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  1. I’m hoping this is more like last week’s Arkham Asylum and less like Man-Bat. Also, isn’t Yost the writer of the upcoming Red Robin? Has he done anything else that’s worth looking into?

  2. The deciding factor for me on picking this up is Pablo Raimondi…this may actually be the first time I’ve chosen to buy a comic based on the artist. 

  3. @Rustyautoparts

    Yost is a pretty prolific writer, both in and out of comics.  I believe that he has headed up the last two x-men cartoons (the new one and evolution) and I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong) that he and Craig Kyle created X-23.  The two of them also write X-Force and I think are the architects for Messiah War

  4. @MisterJ: Cool, thanks. I’m slowly building up my knowledge of comic creators. I’ll have to look into some of his other stuff.

  5. Yost is doing Killer of Demons which is supposedly awesome.

  6. Isnt Yost on an exclusive contract with Marvel? Not sure, that’s why I’m asking

  7. If he was then how could he be writing for DC and Image?

  8. As always, almost all of the BFTC tie-ins have been good, and I have no reason to expect this will be any different.

  9. very excited. most of these tie-ins have been awesome!!

  10. What a bunch of pimps

  11. The Riddler + Two-Face + Pablo Raimondi = Awsome.

  12. I liked the Gordon one-shot, so I will give this one a shot. 

    Does anyone know what the format is for this?  Meaning, is it going to be a anthology style like Marvel’s Dark Reign Cabal or will it be a one-shot?

  13. I really like the Battle for Cowl series, this looks like it could be the best one-shot.

  14. @Mister J

     This is a one shot.  The only tie-in series for BftC are Oracle and Azrael (and Gotham Gazette, depending on how you look at it)  Everything else (Arkham, Underground, Network, Man-Bat, Gordon) is a one shot. Then supposedly Secret Six #9 is going to be a tie in.  Not sure if it’ll get the official cover treatment, or if it’ll just have something to do with the story.

  15. @Mister J: It’s a one shot. As far as the format, I haven’t seen any previews or anything, but I get the impression that each character will get a few pages of their own, separate story. However, I could be very wrong about this, and I’m wondering as well, so if there’s anyone out there who could correct me, feel free to speak up!

  16. @Sclockhart and kwisdumb

    Thanks for the heads up!  I hope that it is one story with all the characters in it as well.  I personally feel that splitting up 32 pages (minus ads) for three characters would leave me wanting more from each and would compromise a decent story.  With the three characters pictured, it could easily fold into one story as all have, recently at least, been straddling the line between legal and illegal activities.  

  17. I planned to buy all Batman Battle for the Cowl comic book series I planned to add this comic book to my collection as well.

  18. Killer Of Demons IS pretty awesome. Believe the hype! So, I have high hopes for this issue.

    *waits for dreams to be crushed by reality*

  19. @ evil09

    I have the same plan, all the Battle for the Cowl books and crossovers, so far so good.

  20. Good, solid 3-star comic book. It started off better than it ended, but I was happy with it, and I’m interested to see where this story, and the whole Gotham City Sirens thing goes.

    I’ve got to hand it to DC, I’ve read all of the Battle For The Cowl tie-ins (something I rarely ever do), and all of them have been satisfactory, in my opinion, except for Man-Bat. Oracle & Arkham were awesome, Comissioner Gordon was well done, and Azrael was pretty good. Add this to the fray, and batting 5/6, especially when dealing with tie-ins, is not bad at all. Let’s hope this trend continues.

  21. I had no interest in Gotham City Sirens, but I might grab the first issue because of this.



  22. @kwisdumb I couldn’t disagree more with Oracle, Commissioner Gordon and Manbat. But alas…

    I found this mediocre. Raimondi’s art, while good, was distracting. If I wanted to see Madrox with a different nose I would have picked up X-Factor. If I wanted to see Siryn in a Harley Quinn costume I have photoshop. However, I did like the hybrid Danny DeVito face on Penguin.  The writing was good, though I couldn’t help but feel like this was just for Set-Up purposes, which is fine, but I don’t like being strung along. You could have had this be issue one of Gotham City Sirens and I probably would have stuck around for a few more. Now I’m not so sure.

    Alas… 3/5. 

  23. @PraxJarvin: Seriously, what was up with those noses? The art was decent, but for some reason I found every female nose to be very distracting.

    I liked the writing a lot here. It sold me on issue one of Sirens and makes me want to give Red Robin a look. We’ll see what happens after that.

  24. I just realized that the way I worded my comment might’ve been confusing…

    God Tier: Oracle
    High Tier: Gordon, Underground
    Mid Tier: Azrael
    Low Tier: Man-Bat.

  25. Yep. Dreams were crushed by reality. This was craptastic.

    @kwis – Arkham Asylum was better than all of them.

  26. @kwisdumb Mine would be:

    High: Arkham

    Mid:Azrael, Underground

    Low: Gordon

    Insulting: Oracle, Man-bat 

  27. OK, since we are playing this game, I’ll play too!

    High – Arkham Asylum, Azrael (issue 1)

    Mid -Oracle (issue 1)

    Low – Gordon, Underground

    Toilet Paper (used) – Man-Bat, Oracle (issue 2), Azrael (issue 2)

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