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Batman and Superman travel to Earth 2, where they find familiar heroes who are trying to kill them!

Story by Greg Pak
Art by Jae Lee
Colors by June Chung
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Jae Lee & June Chung

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 25.9%


ghostmann07/24/13NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Not sure where this story is going. That’s a GOOD thing.

  2. If this book is half Ben Oliver art, I will be bummed. Jae Lee’s work last issue was fantastic.

    • Jae Lee did 20 pages last issue. It was an extra long issue.

    • I thought he did 17 of the 24.

      If this is only 20 pages that will suck. For 4 bucks I want 24 pages of Jae Lee.

    • I love Ben Oliver, I was happy to see him last issue. I thought he complimented Jae Lee very well.

      …Having said that, I am also getting annoyed with all these ‘fill-in’ artists lately.

      Is Oliver drawing any regular book at the moment?

  3. The first issue was good. Not what I expected but still good. I doubt Jae Lee will stay for very long, but Ben Oliver wasn’t that bad for the fill in at the end. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Looking forward to this!

  5. Been waiting for this to come out since I finished the last issue!

  6. Liked the last one, going to see this out through the rest of the first arc!

  7. Really excited for this. Although I have one hope for an improvement:

    Please make the narration boxes bigger! I almost went blind by squinting so damn hard the first issue!

  8. Not a cross over already!!! second issue after there first meeting and we’re already exploring universes

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

      Also, while the art is certainly nice it’s not what I want from Batman/Superman. I can’t remember what happened last issue and that’s how I decide if I’m getting the next one. This will actually be the first week since New 52 started that I won’t be pulling any DC.

  9. I’m on the fence with the art. Its a little too weird for my tastes.

  10. Love Jae Lee’s art on this. The dude just keeps getting better and better. I can’t think of very many artists who’s style has changed so dramatically like Lee’s – and thankfully changed for the better.

    • @ghostmann – Same here – Jae Lee’s art is so unique compared to what’s on the stands now (including the muddy “DC-house style”). I plan on waiting for the Superman/Batman trade (mainly because the $3.99 price is more than I want to pay each month).

    • Jae Lee is the ONLY reason I’m buying this. But it is definitely a very stylized book, so it could turn off some people.

    • it’s funny, the other day I was at my local 99 cent store and ran across some of those comic bundles – you know the bag like 4 Image comics like Brigade, Bloodstrike, and Youngblood. Well this one had Youngblood Strikefile drawn by Jae Lee. This came out back in like 1993 – 94 or something and Lee’s art was so dark and jagged. Completely crazy-ass art and lightyears away from what his style is like now.

  11. Man – I was really looking forward to this until I saw Earth-2 mentioned. Zippy interest in parallel universes. It’s only issue #2! Went from pumped to meh in record time.

  12. I will check this out because of Greg Pak.I really enjoyed his run on the hulk/incredible Hercules book.Want to see his take on Batman/Superman.Earth 2 thing not so much.I’m still a big fan of pre-crisis Earth 2 as well as JSA before New 52.

  13. Ugh, they’re already traveling to Earth 2! I am glad I dropped this after the first issue.

  14. Over/Under on this being POTW from Conor?

  15. Apparently this is only 20 pages long, but all Jae Lee art. I dunno if I’m gonna get it or not. I guess I was okay with 24 pages for 3.99 but not so thrilled about just 20 for that price.

    • I’ve noticed a genuine reticence in ‘the community’ to voice objection, when it comes to price-point.

      Well, as good as this issue may be, 20pp for $3.99 is beyond the pale. Especially when it comes down to ‘the big two’, wiry their advantage of economy of scale, that smaller publishers can never match.

      I’ll sit back & buy it on ebay for about a dollar in six months’ time.

    • @Drumanespic: There’s been, historically, no reticence to discuss cover price–there was a time when the prices first went up that it as ALL that was being discussed around here. But it’s been 3-ish years at $3.99; most people have accepted it and moved on.

  16. Will definitely take a look at this in trade.

    Waiting to see a number of issues before I commit.

  17. This had some really nice moments.

    I’m a little clearer on the overall plot this time around, but not much clearer. Still, if this develops further I can see it being a very rewarding read. The art was stupefying and the ‘Earth 2’ plotline (continued from last issue, in case you didn’t notice), is developing nicely. The scenes on Earth 2 were gratifying and fun, the way that alternate-universe stories should always be.

    I felt like this had the feel of a classic DC book, what with the giant robots, meta-storytelling, parallel worlds and emotional earnestness. Really nicely done. Very well presented as well, it feels almost like a prestige book. Its not ‘there’ yet, but it has potential.

    • Oh, and THAT Wonder Woman panel? BOSS.

    • While the art is obviously beautiful and the story-telling shows promise, I’m worried that they are demoting the legendary first encounter of Bats and Supes to some random parallel earth story.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about that, I think its a nice way to bring each character into the other’s world.

      I also wouldn’t say that the alternate reality angle of this story was random (not yet anyway), as this type of story has a looooong tradition in DC and usually yields some pretty cool results.

      In my opinion, Its kinda cool that Bruce actually gets to meet the Kents and that Clark gets to meet Catwoman in a way that is interesting and challenging, as opposed to something that could be perceived as being a bit stale.

      If the story was ‘Batman & Superman are forced to team up to take down Lex Luthor & The Joker (again)’ it wouldn’t necessarily be bad, but it probably wouldn’t be that interesting. Yes, we might end up with some fun “Lois, meet Batman, Batman, Lois” moments, but they’d probably come across as stale set-pieces or forced attempts at humour.

