In this sensational, giant-sized one-shot spinning out of BATMAN INCORPORATED, Batman realizes to his horror that he’s been outwitted as the true identity of Leviathan continues to elude him. Is his deadly adversary an old foe with a grudge to settle, a new face of evil…or something completely different?

Only one thing is certain: You won’t soon forget the shocking ending!


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  1. Finally! It feels like it took forever to get this out. At least we get the last two issues of this series, before the new volume next year, with this one-shot. Burnham and Stewart working with Morrison is always a good thing.

  2. The preview on the DC source page shows Dick in a Batman costume. Sorry, I have to ask – where does this fit in? Pre-relaunch? Maybe in that period before the new #1s?

    • This is the regular, pre-New 52 Batman Incorporated continuity — the two “lost” issues that would’ve come right after #8. But really, who cares?

    • Yeah it takes place BEFORE the relaunch but Morrison says the next volume will take after the relaunch.

      But as glunders says, who really cares? As long as the story is good it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Yep and apparently they decided Steph is Batgirl in this book and not Spoiler. It would’ve been too complicated to have this story fit into DCnU or .. wtf…. yeah who cares…. finally it’s here!!

    • As far as I know, Steph’s time as Batgirl hasn’t been deleted post-New52, just hasn’t been mentioned yet. (My guess is she gave it up because Bruce convinced her to take on some other aspect of the Incorporated mission).

      So I don’t see any reason this is hard to put into context. Just put your mind back in August!

    • That preview art looks so sweet. I’m excited to finally read this. The Batman: Leviathan series hasn’t been solicited yet, has it? I think the reason I’m not that into the Snyder/Capullo Batman is because I find the pre-New 52 Batman status quo so much more interesting.

    • @stasisbal: What parts of the “pre-New 52 Batman status quo” do you feel have been left behind since the relaunch?

      I realize there are aspects that have been downplayed — like the Batman Inc network, Steph’s tenure as Batgirl, Dick’s tenure as Batman — but I’ve really enjoyed the consistency between the Bat-books pre- and post-New52.

      I’m not expecting this book to connect any of the unconnected dots (why Steph gives up her cowl, why Bruce goes back to Gotham), but I’m hoping it provides a few points of temporary closure for the Batman Inc-era (at least until the Leviathan series starts).

    • Ken – It’s partly the things you listed. I loved Batman, Inc. and the way Bruce was jet setting around the world. I think the characters were in more interesting places – Dick as a Batman, Damien teamed with Dick, Barbara as Oracle, Steph as Batgirl. I liked being introduced to new Batmen. All of the costumes looked better.

      I guess the biggest thing is there hasn’t been a regular Grant Morrison Batman comic. I’ve grown to prefer his take on the character. Batman is obviously a versatile character and that’s great. But a more straight forward crime/thriller take on the character is a tough sell for me.

      I’m not bothered by the continuity shift but seeing the preview for this reminded me how much I was enjoying Batman, Inc and how much all of the New 52 comics starring Batman haven’t clicked with me. But I’m reading plenty of good comics and Morrison’s story will wrap up so it’s all good.

    • @stasisbal – I hear you. I love the crime/detective elements to Batman, so I’ve been a very happy camper with Snyder and friends. But I liked the Batman Inc concept a lot too and agree that it got short-changed (thanks to Morrison’s irregular schedule?).

      Wouldn’t be great if Grant created a studio (church?) where he could play the role of Idea Pope? He could generate concepts and plots, pass the scripting duties off to trained proteges, and then sign off on the final scripts. We’d still get the great Morrison creativity, but we’d get more than a dozen or so examples of it per year.

    • @Ken Wasn’t that church called Mark Millar for a while?

  3. Of all the weeks for this to come out……………..It comes out when I am buying close to 18 books……………………………………… Damn it Morrison for not finishing books on time………….

    • Gant’s action comics is so oh good (and on time) that you should forgive him for being late on wrapping up a book he was not ready to wrap.

  4. VERY excited for this, especially considering the cliffhanger from the last issue. Morrison’s Batman epic has been one of my favorite Batman stories ever, so I’m happy to see that this is progressing.

  5. this is quite expensive, anyone know how many pages it is?

  6. I kinda like that this is coming out now. It’s a nice time to remember. I totally miss Tim as Red Robin and Steph as Batgirl.

