Man-of-Bats and his prot

Written by GRANT MORRISON; Art and cover by CHRIS BURNHAM; 1:25 Variant cover by FRAZER IRVING

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  1. The preview on Newsarama looks fantastic, very grim.

  2.  @martinNL  It’s like an issue of Scalped.

  3. @AmirCat  I was thinking the same, although I’ve never read an issue of Scalped (yet).

  4. @martinNL  – haha. I’ve read the first trade and own the second one. It really reminded me of scalped. This is an exciting week.

  5. The art for this issue looks awesome!

    BTW, is this the regular cover?

  6. @ragcage  I’m pretty sure it is. I was beginning to think this cover would never make it to print, since it’s been solicited for many different issues. I prefer the variant cover though by Frazer Irving though. You should be able to check them both out at the Newsarama preview.

  7. @ragcage  yes it is and the Frazer Irving variant looks really nice too.
    check it out:

    So excited for this one. With this and Detective it’s a great week for me.

  8. I just love the image of Batman riding alongside another Bat-man in on a buffalo.

    This is gonna be good. 

  9. Really looking forward to this. I thought Burnham’s art in the previous issue was a step back from the phenomenal work he did in issue #4. But he’s had a little extra time to work on this issue, so I’m expecting greatness.

  10. Sure I’m picking it up but it looks a little goofy. We’ll see.

  11. Is the name “Red Raven” a Marvel property?

  12. That cover is why people buy comics. No where else could you get away with something so absurd.

  13. Grant Morrison is a fucking genius. We should be honored that he blesses us with these quality funnybooks.

  14. Batman and the Southwest.  Who knew it’d work so well?!

  15. Looking forward to this and am gutted that the title is getting put on pause until 2012. Will hopefully ensure that there are no delays on the artistic side though.

    Wasn’t this the story that was originally solicited for issue 6?

  16. @henryj2112  I think so. It was also supposed to come out several months ago. Hopefully worth the wait.

  17. I wonder what is going to be happening during the hiatus?  Why the hiatus and what changes as a result?

  18. @MisterJ  I bet Batman will not change that much. Plus Morrison is a genius so even if Thomas Wayne becomes part of the DCU, he’ll have incorporated it.

  19. Fantastic issue!

    Yes it resembles ‘Scalped’ in some ways but I think this issue is better then that entire series. This comic was more about a vigilante trying to save his town then anything else. (Which has become more relevent in the news) PLus the art by Burnham is just perfect. I love this series now, it’s the book that was advertised so many months ago coming true.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  20. This whole series has been great but this may well be the best of the bunch. It’s the most grounded and belivable (though it’s still the best kind of absurd). Loved it. POTW for me no doubt.

  21. The fact that Man-O-Bats has a ‘Batcave’ that costs $15 to get in is pretty damn funny to me.

    Especially that he’s in an area that is mainly filled with the homeless. 

  22. I have loved this since the start and I can’t believe how it still keeps getting better. I am so glad that Burnham is locked in. Smart move DC!
    There was a panel in this issue that I was certain that Man-O-Bats was going to be a goner. A big “oh, crap!” I honestly didn’t know what to think. And Jay-sus! Somebody wash that kid asap!

  23. Amazing ish for sure. I wish DC would be doing a Man of Bats series with the new relaunch instead of a Batwing series.

    Plus it always reminds me of the movie “waiting” I believe it was called.

  24. Burnham has an almost quitely feel to his art

  25. Wow.  This was a fantastic issue.  Burnham is great as usual, I’m stoked he’s the regular artist when the series returns in December.  And the pacing!  This issue tells a complete story that’s part of a greater whole and hits several notes in 20 pages.  If this is the feel of the new DCU – more exciting single issues – I’m all for it.

  26. This was only ok to me.

  27. @TheNextChampion  Better than the entire series of Scalped?  You’re beyond crazy.

    This issue was great…just REALLY emotionally heavy for me.  Being a new parent, the scene with the dead mother and the abandoned infant sitting in it’s own feces was a bit much for a Batman book.  Definitely made me a bit down as that’s something I don’t take lightly.

  28. I couldn’t help but think that in a world of superheroes and Batman, a guy like Man of Bats and his son really might exist..!  Loved the muscley Man of Bats, I think the art really made what could have been (in parts) an unintentionally funny story work.  Great cover.

  29. @TexasZombie99  I’m with you. Very disturbing. But, still, what a wonderful issue! Don’t think that comics can get much better. Best issue so far.

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