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  1. i liked kevin smiths last batman book

  2. I was not overly fond of the Cacaphony (I am almost certain that is misspelled) arc, but am willing to give this a chance to wow me.

  3. that cover rules

  4. gonna give this a try

  5. Wasn’t a fan of the last one, but I give it credit for coming out on time. 🙂

  6. Nice cover.

    Trade for me. 

  7. Love Kevin Smith, Love the cover, ove Batman, hated Walters art on the last one, I will maybe wait for a trade.

  8. I asked the guy at my shop what he was predicting for this, and he said, "Meh, you know, it’s Kevin Smith." I have no idea what he meant. Maybe I’ll check this out, though I fear I may go into Batman overload-sugarshock. Between all of the Batbooks and the Blackest Night Batman LS, my head might just explode.

  9. @HailScott: is there ever really too much Batman?

  10. Bring on the haters!!!

  11. i think the variant cover has him saying "MAYHEM"!!!!

  12. @uspunx: NO, especially Bruce Wayne

  13. Hey hey! It’s another Kevin Smith comic!

    I’ll see you guys in two years when the paperback comes out! 🙂

  14. I like Walt’s art and I dug the last series very much.  If I was an editor at DC, I’d give Mr. Flanagan a shot at something…

  15. I enjoyed last kevin smith Batman story. Will give a try.

    Would have prefered a better Artist..

    Just hope it comes out on time !

  16. I would be a lot more excited for this if it wasn’t for Cacophony. Will give it a shot though, I guess.

  17. I’m most of you guys, I wasn’t in love with his last Batman book, but I’m a big enough K. Smith fan to roll with this one.

    @champ- I think all the scripts for this one are done. Hater 😛

  18. Yeah, I heard that it was all written. Given his past performance, I don’t think Marvel or DC would ever give Smith a book again unless he delivered his completed scripts upfront.


  19. I really disliked Cacaphony. The characters were all off and the story was boring.

    Let’s be honest guys, the only reason Smith is even doing these books is to give his buddy Walt Flanagan mainstream work (and Walt isn’t even that good!)

  20. Timeliness according to the Smith won’t be an issue, he addressed it on his podcast. I think lunchbox is doing it because he has fun with Batman and it is nice to get some Bruce Wayne in your Batman diet even if the Reborn has let us down. 

  21. I passed on Cacaphony and I’m gonna pass on this one two,

     Smith is cool but not interesting enough for me to drop 4 dollars a book.


  22. I think i might wait for the trade on this, it’s a mini that has no bearing on the current storylines and i’m buyg way too many books, plus his last one read really good if you went through all of them in a row. betting this will be the same way

  23. Kevin Smith has lost me as a reader of his superhero comics. Unless the stars are named Jay, Bob, Dante, or Randal, I’m gonna pass.

  24. No no no.

    I’m not hatin Smith on his lateness. Just on how long it’s gonna take for DC to get this out in paperback trade. It will be about 2010 or early 2011 before it does come out in that form.

  25. just read the preview, and no thanks, I’m out

  26. acroding two ign thats not the cover

  27. Cacophony was fun until the conclusion of it.  I couldn’t stand the final issue for some reason.  I’m still checking this out though.  The cover alone sold me.

  28. Kevin Smith’s last shot for me. I really wanna like this.

  29. I think I enjoyed Cacophony so much because I don’t generally read much Batman thus I didn’t have the problems with the characterizations that others did. I loved his Joker; hilarious!

    From the preview pages it looks like Walt’s art keeps getting better and the Sienkiewicz cover is just icing on the cake. I’m in for the entire run. 

  30. looks fresh!

  31. You know what I just learned? I’m gonna be waiting more then 2 years for this in trade.

    I just read on on a site that this is one the first HALF of the story. The second half (or issues #7-12) will continue in spring of 2010 and won’t end until early 2011!!

    Yeah….I’m gald I am not doing this in issues.

  32. Technically, wouldn’t that mean a 2 -3 month gap.  We have waited much longer for other books in issues.  Smith has also said that it will keep the book on time as far as keeping the schedule as posted.

  33. Walt Flanagan’s art is just horrible at points in this book, much worse than it was in Cacophony. The last few panels, ugh. But sadly I’m a Kevin Smith fanboy and love the writing, and it does not disapoint. Seems like I’m in it for the long haul.

  34. I love Kevin Smith as much as almost anyone and the Cacophony was strong in the writting aspect but… Walt Flanagan isnt good and it really deters from the story itself… Bummer.

  35. I liked this a lot. I didn’t read Cacophony, but this was very entertaining. Smith set up a nice little mystery and while Flanagan’s art didn’t wow me, it definitely gets the job done. There are a few very nice pages here.

  36. Loved the first issue. Seems like a strong set up. I didnt think Walts art took anything away from it. Good stuff.

  37. I like Walt’s art just fine.  I’m not sure why people don’t like it.  It put’s me in a Norm Breyfogle frame of mind.

  38. i wonder if walt flanagan has ever seen etrigan before because what he drew looked enough like etrigan, but it was off. i think it was the nose/mouth area.

  39. This left a really bad taste in my mouth. I enjoyed the campy parts at the beginning, and the stuff with Dick was good, but from that point on I wasn’t into it. The Ivy seduction parts just felt weird, "the THC is potent.", etc., etc. Definitely not on board with this. 1/5.

  40. O=!! Why didn’t Josh tell us about his talented brother?

    I kid, but seriously it’d be pretty cool if they were somehow related, might give him an "in" on the industry. (=p we all know how he hates Nepotism so it’d be a nice twist in irony)

  41. The art was much better, with a few panels being down right awesome (like etrigan) and the story was pretty decent. Made me miss his GA though, because his batman is a little off. Not horredously off like when willingham wrote him…just slightly. I cringed at the pot referrence though.

  42. I thought Walt’s art was much, much better than it was in Cacaphony.  The story was fun, old school Batman.  This was much better than I expected it to be.  I’m in.

  43. I wasn’t sure about this until the end. "You’re the original badass."

  44. Ok I was REAAALLLy about to drop this book until I saw that one particular page of the appearance of Ivy…. call me what you will but it made me laugh and from then on I decided to give it another issue and see if he makes me laugh again… if not byebyeSmithyguy.

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