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Art and cover by CHRIS BURNHAM
Variant cover by FRAZER IRVING

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

It took six issue and six months but finally, thank the lord finally, this book has finally got my interest. No joke, this is my favorite issue to date for Morrison’s new Batman run. But why you ask? Why this issue and not the previous issues involving Batman going to Japan and Argentina? Well it goes as such:

This was a fun comic that finally shows me Morrison can write a silly Batman book.

This issue had everything: Action, ridiculous new villains, a slew of new Batmen, and finally a look into why Bruce is doing all of this. Morrison doesn’t give us all the answers, as usual, but I got a greater sense on why Batman needs to branch out. Outside of that little story progression, there was just too much fun going on in this issue. Whether it’s Bruce introducing his new, somewhat Kingdom Come-like, robots or giving us a virtually endless array of new Batmen and women, I just had fun reading this sucker. This book also delves a bit deeper into what Dick, Damien, and Tim are going to do in the future. Plus any book that has a supervillain team of ‘Joe Average and the Average Joes’ based in Pennslyvania gets a thumbs up in my book.

This issue also brings back Chris Burnham and for the millionth time I have to say that he should’ve been the artist from day one on this series. His Geof Darrow/Frank Quitely style is just gorgeous to look at. Absolutely gorgeous. You can see the individual wrinkles in a person’s face, or the cracks in a building, or every puff of smoke when there’s a fire. He really does have a nice style of the two artists previously mentioned and colorist Nathan Fairbairn also keeps it looking like their style. It’s a bright, colorful looking book and it held my interest from first to last page.

I’m not sure where this book is gonna go. Whether it be by Morrison possibly re-writing scripts or the constant mis-informed solicts. But I am so happy I finally, fully enjoyed an issue of Batman INC. For once Morrison didn’t put any mystical or scientific mumbo-jumbo. All he did was make an action packed, and silly Batman comic like he promised from day one of this series. If all the issues could be like this I would marry this comic. As for now though, this is my pick of the week for just being awesome.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Nice review, your enthusiasm is infectious. I didn’t know I could be more excited about this book…

  2. Personally I really enjoyed issue 1 and 2, but those last three are a bit well…. dunno. Will have to wait till Friday to read it myself. But I can’t wait now after reading your enthusiastic review.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Read it once then went back and read it again right away. So good. The story in issues 3-5 reads better when read all in one sitting, but still not on the level of Morrison’s previous Batman issues while this was up there with the best of them for sure.

  4. “For once Morrison didn’t put any mystical or scientific mumbo-jumbo.”

    Well that’s a good thing.

  5. “All he did was make an action packed, and silly Batman comic like he promised from day one of this series”

    But every issue of Inc. so far as had many action-packed, silly, campy bits.

    I liked this issue so far but think it was a step down from the last few.

    It was more like an overview of the whole global situation, which was fine. I like it better when Morrison stays with a group of characters and explores them so some psychological depth (like we got in last few issues). This one was okay, though. It was neat. I think Burnham’s art was better in issue four.

  6. great review. I was preparing to write a very similar review.  I was on the verge of dropping the title, but now I’m back on board.

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