      By throwing the two protagonists (as well as the readers) into a totally unfamiliar situation, neither character has the upper hand. That way, it isn’t ‘First, we shake down Lex Luthor in Metropolis and then we take on The Joker in Gotham’ and is more even and balanced, allowing each character space to breathe and explore. Earth 2’s Gotham is just as unfamiliar to Batman as Metropolis is. I think the story will eventually prove to be very satisfying, at least, I hope so.

      I’ll be interested to know how you feel about the upcoming issues.

    • @APoetSomeday Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it, and you’re right. This is the kind of book The New 52 should have been putting out from the start: Bringing together familiar characters together in COMPLETELY new ways with new adventures.

      With that said, I wrote what I wrote before I actually read it. It totally grabbed me and has my money as long as Pak and Lee stay!

    • Wow! That’s awesome news! I am genuinely pleased to read that. It would be a shame for any reader to give up on something so early on in its development.

      I think its been a fun ride so far, it has certainly earned my £6.60 over the last two months.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. T’was a good issue…

  18. Holy nuts, an entire issue of panels of the week:)

    Pak has a great feel for these characters, topped off with some Earth2 lore that beats anything Robinson ever did.

    Yeah…i liked it:)

  19. This was freaking awesome. Loved everything about it. 5/5, strong POTW contender for me.

  20. I’m probably the odd man out on this one but the art is just too odd for me. The characters look like they came out of a garbage pale kids trading card. The story is fantastic, but it isn’t enough for me to ignore the art.

    • To each their own. For me, if the story is good enough, I can overlook art I don’t particularly like i.e. Jock on The Black Mirror.

      I happen to like Jae Lee’s style. It’s way different than most of the generic artists out there and is extremely striking.

      But that’s my opinion. 🙂

    • There’s plenty of good stories I can read in books that would provide more entertainment time for a cheaper price. I buy comics because I believe it combines great story telling with visuals, if the visuals are lacking then I might as well read a book. That’s why the art has to be great. Good stories aren’t enough. I do agree to each their own, I do agree Jae Lee’s art is far from generic and striking, just not my thing. I do like Jock, so hey, different tastes.

    • Jae Lee not that proficient. But what he lacks in ability, he more than makes up for in style. More than that, this book looks different. I know I am sick of the exaggerated style of Superhero comics.

  21. Ok I’ll give this another try

  22. Loved this issue. While the script is a bit predictable it had a lot of good humor and characterization in this. I know nothing of the Earth 2 universe but I’m intrigued to see more of it. Jae Lee’s art though was pretty damn good though. What I loved was how he put so much of the characters in silhouette, especially in the Batman pages. June Chung should also get a bit of love for the colors which really stand out in each sequence. Orange isn’t the most typical color for Superman but it works for his pages.

    Also: The narration boxes were easier to read! That alone gives it a POTW nod for me…..Well more on the art and story but you get what I mean.

    5/5 (POTW)

  23. I thought Clark’s parents died in a car crash in the New 52? Wasn’t that shown in Morrison’s Action run?

  24. This didn’t blow me away the way it seems to have others, but it was good. Lee’s art is so wonderful, I could’ve enjoyed this just as much without any text. As for the story, I really enjoyed the characters’ confusion throughout. I like Earth 2 Clark and Bruce so much, that it’s a real shame we already know how and when they bite the dust.

    I really don’t understand how so many readers appear to be confused by what’s going on here. Seemed pretty straight forward to me. I’m not knocking anyone’s reading comprehension. I’m just curious as to what exactly everyone’s so confused about and why.

  25. I for one really enjoyed the whole ‘two worlds collide’ theme. I liked this even better than the first issue. Seeing the reactions from Lois Lane and Wonder Woman thrown into the mix was a lot of fun!

  26. This was great even at a 3.99 price tag for 20 pages of Jae Lee art and a wonderful story so far makes it worth it to me if the quality stays this way

  27. I like Jae Lee’s covers, but half of the art in this issue was silhouettes. I am not a fan.

    • I wouldn’t say half the art – more like 1/4 of it. And dude those panels showcased the story the way it needed to be told at the moment, with geometric shapes designed to move our eyes, and the story, in a seamless sequential flow.

      You are a fan, you just don’t realize it yet. 😉

  28. This book is like a meal at a French restaurant – looks fancy, is expensive, but is too sparse.

    3/5 – I don’t know if I will be back for more

  29. What the heck is a Mangubot? They were creepy.

  30. Awesome issue. Also, that moment when the two Batmen were flying through Gotham seemed like it was pulled out of the justice lords episode of the Justice League cartoon. In the show, Batman also mentions how cleaner the city was.

  31. This was amazing and any fears I had about the Earth 2 stuff were put to rest. It was all handled wonderfully, I can’t wait to see more. Our Superman’s reaction to seeing the Earth 2 Wonder Woman was great!

  32. Avatar photo SteveAreUokay (@StevieAreUokay) says:

    I’m really diggin this title and the art work I think Jae Lee’s work is impeccable and gorgeous! I feel some of you guys on the 3.99 pricing on a lot of comics nowadays but, it seems like that’s going to be the norm from now on! most of Marvel’s titles are 3.99.

  33. This was a great issue. I love seeing Earth 2 stuff. The $3.99 price is steep but at least we get a glossy cover I guess. I really like Lee’s artwork. Very different but very cool. Yeah, I loved Lois’ reaction to Superman’s reaction of Prime Earth to Wonder Woman and how she took it out on the Earth 2 Superman.

  34. I’m loving this title! I thought it was just going to be fun seeing our New52 Clark and Bruce meet, but we also get the fun of them meeting their Earth-2 counterparts, and E-2 Selina and Diana, plus a new villain – AND Lee’s artwork is impressing me so much. So yeah… I’m in for the long haul.

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