Man-of-Bats is a self-styled hero and community leader who protects his Sioux reservation from crime and disease. His son, Raven Red, can’t seem to keep his father’s often-embarrassing enthusiasm in check – and he dreams of escaping his father’s shadow to become a big time hero. But what happens when this homemade Dynamic Duo become the targets of a sophisticated, well-connected killer from the shadows? Can the intervention of Batman save them before it’s too late?

Art and cover by CHRIS BURNHAM
Variant cover by FRAZER IRVING

Price: $2.99
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  1. Burnham has been impressing me more and more and more every time out.

    And Morrison did a great job with Man-of-Bats and Raven Red way back in the “Club of Heroes” Batman arc with JH Williams.

  2. This weekend I went looking for anything Burnham. I bought some Amory Wars issues. Really great art, eventhough the production value is not as high as DC. This guy is amazing!

  3. Burnham is a fairly new name on my “list” that I’ll follow/pay attention to.

  4. Frazer Irving’s cover is nice, but I’ll miss JH Williams.

  5. Again Burnham should’ve been artist from day one of this series. Can’t wait to see more of his work get shown here.

  6. I really prefer Paquette’s work…though I’m probably the minority. 

  7. Chris Burnham is the man, I wish he started from issue 1

  8. Can’t wait to get more art from Burnham.

  9. I thought Winnick’s Red Hood arc was supposed to start in Batman & Robin this week as well.  I’m kinda more excited about B&R and Tec because I haven’t been reviewing and rereading Morrison’s current Inc. arc to get a grasp on WTF is going on…

    Always gotta put extra time in with Morrison, especially when Wiki isn’t helping much…

  10. @TexasZombie99  – I like both Paquette and Burnham. I’m glad we have such amazing variety.

  11. I guess its been good…but not very fun for me… i just don’t know if Morrison is my cup of tea. 

  12. Morrison can be a little hard to follow, but he certainly knows how to craft a good, complex story.

  13. Anyone who was struggling with the story should give it a reread.  I wasn’t really sure what was going on, especially with the early delays, but after reading 1-5 in one go it was relatively straight forward.  Take your time with reading it, it’s not a race to the finish, think about it while you’re reading, it’ll make your money go further!

  14. Very, very tempted to get the Irving variant for this.

  15. Issues 3-5 are really dense, but once you start to “get” the mystery that Morrison’s building, it’s really worth it. The whole “leviathan”/”oroboros” conspiracy is really interesting. The man exiled to the island, all the mythology references–it’s just really neat stuff. I would recommend the annotations on and comicsalliance. There’s a ton of literary references too.

  16. @Anthony@froggulper -i usually do that with most all my comics..especially since Tom Katers “slow it down” article a long way back. I think i do need to read this stuff again, although lately i’m more into sillier coimc-book-y stuff…good light fun. Morrison is just very serious business…dunno if i’m in the best head space for it nowadays. 

  17. That cover is freakin’ amazing, for about 12 different reasons.

  18. Last issue got a bit Final Crisis Morrison-jumpy in terms of narrative (if you get what I mean). Still this is a very enjoyable comic.

  19. I like Morrison mostly, but my complaint is the same as others…sometimes his narrative is too jumpy for its own good.  I thought the first issue was real straight forward, but 2-5 have been a bit wandering.

  20. I may drop… but i feel if i do this master plan will just unfold as soon as I do.

  21. Very excited for this. I love how Morrison makes the reader a detective in a story about the world’s greatest detective. You get at least twice as much out of it as you put in and you KNOW it will pay off in the end. I like both artists equally, which is to say, quite a bit.

  22. @TexasZombie99  

    I with you,  loved Paquette’s work. 

  23. This was really good, still has that sense of excitement about the concept, I’m still enthused.

  24. Although the last issues were not my favorite, I loved this issue a LOT. Pick of the week.

  25. Mind = Blown G-MO and Burnham brought the heat for this one

  26. I want Burnham to draw all of the comics I read. I hope he’s up to the task.

  27. This was excellent. My favorite issue so far, and my POTW. The momentum that Morrison (and Bruce for that matter) has rolling is beyond exciting.

    Seeing all these characters in the same story is so much fun. Morrison really did deliver on that promise that this Bruce Wayne would have a completely different disposition, and I couldn’t be loving it more.  I’m excited for the concept of Red Robin and the Outsiders.  I’ve been waiting for Tim to be brought on board in an important way.  Nightrunner and the Hood are my two favorite noobies, but it was great to see Cass (Black Bat? Ooookaay) again with that wacky new costume.  Bruce swearing in Ranger (and everyone else I assume) in front of the candle was a nice touch.  And I can’t wait to see who the new Wingman is.

