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From the pages of the best-selling BRIGHTEST DAY and GREEN LANTERN CORPS comes the new regular creative team of writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason!

Kicking off the action is “Dark Knight, White Knight” part 1 of 3, as Bruce Wayne returns from the dead and Gotham City finds itself locked in the grip of chaos! Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne come face-to-face with what could possibly be the strangest Bat Villain yet. Who is the White Knight, and why is he hell-bent on making Gotham City into Heaven on Earth?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant Cover by GENE HA

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 10.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Sweet!  Another new villain.  I liked the last one, this one sounds cool too.

  2. Givin’ the new team a shot since it’s a light week…

  3. I’ve been waiting for this.

  4. Prepare to receive awesome!

  5. I didn’t enjoy the art on the last Arc. I hope that Gleason got sufficient time to do quality work on this arc (I know it wasn’t him on the last arc).

  6. Looking forward to this, particularly the art.  I stopped reading Brightest Day early on so I haven’t since much of Gleason since these guys left GLC.

  7. I’m excited for this issue. Tomasi has a good “dark” edge that befits Batman.

  8. Been waiting for this. So glad Cornell’s fill-in is over and Tomasi and Gleason are here to dominate. 

  9. Aaaaand dropped!

  10. I looooooove this creative team so I am excited to get this issue.

  11. This could either be a lot of fun or not enough fun to read. I know it won’t be bad, but this could be a different take on the series to not enjoy it from before.

    But Gleason sure does ‘purty’ covers. 

  12. Been looking forward for Tomasi taking over.  He knows how to write Dick Grayson well and the pages that were previewed looked pretty fun.  I’m on board with this one for at least a couple of issues.

  13. I’ll give this a try. Personally I liked Cornell’s arc and am sad he’s not the regular author, but the transferring of talent throughout this series hasn’t seemed to hurt it too much. I think Tomasi is capable of delving into the unique relationship of Damien and Dick. The dynamics of these characters set forth by Morrison has been the one of the most refreshing things to come out of superhero comics lately.

  14. I thought this when this cover was previewed, Damian sorta looks like Chucky there. Gleason’s one my fave artists, glad he’s on this.

  15. tomasi is horrible. green lantern emerald warrior makes no sense and is painful. 

    gleason is alright though  

  16. Based on Tomasi’s THE MIGHTY (that was him, right?), I am looking very forward to this.

  17. @HailScott  Yep, that was him.

  18. @SamMorgan  Really? You didn’t drop it for Cornell and now you’re dropping it when the team that had an amazing run on GLC and the writer that actually wrote a few good Nightwing stories before that title got cancelled is taking over. Interesting. I can see dropping right after Morrison left or after reading Cornell’s first arc and not liking it, if he was staying on the book, or even after this arc but why now? 

  19. I can never stick with this series.  Hopefully this creative team will help.

  20. I’m looking forward to this, morrison’s last arc started excellently but fizzled at the end for a number of reasons while cornel’s arc was pretty bland.

  21. @monkeypaw787  end of Morrison’s run was amazing!

  22. I disagree, the changing art styles clashed horribly, Bruce acted like a complete idiot when dealing with hurt, and the delays hindered my enjoyment. Like I said the begining of it was amazing but by the time I reached the end, I just stopped caring.

  23. I actually liked the art on the last issue.  Well, I liked the art separately, but you are right in that they clashed horribly.  I don’t understand why they didn’t just have Chris Burnham do the whole issue.  His art was very impressive and reminded me a bit of Quitely in places.  As far as I know he wasn’t on any conflicting books.  Now he’s doing an issue of Batman Inc. and I look forward to it.  I also didn’t care for the explanation of Hurt, but I really can’t think of one that I would have preferred.

  24. This was downright perfect for me in every way.

    Tomasi just gets the characters and he balanced the dark story with a great emphasis on showing this team as a ‘family’. It’s something Morrison started to address in the beginning of this series but kinda lost it once ‘Return of Bruce Wayne’ made it go differently. That and I am really intrigued on what the hell is going on because Tomasi puts a lot on the table here.

    Also, just how amazing is Patrick Gleason? Whether they are in or out of costume it all looks fantastic. But it really does reach it’s high point when Dick and Damien are out in costume. The opening with them tying up the goons and then the huge chase with Man-Bat really gave me a Frank Quitely vibe to it. That two page spread at the end blew me away.

    Fantastic first issue and I cannot wait to see more from these two. It finally feels like this title is in safe hands again.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  25. Didn’t dig this very much. I think I’m going to put my post Morrison B&R issues on eBay.

  26. Not a bad start. Some nice mysteries are set up, there’s a touching bat-family scene, and wacky fun with Gordon.

  27. The intro with Dick, Bruce, Damien, and Tim watching Mask of El Zorro was a great way to begin the series, and the Post-Morrison/Batman Inc. run.

    Great issue all around, and fantastic cover. 5/5

  28. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Hellboy but that last page looked like a Mignola cover lol. I thought the art was amazing but some of the dialogue seemed stiff like for instance Tim and Dick with the TV.

    Also, Dick surprised Gordon earlier in the series when he didn’t disappear when he had his back turned. Now he disappears on him and Gordon’s like ‘oh some things never change.’ To me that’s a mark missed on what makes Dick Batman.

  29. I felt kind of disappointed; I felt like the characters weren’t really on point, and the plot didn’t particularly grab me. I did love the family scene (that shot of everyone on the couches watching Mask of Zorro was awesome), but Damien in particular felt off the whole issue. I’ll probably at least flip through this next month and decide then whether it’s staying on the list or not.

  30. The art was great but the way the issue was written wasn’t very good to me.

  31. Tying a bowtie backwards without looking while simultaneously driving is why Alfred is awesome.

  32. I really enjoyed this. It’s cool to see this team take on something so separate from the Green Lantern corner of the DCU. 

  33. I agree the writing was off on this for me.

    Disappointing, though and the art was great.

  34. @stustap  It felt a little off yes but I think he’ll hit his tride in an issue or two. I just love these characters so much I can wait until it goes from just ok to really good as i know tomasi is capable of

  35. Are Tomasi and Gleason only staying on for a three part arc or are they going to have a couple arcs after too?

  36. Peeps gotta stop spelling Damian’s name wrong.

    I know the Commish is a badass and all, and I love him to death, but there’s no way Damian woulda permitted him to twist his arm like that. Tomasi really got that wrong I think. Good ish o/w.

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