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Wow, what a mess this was.  Everything seems to be straight out of 1992 here.  The retelling of Knightfall and Danny Devito reprising his role at the Penguin from Batman Returns.  I thought Battle For The Cowl was supposed to be bringing us into the future of Batman mythologies? Although the Batman comics from that era probably had a lot better art then The Underground #1!  Harley Quinn and Catwoman didn’t even attract my eye whatsoever.  This guy can’t even make girls look good.  Yuck.  This art is a mess!!

I don’t seem to give a shit where the characters are at this point in Battle For The Cowl right now neither.  I don’t really see any reason why anybody who is only reading the main Tony Daniels issues of the Battle For The Cowl story would miss anything worth mentioning from this spin off.  This mish mosh is nearly as boring as Battle For The Cowl: Manbat, and that was bad.  If this is the direction new series that are supposed to start their release schedules in June like Gotham City Sirens are going to be taking, I have already lost interest, and I had high hopes for a monthly book about Gotham’s most celebrated females.  If Harley Quinn is going to look like a man in the new Gotham City Sirens series like she looks like in the last page of The Underground #1, then I’m not going to want anything to do with that! Ouch.

Oh yeah, and when did people start giving a shit about FireFly or whatever his name is? I hope he’s just a plot device like the Film Critic dude was in the beginning of Knightfall so that they don’t have to kill of anybody who seems the slightest bit interesting because FireFly surely DOES NOT.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I’ve been trying to be selective about the BFTC tie-ins. Or any tie-ins, really. Sometimes you get a gem, but often they’re just a schlocky money grab.

  2. Did you catch the Penguin story in Joker’s Asylum though? That’s a good Cobblepot story.

  3. Shit, I forgot all about those Joker Asylum books.  That was quite a while ago now.

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