre plot with solid character work and fantastic art. Towards the end it showed a lot of promise. Then all this crap happened. Dropped for now. Maybe I’ll check out a trade of any issues drawn by J H Williams in the future.

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