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The “Ghosts” storyline comes to a thrilling close! Batman and Callie continue battling their internal ghosts and the external foe who is preying on them. But when they realize they can’t even trust the police, what can they do? Can Batman survive another loss?

Written by SAM KIETH
Art and cover by SAM KIETH

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


jonnyflash04/08/10YesRead Review
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  1. Shame the story is just plain awful. The art is worth picking the issues up though.

  2. This was awful…..Kieth should not be allowed to write a comic ever again.

    Oh wait he’s doing Arkham Asylum OGN…..*sighs* 

  3. I wish he would keep going, at least on the art.  I love his art so much.

  4. @TNC Again, you should read his creator owned stuff. It’s awesome. Awesome written, that is. But maybe you just prefer to paint him as an aweful writer.

  5. @Bendrix: I’m sorry but when you have a character die by falling off a 2in curb….that’s bad. Also, hilariously funny.

  6. That’s fate for you. Whatta bitch fate is.

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