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Le Jardin Noir – France’s very own Arkham Asylum – falls under siege!

Someone has freed the lunatics, and unless they can be stopped, they’ll turn Paris into a surreal Hell on Earth!

Batman and Robin join Nightrunner in a mind-bending battle with the strangest lineup of villains this side of Bizarro World.

Written by DAVID HINE
Variant cover by J.G. JONES

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Love this cover.  I hope the rest of the issue is like this!

  2. This is a great cover. I may pick this up at myLCS

  3. Cover looks fantastic, but art inside by Tocchini. Hopefully Hine’s story is very good so as to compensate the art, which is generally a 1 out of 5 by this artist imo 🙁

  4. Goddamn it. That cover is great but I’ve been burned by these creators before. Hmm…is that cover worth 2.99?

  5. A French Arkham Asylum is worth $3 to check out.

  6. I don’t usually read Hine’s stuff because it’s usually quite boring but I might as well finish the whole B&R run with this last issue.  It’s only one issue, maybe it’ll be cool.

  7. Dammit not tochini again.

  8. I’m all about the art and writing for this book. Dropped.

  9. Greg…..Tocchini? (twiches)…..Everyone out of the thread!

    (stands up)…….FU——

    “Good lord, that was the loudest profanity I’ve ever heard”-Ned Flanders 

  10. I’ll admit it, I really enjoyed the art in the last two issues. However, the preview art they’ve shown for this looks really rushed. Taking a pass. Nice cover though.

  11. @Fvckstick  To me it is. I know nothing about the creators, but I’m loving me some Chris Burnham

  12. Well I guess at the end it was not as good as the begining. That was easy…..

    Just sayin’


  13. Not Greg Tocchini, DAMN IT! I can’t draw even if my life depended on it and my stick figures are fugly as hell but damn would it look better than his art which is sketchy as best…

    Just… why!? 0_o

  14. Not going to buy the book, but I really love that cover.

  15. I’m undecieded if I’ll pick this up today. I’ll give it a flip through at the LCS and decide.

  16. Love the Rene Magritte inspired cover.

  17. The story was fantastic. Hine wrote a pretty damn good set of villains and the final couple of pages freaked me the fuck out. It’s a shame that Tocchini pretty much spoiled this good issue. Also, why the fuck wasn’t Andrei Bressan the artist!? His pages were great!


  18. I enloyed it quite a bit, I just wish they had a few more issues to flesh it out, it felt rushed.

  19. Rushed story. Far too many elements were similar to the Painting that Ate Paris, some of the art jokes were lost on Tocchini’s pencils. Nightrunner… appears only to tell us things we don’t know and serves little to no function. Given three issues and a stronger artist I think Hine really could have had something here. As it stands, it feels like a knock off.

  20. Just did not care….did not care.

    Just sayin’,

  21. Wow, Batman meets Doom Patrol, awesome stand alone issue.  And that last couple of pages…brrr.

  22. Well worth my $2.99, for the cover. I’m actually dissapointed I read it. Toccini took me out of this one so much so that I felt like I didnt give Hine a fair chance at all. But that’s what comics are. The coupling of 2 professions to make something entertaining. Bressen had some good work, but not a chance after reading through Toccini’s mess. I did laugh out loud at the first page, something along the lines of “born a healthy, well-proportioned child…”. Maybe if it wasnt Toccini on pencils that wouldn’t be so silly. That baby looked like it should have gone from womb to a five gallon bucket full of battery acid. I feel like Toccini must have had some fantastic pencils at one point because he works on big books. I guess I need to wiki him and find some early work so I don’t hate the name.

  23. I enjoyed the story and felt Bressan’s art finished it nicely.  Maybe I’m still sentimental from the early issues, but this book has been nothing but fun.  Can’t wait to see what the relaunch will bring us!

  24. @TheNextChampion  I agree about the story – I loved it. Very “Grant Morrison Doom Patrol” and that’s probably part of why it clicked with me. Loved the French supervillains and their powers. I thought Batman was well written and in character. Art was all over the place and seemed rushed. Some pages were quite good with lots of detail, while others were sketchy and crude. It’s a pity, this could have been a classic.

    @PraxJarvin  I thought the similarities were meant to be an homage, since Morrison was the original writer of this series too.

  25. It occurred to me on a re-reading that Frasier Irving would have been perfect for the art on this. You really need to go out on a high note, since highly regarded artists like Frank Quietly and Irving drew this in the past. You need consistent excellence on a book like this.

  26. This’ll do just fine for me.  Off-the-wall, fun and creepy.

  27. I enjoyed it. I didn’t hate the art but it didn’t seem like the best choice to convey some of the bizzare images and ideas in the issue. Still a good one-off and a clever little Batman story.

  28. For a book that takes place in the Louvre they certainly could have picked a better artist for the first 15 pages. Plus i picked up a spelling error. Loved the cover though. Too bad the rest didn’t quite match up.

  29. This is the FIRST B&R book out of 26 that I have not liked. The story was lame and lacking, the art wasn’t that great. It belongs in the dollar box!

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