    The narrative here flowed beautifully, and the pace was almost breakneck.  For those of us who’ve been on board since Batman and Son, things are really paying off in a big way.  Maybe it has less to do with how long you’ve committed to his run, and more to do with how much you re-read Morrison.  Or maybe it’s a healthy combination.  Either way, the deeper we go the more I’m soaking it all up.  This book just feels like a big comfy lazy-boy every month.

    “You should’ve stayed in Pennsylvania, Joe Average. We don’t have a Batman in Pennsylvania. Not yet. Welcome to Gotham.”

    Yeah. Give me #7.

  28. I liked this so much I have to say it twice.

    Any speculation on who Wingman is?

    @WheelHands – Yeah. Give me #7 [2].


  29. @Alexferrer  Jason

  30. This issue was full of moments that made me smile and think “fuck yeah!” Not as confusing as the previous issues. I love that Bruce is having a blast buillding his army of Batmen. 

  31. It’s high time a new artist got on board. I never really liked Paquette’s stuff at all.

  32. this was really good. Set up a lot of stuff, but was straight forward. I wish Morrison would write more like this instead of the overly complicated, slow burn stuff he’s known for. Less is more? I’m sure there are layers here that will be rewarded later. This issue pulled me back into the series. If this one didn’t do anything it would be the last. Well played. 

    The art was pretty nice as well, that last splash/credits page was pretty cool.  

  33. And a this is a what you a call a five out of a five my a son.

  34. The best issue so far. Why did it take six issues to get going?

  35. @AquaPimp82: It wouldn’t have been this good without those five issues. Morrison’s not interested in instant gratification. He’s the definition of big picture comics.

  36. @CaseyJustice 

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I dislike this cover so much I almost didn’t want to read it.  I felt like I was opening a Batman coloring book, especially compared to the style of the previous covers. 

  37. @BatMantis

    Totally agree. I think it’s hideous. I prefer the variant cover for this issue by Frazer Irving. Love that artist. Not too fond of last issue’s cover either, but 1 and 4 were my favourites. 

  38. This was sooo good! Can’t I give it 10 stars?

  39. The average joes

    the Dark athelete??

    This and a few other bigger reasons- I am off board.

    Plenty of peope  will remain to watch morrison whack off on paper.

    Granted I thought the Batman inc. was an interesting idea.


    You could call this book anything at this point but Batman doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. 

  40. Awesome issue. I prefer the focus to remain on stuff like this, not all the convoluted and impossible-to-follow (for me at least) stuff from the Argentina arc. 

    Chris Burnam is amazing! 

  41. @ericmci: The book stars the entire Batfamily. “Batman Inc.” seems like a pretty appropriate title to me.

  42. POTW easily. The only complaint I have is the cover, it looks like a corny kids book. Bring J.H. back!

    @ericmci  not sure I follow your logic there…

  43. @ericmci  Read the thread, almost everyone agrees, Morrison is a slow burn. I like to think of his writing as similar to chaptered novilazation writing as opposed to most comic writers who write similar to TV episodic. 

  44. Just finished Animal Man. If I had been reading that in issues today I’d be pissed until th end. But now that everyone is more familiar with Morrison they’re willing to stick with it til the “payoff.”

  45. @ed209AF  –to be fair, not everyone likes the slow burn, or the taking itself so seriously its no longer fun vibe that morrison’s writing can sometimes be like. 

  46. @db8coach  That’s a good way to describe it – too jumpy. Morrison has great, grandiose ideas, but the narrative is often too jumpy for my tastes. I realize sometimes this is a writing technique – reveal certain key things later for greater effect, build suspense, yadda yadda yadda… but it’s becoming tiresome.

    I was also less impressed with the art than many of you here. I think it was good for the most part, but I don’t like the way Burnham draws Bruce Wayne. Bruce looked manic, insane even, is some shots. In fact, I wasn’t crazy about how he draws non-masker people in general. 5 for ideas, 3 for execution.

  47. Best issue so far.  Hopefully they all come out this well each month and not every now and then, but at least they’re caught up.  Don’t know when The Dark Knight’s next issue will come.

  48. @kennyg Have to agree with you. Burnham draws actions / masks well, but out of costume Bruce looks sily.

    I am glad I didn’t judge this on its cover, as I hated it to the point where I shelled out for the Variant. On the other hand – content was excellent. I hated Morrison’s style at first, but embraced it after reading Batman and Son to RIP in one sitting.

    If Jason is the new Wingman then continuity will be all over the shop. Definitely someone we know though.

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