    • Is Tim not Red Robin in Teen Titans?

    • Yeah he is, but he doesn’t look nor acts out like the old Red Robin persona… I miss him so bad, Red Robin was my favorite series pre-New 52!

      The wings are just…ughhh…

    • Am I the only one who likes Tim’s new costume better?

    • Well the tie to Batman is lost… Aside from the “Robin” in Red Robin, he would be just any other teen hero for new readers…

      At least the old costume had weight (coming from Kingdom Come) and being made from his old Robin outfit and some parts of the Batsuit AND becoming more of an adult, mature hero à la Nightwing/Batman…

      Now it’s like he was retrograded to just being another teen hero oh and yeah, by the way, he was Batman’s third robin sidekick (but that’s all they give you)… I think he’s the most akward of the rebooted characters of the New 52 and it sucks cause he was my favorite right there next to Batman!

      /rant mode off

    • @KillTheG1mp: I only read the first issue of Teen Titans (so I can’t speak to Tim’s characterization in that book, nor do I have an opinion on the new costume), but as far as I can tell, Tim’s connection to the Bat-Family hasn’t been lost in the New 52. I mean, he was with Bruce, Dick and Damian in Batman #1, right?

      It seems true that the connection isn’t as strong or prominent as it was before September, but I think it’s one of those things that hasn’t been addressed just yet.

    • You’re entirely right, but that presence in Batman #1 was the only real tie there is…

      It’s just, I dunno, weird and for a character that’s been loved for 20 years and had his own solo-series for so long, that retcon or I dunno what to call it is like a slap in the face to fans. 😉

      I’m still reading every bat-books I’m pulling and I enjoy reading Teen Titans, I just wish the old Tim Drake/Red Robin character was the way he was before, the way I liked him so much!

  7. Not to compare this to Fantastic Four #600…but if this is 44 story pages, i will not be happy.

  8. If only I weren’t buying 11 books this week, I’d buy this just for Steph.

  9. Ouch! $6.99 That’s gonna hurt but…Oh well! I’m getting it anyway!

  10. Bet this’ll be the POTW.

  11. Getting this and Snyder’s Batman on the Wednesday before Christmas is pure Holiday magic.

  12. Cardstock cover, guys! Literally a mini trade.

  13. Argh! My store got shorted on copies so I have to wait another fuckin’ week for this!

  14. Anyone know why this isn’t available on Comixology?

  15. Really wish they had streamlined some of the continuity stuff here…Steph-Batgirl was not a problem, but why not fix the Batwing stuff? would not require an art change. a bit frustrating, especially considering how long these issues have been sitting around. also really not new reader friendly:) recap should have been at the front. otherwise a nice bit of Morrison.

  16. Anybody else spotted Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and Katy Perry?

  17. Holy crap! I love Cameron Stewarts new thinner line style. I had only noticed Rhianna but now I see the others lol thats great. There’s nothing more refreshing than a mind-bending Morrison story and a double dose at that. I shouldn’t have read this first…

  18. Gah, really want to read this but it didn’t get released on comixology 🙁

  19. I stopped buying monthlies a few weeks ago because the lack of $, figured I’d pick it all up in trades. But this I had to get. Wow. Morrison, man he was doing some great story telling on Batman before the new 52. You forgot about it since the series did have problems coming out on a regular basis.

    I’m glad he gets to finish what he started, and you get the sense with this it all comes full circle, going back a few years to the first arc, Batman and son. Might be a good time to read read all that.

  20. Well I’m going to be the odd man out here. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the last couple of issues of batman inc but thought I would check this out just to see how he finished it and boy was I disappointed. I love morrison’s work typically but this whole issue was a hard to follow mess in my opinion. Also in this brand new post flashpoint world the entire idea of batman inc just seems like a step back towards overly complex and continuity marred stories, which I’m worried is going to mess up what’s going on now when it starts back up in 2012. Ugh not for me 2.5/5.

  21. Does anyone know when it restarts will it be in the new continuity? After rereading it and counting how many characters died I doubt it, considering how they are being used in the new 52. Just curious, so many interesting ways for Morrison to take this.

    • Basically DC has said that Batman and Green Lantern’s continuity are basically untouched for the most part. Since Morrison is going to keep writing the next Batman Inc. story in 2012 this is all going to probably be in continuity. Very excited to see what’s next.

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